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It was the day before New Year's Eve eve, and I was sitting in my special place on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. The sky was clear tonight, and there were more stars in the sky than I thought were possibly visible from New York City. A slight smile played on my lips as I surveyed the glittering mass of Manhattan Island. Though it was far from peaceful, it had an aura of calm radiating up to me.

I sat there for a while; just breathing in the night air and watching the ferries float by beneath me. I closed my eyes, but they flickered open to the sensation of ice brushing my skin. I glanced around to see white dust drifting down over the city. A bubble of laughter escaped my mouth as I caught a snowflake on my finger.

I stayed there a little while longer, before I realised I was actually starting to shiver. Grinning, I pulled my denim jacket tighter around me and climbed down from my seat. My feet touched the street and I began the short walk home.

After walking a couple of blocks, I ran into a homeless family. Stopping in front of them, I fished for my purse and pulled out a twenty dollar note and a couple of quarters. I placed them in the young boys' hand, smiled and said "Happy New Year's" before turning and leaving.

I reached the alley that turns onto the backstreets where I live, only to stop short. Right there in front of me was a shabbily-dressed guy holding a crow-bar. And he was about to smash it into my face.

What else was I supposed to do? Like any other sane woman on this earth, I screamed. But, unlike any other sane woman on this planet, I quickly snatched it out of his hands.

"What do you think you're doing? You could hurt someone with this thing!" I cried, dismayed.

He snorted. "Well, DUH!" I glanced him up and down. He couldn't have been more than sixteen. Glowering, I hid it behind my back.

"Does your mother know that you're out at this time?" I queried. He avoided my gaze. "Well?"

He muttered some that sounded like a "No" so quietly that I almost couldn't hear him.

"Well maybe you shouldn't be out, now should you?" I commented sternly.

He shook his head, blonde bangs flinging everywhere. "Go home, child. You don't need to wander the streets this late. There's no purpose!" And with that he nodded, scampering off. I grimaced after him, shaking my head. I dropped the crow-bar in a dumpster.

"OW!" There was rustling in the dumpster, and then something large and green emerged. My mouth flapped open.