Kat was presently in the kitchen gorging herself on sweet fishy ice cream that her lover had bought for her. She smiled as she thought of the 16 year old Cooper that had loved her for close to four years. Though realistically speaking, the two had an open relationship. Cooper would go on dates with Phoebe to give the impression that he wasn't dating his housecat, that would just come out as weird. Once Kat tried to convince Cooper to tell people that he wasn't dating Phoebe, but was instead dating an intergalactic space alien who was stranded on this planet and force to take on the appearance of a common housecat. But then she realized how stupid that sounded and decided not to pursue the subject.

Now though, she felt even more insecure than usual about her and Cooper's relationship. Maybe it was how close him and his fake girlfriend appeared to be getting, or maybe it was how he appeared to have less and less time for her. As the football, and basketball team captains he was constantly busy. When he joined track next semester he'd be even busier, and probably only have enough time for Phoebe. Kat scowled at the mention of her name, which was unusual as she had never done it before.

"What's that Phoebe got that I don't?" Kat wondered aloud t herself with a scowl as she hopped up onto the kitchen table and peered into the mirror at the end of the hallway, her sensitive eyes picking up every detail in the mirror.

"I'm cute aren't I?" Kat said to herself as she looked in the mirror, examining herself. She then gasped in horror as realization hit her and she broke down and cried.

"Oh no, it's worse than I though." Kat softly cried to herself as she curled up on the kitchen table beside her carton of ice cream.

"I'm fat."