"Oh no." Kat said sadly to herself as the news on the screen registered inside her brain. She had to sigh as she stepped away and sadly walked over to her kitty bed beside Coop's sleeping form. She knew she would have to tell her mate the bad news very soon, otherwise it would otherwise be too late. At this moment she didn't have much time left.

"What's the best way to tell him?" She asked herself, although honestly she didn't know. I mean, what was the best way to tell your teenage boyfriend that you were pregnant.

"But he has to know." Kat said to herself once again, trying to convince herself that he would surely appreciate having a child. Afterall, he had his whole life ahead of him and could surely spend some time raising a kitten with the one he loved. Looking back over her shoulder she shook her head in shame. He was in his prime afterall, and a few years of being a dad would probably be wasted. he could be out seeing the world in two years and raising a child would merely hold him back.

Kat sighed to herself as she made the decision to hide her child from her boyfriend. She then went back to her c.d. player and played her favourite song when she was depressed. pretty soon 'You're gay' by AxCx started ravaging her ears.

Bathory - Bestial lust (Listen to the song, It's suits the story mainly because of it's meaning. Which is essentially a fractured story of a man and an animal in a lustful relationship.)