This is my first story ever posted, so I would really appreciate some constructive criticism. My spelling isn't great, so please call me out if I spell words wrong. Thank you...! This is the very short prologue of my story, so tell me what you think!

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Tira heard the wings of her ravens beat faster and she knew she was almost there. It seemed every time the master was near, they became restless, almost as if they could feel the evil energy emanating from him, thick as fog. She shuddered as cold wind whipped her blue hair around dark lips.

She hopped up the stairs towards the Cathedral where she knew he sat waiting for her. As she swung the doors open she caught a glimpse of him staring out towards the city. It seemed as if the darkness moved around him and engulf the surrounding air.

"I'm Late again Milord. My apologizes." She bowed her head to the Dark Knight and let a devious smile play on her lips.

"I have a task for you Tira." The Knight's voice boomed in the Cathedral, almost shaking the ground as he stalked towards her. Tira didn't dare raise from her low bow.

"Anything Milord." Her voice oozed with excitement at the possibilities.

"I need you to look for my next host while I retrieve Soul Edge." The Dark Knight stood right over her. "It must be a soul tainted by darkness that is easy to control. My last host was rather reluctant." Tira nodded vigorously. "And one more thing, as long as Soul Calibur is still around, it is a threat. It seems my old friend is carrying that blasted sword and I need it gone. Do you understand?"

Tira shuddered at the hidden warning behind his question 'fail me and there will be dire consequences'. She nodded again fearfully as his dark aura surrounded her, drawing her closer to the ground. "I understand."

"Good." He knelt down and lifted her chin until she stared into the empty shadows in his azure armour. "Kill anyone who gets in your way."

An excited smile stretched her lips. "Of course Milord."