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Chapter 1:

Cassandra Alexandra awoke just as tired as when she fell asleep. She enjoyed the feel of a bed after sleeping outside for so long, but she wasn't able to sleep well at all.

After receiving a few lecherous comments and glances from the Inn owner, Cassandra had stayed up most of the night with her Digama sword and Omega shield drawn, thinking about the horrible things she would do to the old man if he dared enter her room like he had threatened - She didn't think he would, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Cassandra walked out of the lobby and out into the scorching sun. She really didn't want to travel today, but she would have to if she wanted to catch up to Sophitia.

Her eldest sister had disappeared again to search for Soul Edge, this time without even telling her beloved husband Rothion - not that he would have stopped her. But there was no way Cassandra was going to let her sister do this alone. Not this time.

After receiving a new sword and shield from her brother-in-law and paying a short visit to the temple of Hephaestus, to tell their so called "god" exactly what she thought of him, she was on her way. She would stop her sister and send her home before she got hurt, and destroy Soul Edge herself. Lucius had offered to join her but she had refused. There was no way she was going to endanger her younger brother.

"Excuse me?"

Cassandra turned her head towards the small voice behind her. A young village girl with short blonde pigtails bounced over to Cassandra nervously. "Yes?" Cassandra said impatiently as the girl shifted her feet.

"I heard you were searching for a sword called Soul Edge." The girl shrank back as a smile stretched on Cassandra's face.

"Do you know of it?" The girl shook her head. "Then why would you bring it up?" Cassandra snapped making the girl let out a soft squeak.

"I-I-I-I'm s-s-sorry." She stuttered. "I-I-It's just that, a young woman was asking about the same sword not long after you came."

"A woman?" Could it be...? "What did she look like?"

"Uhh- well she was blonde with blue eyes, I think. I'm not sure."


"Did you see where she went?"

The eerie forest around him seemed to be wearing Siegfried Schtauffen down. Something about the air felt dense, like walking through water.

He squint his eyes, in a desperate attempt to see through the veil of darkness in between the trees in front of him. He wasn't sure where he was, or even which direction he was supposed to be heading, but he hopped he would be there soon. Something about the forest didn't seem right.

His eyes shifted through the darkness at every rustle in the trees, and every crunch of twigs breaking underneath his feet. He reached for the hilt of his sword as a shadow passed by the trees. "I hate forests." He sighed to himself. "I always get so damned paranoid." He looked up towards the pale light shinning from the openings in the trees where several black birds stood perched, looking down on him with hateful eyes. "And these stupid birds aren't helping." He said to himself, exasperated.

As his hand released his sword, an arrow whizzed past his head. He turned towards the direction the arrow came from, seeing four revenants watching him with hollow eyes. How did he miss them? He cursed, sprinting through the trees. What was going on?

He suddenly cursed the extra weight of Soul Calibur that was strapped to his back along with Requiem in zweihander form.

Suddenly, a revenant skeleton bounced from behind the trees with a sword in hand. Siegfried ducked the revenants sword and brought up his elbow, cracking its jaw. He wanted to stop and finish him off, but before he could even draw his sword, Siegfried needed to escape the surrounding trees. He hadn't noticed before how vulnerable he was, with no room around him to draw his sword. He needed to find a clearing. Any clearing.

He skidded to a stop at a small area, bare of trees. This will have to do.

Drawing his zweihander, he blocked an attack from a charging revenant. In one swing, three revenants lay on the floor, decapitated. Another slashed its sword, grazing his armour. Pushing the puppet back with his sword, Siegfried cracked it's skull in two before turning on the other five charging behind him. Swinging his sword he took them out easily. He turned, using his shield to block a rain of arrows.

"Shit!" Siegfried cursed as more jumped from behind trees. Suddenly, pulled by their master, the revenants retreated into the shadows. Their master wouldn't be far behind. He needed to get out of these woods. He was at an extreme disadvantage. That's probably what he wants. Siegfried thought bitterly to himself.

Suddenly, shrill laughter rang in Siegfried's ears. "Hello!" He turned towards the childish voice, to see a young girl in green clothing standing on a thin branch above him. She laughed again and jumped down from the tree, landing right in front of him. She jumped back as he went to grab her and giggled. He had to admit, her cheery mood was infuriating. The girl's green clothing clung tight to her body, exposing a lot more skin than someone her age should. A raven perched gracefully on her shoulder and let out a bone chilling screech. The girl lovingly kissed the bird on the head and watched as it disappeared behind the trees.

"I'm so glad I found you!" The girl giggled and spun around in circles. "I had to look everywhere for you." She pouted and crossed her arms like a spoiled child. "You almost got me in trouble with Nightmare."

"Nightmare? That's impossible." Siegfried stepped back and gripped the hilt of his sword, until his knuckles were white.

"It's very possible. He doesn't want you anymore though, so I can play with you all day long! Isn't that great!"

Siegfried raised an eyebrow. "What do you want?"

The girl smiled devilishly. "I know you have Soul Calibur. Give it to me!"

"What are you tal-"The girl charged at him, her ring held high over head.

Cassandra danced around the roots and vines branching out in front of her. She cursed under her breath as her foot caught under another branch, sending her flying forward landing with an oomph on the cold ground.

"I swear when I find that little liar, I'm going to kill her!" Cassandra picked herself off the floor and dusted off her skirt. "I hate forests. STUPID TREES!" The village girl had sent her walking aimlessly in the dark forest for hours now and Cassandra was down to her last straw. She wanted to get out of the forest, so she could kill something. "I can't do this." She cried, stumbling through the environmental booby traps.

Suddenly, the clang of metal caught her attention. Hopping to where she heard the noise, she grinned. She was curious, and at least it was something she could do to pass the time, she was getting bored.

"Oh, you're so FUN!" A shrill, childish voice rang through the trees.

Cassandra peered through the trees into the fierce battle waging in a small clearing. Well, if you could even call it a battle. It was obvious the fight was far from fair. Though the blonde man had the larger, more deadly weapon, the girl had a weapon made for grace and speed. Everything her opponent wasn't.

The man was covered in large cuts and stained with red, as he fought, desperately searching for an opening in her defence. Cassandra bit her lip. She wasn't about to sit around while someone was beaten to a pulp and probably killed in front of her.

"HEY!" Cassandra called stumbling out from behind the trees. "Leave him alone!" She tripped, and landed in a crumpled heap in front of the blonde haired knight. "Well that was embarrassing." She said pulling herself up, felling her cheeks turn a slight shade of crimson.

The battle stopped and both fighters turned towards the clumsy Athenian. "Who are you?" The girl with the short blue hair curled her lip at the distraction.

"I'm Cassandra Alexandra." She sunk down to her fighter's stance. "Your new opponent."

"You've got to be kidding me." Cassandra turned to the blonde knight covered in blood. "Get out of here before you get killed."

"Hey!" She snapped. " I'm trying to help you, you ungrateful jerk!" She said turning her attention back to the girl.

"This doesn't concern you! Get out of here." She turned to the knight and narrowed her eyes, but felt her gaze soften when she met eyes filled with concern.

"Oh goody!" The girl squealed. Cassandra whipped her head to face the girl "A new playmate!"

"No." The knight said behind her. She was getting tired of all these interruptions. "There is no way I'm going to let you get a little girl involved in this."

Cassandra bit back anger. "I'm twenty one! Who are you calling 'little'?" She jabbed a finger in his direction. "I'm trying to help you, so don't give me that attitude pretty boy!" The knight stepped back at her comment, shocked. He opened his mouth as if to object, but closed it again when the girl spoke.

"Can we play now?" The girl was pouting, leaning on her ring –which was obviously some kind of weapon- when Cassandra finally locked eyes on her target. The girl narrowed her eyes and studied the Athenian warrior carefully. "Oh, I know you. You are the sister of that stupid Greek oracle." Her smile turned devious. "I can't wait to see her again. I'm sure she'll be fun to play with. Then when I'm done with her, I can play with her children."

Anger boiled in Cassandra's blood. It was one thing to threaten her; it was another thing to threaten her family.

Angel stepping around the girl, Cassandra tripped her, sending her falling down to the ground. Cassandra quickly followed her with her sword, plunging it deep where her head had once been.

Cassandra growled in anger as the girl rolled away and pulled her sword out from the ground "Ugh! Come on!" Not giving her time to recover, Cassandra knocked the girl back with her shield and began angrily slashing at her. The girl barely blocked each blow. Finally when the girl was backed against a tree, she kicked up knocking her back and harder into the tree, before she plunged her sword down, tearing into flesh and bone. The girl let out an agonizing scream as Cassandra pulled the sword from her shoulder blade.

The girl jumped back, distancing herself. Her face twisted with rage "After I kill you, I'm going to destroy that rat hole you call a home!" Hatred echoed in her voice as she held her wounded arm.

"Well then." Cassandra taunted. "I guess I'll have to make sure you don't leave here alive." Dropping her weapons, Cassandra charged towards the startled girl. She swung her ring, catching Cassandra in the side, but she ignored the pain ploughing the girl down into the ground and tossing aside her bladed ring.

She didn't know how many times she hit her, but every hit made her feel a little better about the whole situation.

The girl lifted her knees to her chest and kicked the tempered Athenian off of her. She had greatly underestimated her strength. Rolling onto her feet and collecting her weapon, she jumped high into the trees. "I'll be back for you." She called, before she disappeared behind a flock of ravens.

"COME BACK HER AND FIGHT YOU COWARD!" Cassandra screamed after her. "Ugh!" She fell to her knees and pulled angrily at her hair. "I HATE THIS PLACE!"

She sat up and turned to the knight. "Okay talk." He looked down at her, wide eyed at the shocking display of violence shown by the small "girl" in front of him. "Why was she after you?" She walked groggily over to him.

"Are you okay?" His voice sounded far off.

"Huh? What? Oh yeah, I'm fine." Cassandra placed her hand on the closest tree and laid her pounding head on the cold bark. "I just..."

"Hold on." The voice sounded nice. That was all she could think as she fell into hard armour, feeling strong arms wrap around her waist. "You'll be okay." She couldn't remember why she was there any more. But she let herself fall into darkness. Fading into blackness...Fading...

"None other will die because of me."

Tira watched as the Athenian girl lost consciousness and fell into Siegfried. She should attack her now. However, seeing as how loud their battle was, that annoying woman was probably already on her way here. She probably knew what had happened here already. Tira really didn't want to chance getting "purified" so she would leave it for now.

"I am displeased..." She glared contemptuously at the Athenian girl and scowled. "I am very...very displeased!" The girl was much different than her sister. She was tougher and a lot less likely to let you escape with your life. She was stronger than she had expected too. This could be a problem. She needed to go.

Putting her anger aside, Tira chewed her bottom lip in deep thought. She had more important things to worry about than an annoying Athenian.

She had the new host; all she needed now was Soul Calibur. However now that her plan had failed, Siegfried would be on much higher alert. She wouldn't be able to catch him by surprise. Without that, obtaining the sword would be next to impossible.

She watched attentively, as Siegfried lifted the girl gently in his arms, his eyes lingering on hers. Tira straightened up and leaned in closer to the two warriors. "Maybe the girl could be of some use after all." A malicious smile curved the ends of her mouth and she let out a soft giggle. "Poor Sieggy, couldn't let a girl die in the middle of nowhere." Her eyes narrowed down towards them "I'll make sure it's the worst mistake you will ever make."