."Naruto I've always wanted to tell you something" Hinata smiled as she felt the soft kiss to her bare right shoulder. The gesture almost more intimate than what they had just done, the intimacy they had shared. She had never known that her body could experience that much pleasure at a time. It was wow, just wow.

"Hmm" Naruto muttered before putting his arm around Hinata holding her close, his naked body conforming to her back. The slight breeze in the room, cooled down their sweat covered bodies. After three hours of sex he was exhausted and barely able to stay awake.

"I've always wanted to tell you" Hinata stopped when she felt the arm holding her tighten against her body. This was what she always wanted. She wasn't planning on losing her virginity tonight but she would be damned if Naruto didn't know how she felt now.

"Hmm" Naruto hummed again as sleep began to overcome him.

"I love you" Hinata shyly whispered. There she had finally said it. She Hinata Uchiha had finally told Naruto Uzumaki that she loved him. It had taken years but she had finally done it. Itachi would be proud.

"I love you too, Sakura-chan" Naruto mumbled into her hair before falling to into a deep sleep.

Hinata's breathe stilled and her body tensed.


There was that word again.


The word that always seemed to come between Hinata and Naruto.


The word that was more than just a barrier it was a gap that has always been there and will continue to grow between them.

I love you.

The words Hinata longed to hear and they weren't directed at her. Not at all instead those words came for someone else and from the man she wanted to hear it from.

I love you Sakura-chan.

Hinata struggled to breathe. Naruto couldn't have done more damage to her if he stabbed her in the heart with a kunai. She opened her mouth to release the silent scream of anguish. She wouldn't be loud though. No she wouldn't let him know that it wasn't her, that he had hurt her.

The tears streamed from her eyes, falling to the pillow below soaking it. She had years perfecting the silent tears and consoling herself. The Hyuuga were good for that atleast. Belittling, demeaning, yeah they had that in spades.

What was she thinking?

Hinata couldn't stop the shudders that began to run rampant through her body. Try as she might she couldn't stop the shuddering. Fisting the blanket closer to her chest Hinata bit her lip to stop from crying out. This just wasn't fair.

She had lost her virginity to the love of her life and he didn't realize it was her. Hinata began to rapidly analyze what could have happened.

Fake Naruto?

No she knew him to well for that. Every scar was there and even the seal holding Kyuubi was present. Seals like that were not able to be replicated by anyone not even clones. It was a fail-safe when using doppelgangers.


HiHinta hhhhhhhh

No that wasn't possible the bar was protected against genjustu, as the owner didn't want underage kids sneaking in. It was one of the reasons why Jounin frequented the place. An enemy couldn't sneak in using genjutsu and go home with an unsuspecting shinobi.

Hinata wanted to cry out in pain. This left one other option. She knew what this meant. Naruto had known it was her all this time. He had to have. The only reason he would say something like that was if he didn't feel the same at all. That must be it.

Well if he didn't want to remember it was her, then she would take care of that for him.

Turning softy in the arms that held her so lovingly, the tenderness not reserved for her. No, none of it was for her. She had forgotten or at least allowed herself to forget that he was not hers. In his arms, the way he felt on her body. The tenderness, the passion, no it wasn't for her. Like a dream broken, Hinata was no longer able to delude herself.

She had no one to blame but herself. No one at all, she was the one who initiated the sex practically forcing herself on Naruto. She knew that he wasn't hers but she had just wanted one night, one moment really that she could grasp and finally call him hers.

Instead, like cold water poured over her, she remembered herself. Or really he made her remember.


No matter how much of a love rival she might have seen her as, Hinata now knew that she never was in the running. She was just a warm body to vex his drunken urges on. He didn't want her and he never will. For that Hinata wasn't sure she would ever forgive herself for taking something she wanted.

She was selfish and she knew it. She had wanted one night to feel the love that could be between then.

Tears continued to streak through Hinata's lashes and spill down her cheeks but at least they calmed some. She would do this. She would regain her dignity. She was a Uchiha damn it and no man would ever tear her down.

Naruto looked so peaceful asleep. His soft blonde hair in a disarray from her hands the night before. The bite marks on his shoulder were already starting to fade softly by Kyuubi's healing power.

Hinata brushed her fingers softly against the side of Naruto's face before leaning down and kissing him one last time. His slightly chapped lips parted as they returned her kiss softly.

Closing her eyes to steel her resolve she pulled chakra to her fingertips. Opening them again Hinata was prepared to wipe his memory of the encounter only to stop at the bright red eyes staring at her.

Kyuubi eyes.

Eyes that she had no idea how long they've been staring at her.

"What do you think you are doing?" The voice deeper than Naruto's normal one and far more commanding, "he's not going to let you go you know."

"Well he shouldn't have a problem with it" Her voice croaked with the tears she refused to let fall in front of him. She was done wasting tears on him. Years wasted, no she was done.

"How do you figure? He claimed you." Kyuubi nudged his vessel into consciousness allowing him to hear the conversation going on. He wanted his vessel to know what he did whether intentional or not. The girl he had chosen as his mate was rejected because of him.

"He doesn't want me. He never did." Hinata choked out the tears falling unchecked upon her face. She had failed and she had promised herself she wouldn't cry anymore.

Damn she thought she was done with the tears.

"He slept with you. He claimed you. He had to have wanted you." Naruto eyes widened from where he was listening. How did she not think he wanted her? It was inconceivable.

"I'm done. I can't do this anymore. I'm tired of waiting for him to notice me. Before I could just play it off you know." Hinata gave a small shrug not caring that at all for what Kyuubi said. She wanted to believe but she just couldn't, not anymore.

"It was always, well maybe he didn't see me, but how could he not I was always blushing around him something fierce. Or maybe when I gave him ointment to heal his cuts or paid for a month's tab at Ichiraku's for a birthday present. No he didn't notice me then. He doesn't want me. I appreciate what you are doing Kyuubi but he doesn't want me, and he never did."

'Hinata did all that' Naruto thought from inside 'but I thought it was Sakura. She never denied it.'

"He does want you you know. He does care about you-"

"And yet he loves Sakura. Even now after taking my virginity he still wants Sakura. I mean nothing to him. I'm just a bed warmer." Hinata chewed on her bottom lip before meeting Kyuubi's eyes.

"Whatever you're planning he will realize what went on here. He will want you back." Kyuubi mentally scolded the blonde listening to his every word.

"He won't remember this at all I will make sure of it" her light eyes glowed in the dark with her barely restrained power.

Even now she was beautiful. Her hair was all a mess and flowing everywhere. Her pale moonlight body littered with love bites from the night before. Her ample chest rising and falling with every breathe she took. Kami was she beautiful and with her barely restrained power she looked eternal. Like a vengeance goddess sent from Kami herself.

"And when he does and comes for you" Kyuubi asked memorized at the strength in her eyes. Naruto's chosen vixen was powerful, more so than even he originally thought. If she could back what she was threatening to do, then he had nothing to fear from his family line.

"Then he can find himself another whore. I'm done. Goodbye Kyuubi." Swiftly Hinata put her chakra filled fingers to Naruto's head causing him to fall back to sleep.

With a small bittersweet smile Hinata placed one last kiss on Naruto's lips and whispered softly "I have always loved you and I always will, but even I can't take anymore. Goodbye Naruto. I love you." Climbing out of bed Hinata began to get dressed finding her clothes thrown all through the room.

With a last goodye Hinata brought her fingers up to her face and shushuned away.


"You are one sorry excuse for a human let alone a shinobi." Kyuubi growled at the blonde next to him. He wasn't expecting a slip of a woman to knock him back into his hosts body. The only ones to be able to do that were the….now this was interesting. His idiot would have a hard time getting around her relatives. But after that conversation he didn't feel like indulging that information.

"I didn't know."Naruto started to say.

"Bullshit, drop the idiot act Naruto. I see the same things you do and I noticed how she felt about you." Kyuubi stood toe to toe with Naruto and growled into his face. "Now my question is why you intentionally said that. Why did you intentionally hurt her like that? I know you don't hate her so why were you so vicious to her feelings? You knew exactly who you were fucking."

At Naruto's silence Kyuubi got angrier. "TELL ME YOU BASTARD."

"Sssaga" Naruto muttered under his breath. Not wanting to tell the Lord of the Demonic Fox Clan especially while he was in a snit.

"What was that, ass wipe? I didn't hear that" Kyuubi growled through clenched teeth. He was an inch away from killing his vessel.

"I said, she's a Hyuuga" Naruto looked up ashamed into his mentors face.

"And you're a Namikaze, what's the point?" Kyuubi pointed out. Rank wise Namikaze beat Hyuuga hands down.

"But the village doesn't know that, and if we got together they would treat Hinata like scum. I-I can't do that to her. Not to Hinata." Naruto looked down ashamed of himself.

"And yet she still loved you for you and you thought it was that pink haired teammate of yours. Kit that pink haired girl is not the one meant for you. She loves another and instead the girl who's in love with you gets treated like absolute shit. Do you know what you did?"

"I was finally selfish and wanted to feel loved." Naruto grabbed his hair in his hands, fisting them. "I know I shouldn't have slept with her but, I don't know."

"That's right you slept with her, and what are the rules of the Demonic Foxes and mates, idiot?" Kyuubi ground out. Oh yes he wanted to feel selfish. Well he did more than that, a lot more.

"That Demonic Foxes mate for life and that their mate is the only one whom they shall be-" Naruto stopped as his eyes widened "with. Cripes I just married Hinata."

"I would say congratulations but well your vixen just left you because you're a dumb ass. If you had asked her before she left you could also have been married in a civil ceremony, but now you're only married in the Demonic World and not your own. If she finds another lover or anything, it will start to kill you slowly. Congratulations you just chased off the only woman for you….ever."

Naruto just wanted to cry. He fucked up big.


Walking out of the village Hinata took one last look behind her and couldn't stop the tears from falling. With each step further away from the village the more Hinata remembered.

A callused hand cradling her head, making her think she was someone special before kissing her softly.

Shivers running through her body as the mouth moved to her neck and bit her marking her as his.

The gasps of pleasure as he made his way down her body taking care to find every part that made her moan.

"Once we do this there is no going back. I won't let anyone else have you. You will be stuck with me forever can you handle it? There will never be another person for me."

The almost reverent way he took her virginity, making her feel loved for the first time ever.

The hard, pounding scream that escaped from her lips as he took her from behind using chakra make it more intense than it was.

He didn't even know it was her. He had slept with her, taking her virginity with him and he didn't even know it was her. The promises of forever that he had said weren't meant for her at all but for his rosette teammate. At that moment Hinata wanted to hate Sakura Honuro but she couldn't.

It wasn't her fault. It wasn't like she knew he was going to sleep with her. But still that didn't stop the fact that he had slept with her promising forever. Didn't he think of anyone but Sakura? Was there really no room for Hinata in his already big heart? Was she forever going to play second fiddle?

Second fiddle.


That was one a way to describe Hinata but no more.

Hinata wiped her tear streaked face off and straightened her shoulders. She was an Uchiha. She didn't play second fiddle to anyone let alone to a girl so 'in-love' with her other brother.

No she had had something special with Naruto and if he was that drunk and that much of an asshole then she didn't want the fucker. She wasn't going to play second fiddle to anyone. Not anymore. If Naruto couldn't see her as she really was then she didn't want him. Let the rosette have him.

Hinata continued walking ignoring the tightening of her chest at her traitorous thoughts.

She was done.