A/N: Hinata's about four years older than Hanabi. Also, the changes I've made to the cannon mostly pertain to certain people being alive instead of having died before the series began. I chose to have Naruto's mom still alive because I read what happened on the night he was born and, w/o spoiling anything, let's say that she didn't need to die for the sake of securing the village, it was just an unfortunate coincidence that she did.

Anyways, onto the story.

Hinata sat on the edge of the sandbox looking around at all of the other kids playing, being too shy to go and ask if she could play with them. She spots a small blonde walking onto the playground holding his mother's hand.

Once they were close enough, Kushina bent down and said to the tiny terror, "Now remember Naruto-kun, don't prank anyone unless they deserve it, we don't want a repeat of what happened when you met Sasuke for the first time, do we? You can play jokes, it'll probably help you make friends, but no pranks, got it mister?"

Naruto looked down for a second dejected from being denied one of his favorite pastimes then snapped into a salute and replied good naturedly, "Yes ma'am!" all the while sporting a grin that reminded his mother of the creature she carried inside her before passing it on to him.

"I swear Minato, that boy is going to grow up to be called 'Orange Demon', hopefully for his pranks and clothes and not the orange furball inside him," reflected the woman who once held said furball.

Naruto made his way to the playground proper and noticed a raven-haired girl sitting on the edge of the sandbox alone, remembering how his mother told him that loneliness can kill, even though he still didn't know what that meant, he decided to go over and see if she wanted to play.

"Hi there, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet ya," Naruto declared surprising the milk-white mini-maiden, "wanna play, or are you alone by choice?"

Hinata looked up at the boy's face, noticing black lines on his cheeks that resembled whiskers, then his Cerulean eyes and his ginormous grin, and just nodded with her fingers knitted together.

"Um, 'Yes, I want to be alone' or 'Yes, I wanna play'?" inquired Naruto, his grin shrunk down more thoroughly than if Wayne Szalinski had something to do with it, and his eyebrow raised just a little.

Responding with a quiet voice barely above a whisper, "I wanna play," if it wasn't for Naruto enhanced hearing, he probably wouldn't have heard her, "I was just too embarrassed to ask anyone."

"Well, there's no one in the sandbox, wanna play in there?"

"OK, Naruto-kun."

Realizing she hadn't introduced herself yet and had accidentally been rude, Hinata sprung up from where she was sitting and went into a deep bow to say, "I'm sorry, I'm Hinata Hyuga, nice to meet you too."

When she sees that her son is playing nice, Kushina Namikaze (neè Uzumaki), known to most of Konoha as the wife of the late Fourth Hokage aka 'Konoha's Yellow Flash', sat down on the park bench next the other mothers watching their children. Outside of the village walls she only used her maiden name, since any enemies of Minato would automatically recognize his last name and know that it isn't a coincidence, certain members of Iwagakure having made sure anyone with that name was 'gotten to' after Minato's involvement in the last Great Shinobi World War ticked them off enough to want to strike him where it hurt and it would keep hurting.

A/N: ok, I know this is an abysmal beginning. I'm planning to have a few more adventures in Naruto's childhood, then we get to see how everything panned out if his mom survived the night of his birth.