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"Demon speech"

'Demon thought'


Changing Fate Chapter 8

Naruto awakened in a bed to the rays of the sun shining upon his face through the shutters of the lone window of the room. "Gah… what is it about me that always leads to my ending up in a room with an east facing window?" he grumbled in irritation.

Taking a moment to assess his current location and recall any recent escapades that would result in his sleeping in an unrecognized bed he came to the conclusion that he had probably been moved into the temple to rest due to near if not total chakra exhaustion. This of course dislodged his full memory of what had happened and the fact that he was now once again six years old and would have to go through his full life once again. But the negatives of this news were blunted by the facts that thanks to Kyubi he would have a chance to get to know and learn from his parents as well as that his knowledge from his previous life would give him a huge advantage when it came time for him to go through the academy to become certified as a ninja this time.

"Heh, maybe the dobe can be the top rookie this time around," he thought aloud as he began to rise from his place of rest. Pulling back the sheets he realized that he was unclothed and this was the exact moment that the door to the room slid open revealing the priestess Miroku.

With a yelp of realization he then dove back bodily under the covers prompting a laugh from Miroku.

"Oh Naruto-kun your just a six year old boy, you don't have anything I haven't seen before," she said in a lilting voice.

"Yes but how many six year old boys have a sixteen year old's memories and sense of modesty? Not to mention said sixteen year old has spent the last three years of his life being trained by perhaps the world's biggest pervert who, in the course of said three years of training, constantly attempted to instill his sense of perversion into said boy. I already had an aversion to anything that was considered perverted before knowing Ero-sennen but seeing him constantly beaten down by the ladies that he pissed off with his antics, not to mention coming to the understanding that many of the assaults I received from females when younger were caused by behavior that could be misconstrued as perverted had I actually known what I was doing was considered wrong, I prefer to always stay on the safe side and avoid anything that could be similarly misunderstood. Public exposure of one's body would definitely be included in such," he responded while remaining completely under the covers on the bed.

Laughing again she told him, "Well I'm leaving some clothes here for you to change into. Once you are dressed we will be waiting for you in the dining room down the hall on the left having breakfast."

"Thank you Miko-san, I shall be dressed and join you shortly," he told her gratefully.

"My name is Miroku, Naruto-kun. No need to be so formal," she said before closing the door behind her.

With a thankful sigh now that she was gone Naruto once again ventured out from under the sheets on his bed. Looking over he saw setting on a footstool by the door a set of simple grey pants and under shirt with a dark green Hakama. On the ground beside it was a pair of simple civilian style sandals that were heelless and thus unsuited for shinobi use since they would flop around but he supposed he wasn't going to be getting into combat anytime soon.

Quickly dressing he stepped out of the room and headed left to the door at the end of the hall. Stepping into the room he found Miroku and Shion kneeling at a traditional low table waiting on him. Taking a knee at the table next to Shion he greeted them, "Good morning ladies."

"Good morning Naruto-kun," responded Shion while Miroku nodded in acknowledgment.

"May I ask where the rest of my team is?" he requested as servants brought out their breakfast.

"They have joined with the contingent of Konoha ninja who had been sent as aid in the quelling of the ninja who had been in service to Moryo under your father's orders. We will be discussing plans for the future with you and your parents after breakfast," she told him.

That said they quietly ate breakfast and once the dishes were cleared he quickly slipped into his mindscape to let his parents know that they were ready for them. Upon receiving their confirmation and request to include Kyubi in the talks he then formed three shadow clones using the chakras sealed within him. He was somewhat surprised though when the third clone took on the form of a woman similar in looks to his mother with her hair up in twin buns similar to Tenten.

"So you really want to be Kyu-chan huh, and you even chose Mito's form. How cute," Kushina teased seeing Kyubi in this form.

"Bah it's the only form that I'm familiar with personally save yours and the brat's, and I'm for damn sure not taking on one of the forms Moryo used. He had no taste in bodies only choosing them for power and never taking an aesthetic look at them," the fox responded.

"Sure sure you just keep on saying that but I know you better than that," his mother replied back getting a quiet huff in return.

"Kaa-san please stop teasing Kyu about what gender she chooses. It's not like it really matters since she is in one of my clones and can change pretty much at will," Naruto said.

Sticking out her tong at Kushina, Kyubi then said, "Yeah your so called son is just as gender ambiguous. You certainly named him well. As a swirling maelstrom he certainly likes to mix it up."

With a blush he then said, "Can we just get on with this."

Turning to Shion and him, Miroku then said, "Well as Kushina and I discussed yesterday after you passed out, based upon the feelings you two display for one another, we were thinking of asking you two how you would feel about a betrothal."

Seeing the total gob smacked look on Naruto's face Shion reached out and grabbed his hand and started dragging him back into the hallway saying, "Give us a few minutes to talk about this."

Closing the door behind them she turned to him and asked, "What do you think Naruto-kun."

"I don't really know. I've never understood emotions really well so I'm not really sure how I feel," he responded.

With a sigh she said, "Well to tell you the truth, after we defeated Moryo the first time I was probably going to ask you to, at the very least, be the father of my children. Even if you weren't interested in marrying me."

Blushing a bright red he quietly asked, "You would really want to start a family with me?"

Placing her hand gently to his nearly glowing cheek and gently rubbing her thumb over his whisker marks she said, "I have never met a man with more goodness in his heart. In that moment when we made the sphere of energy to attack Moryo together I could see your soul. There was so much pain and loneliness there and yet you still went through life smiling and making the world a brighter place for everyone around you. I couldn't help but to fall for you."

With a self-depreciating laugh he quietly began speaking, "I've never really had a family before. For sixteen years I was alone with the closest people to me being those who were the authority figures of the village. I could never truly be sure after I found out about fuzzy that they weren't just trying to keep me happy to keep their weapon from running away. Especially after meeting Gaara and seeing that there were others like me."

"Oh Naruto-kun," she sadly murmured.

"But now within only a couple days in the past to which you have returned me I have my parents who love me and want to train me. And now you are offering to be my wife and help me to start a family of my own one day. I promised you Shion-chan that I would change your fate. I just never realized how much you would end up changing mine in return. If I am what you really want, then I would be happy to marry you one day and be the father of your children. I don't think I could ever find a more beautiful girl in both body and soul," so saying he leaned forward and gently kissed her.

Of course this tender and touching moment was then ruined by three simultaneous high pitched squeals coming from the closed door behind them.

Turning he pulled the door open. He just looked at the three women standing there looking sheepish before asking, "Really, even you Kyubi."

"What? That's the most romantic thing I have heard since your mother proposed to your father," she responded getting a blush out of Kushina.

"You are not to talk about that ever. Do I make myself clear?" the blushing mother said as her chakra chains came out of her back and lifted Kyubi's clone and pulled her to her.

"Sure, these things are private moments. I'm sure your kit feels the same way, which is why you were the first at the door as soon as it closed," she said with a feral grin.

"Damn it Kyu-chan. Now you just have to make me feel guilty too as well as embarrassed," the mortified redhead whined as she hid her face in her hands.

"Well now that the betrothal is settled, Kyubi you had said that you wished for us to perform a purification upon you?" Miroku asked.

From her position dangling a foot of the ground the red headed demoness said, "Uh yeah but I don't really think that will be necessary anymore."

"Oh, why is that?" the priestess asked.

"Well the reason that the Rikudo Sennen passed down the knowledge on how to seal the demons into a person is because the love that a person experiences throughout their lifetime can purify us of the taint of the dark chakras created by negative human emotions that we end up absorbing. It was my job as protector of humanity to quell strong sources of such dark chakra so that it wouldn't taint humanity or the biju. I had originally thought that Naruto-kun wouldn't experience enough love to finish my purification but now it seems that it won't take long at all. Plus now that I have the power of the hydra to separate my chakras by type I can confine all the dark chakra I and Moryo have absorbed into a single tail and continue to function without being tainted," she explained.

"Hmm, I see. Well that leaves one order of business. I understand that Naruto has promised his clan line will become the new protectors of humanity. I would like to offer you the binding ceremony that will give you our link to the past Naruto-kun," Miroku said.

With a confused expression he asked, "Uh what does that mean?"

"It means that you would be able to draw upon the power and knowledge of the priestesses of the past and in an emergency you would be able to send yourself a warning in the past in order to change something that would go badly much like I can Naruto-kun. You would then share your knowledge and power with our children and theirs on down our line even after your death," Shion explained to him.

"Are there any drawbacks to this connection?" he asked.

"Only that you would have no secrets from Shion-chan or I when we draw upon the connection, nor we from you when you do so," Miroku explained.

"Well it's not like I can keep any from my parents either, so I don't think that is so bad. I would be honored," he responded.

"Good. Well first we will need to teach you to open your third eye that your spirit may sense the energies around you," she said.

"I can do that for him. The only reason his wasn't open in the first place was because I was little better than a raving beast and would willfully blind the eye if he opened it. With just a minor use of my energies I can use the chakra injection teaching technique Moryo developed to show him how to open it," Kyubi told her. Her clone then formed a small serpent of chakra that then stabbed out and entered into Naruto.

"Oh, wow. It's like I can see everything for miles around," he said with a hint of awe.

"Well then why don't we move to the ceremonial room and give him the connection then?" Miroku cheerfully said.

They left the room and followed down another hall until it entered a chamber with numerous sigils etched into the walls. Miroku turned and said, "Seat yourself in the center of the chamber Naruto-kun."

He complied with her order and she reached into her robes and pulled out a small cloth badge with seals sewn into it in a shape reminiscent of a skull. She then thrust it forward into his forehead and with a pop the three Shadow clones dissipated as spiritual copies of Naruto, Kushina, Minoto, and Kyubi in her human form spilled out of his body.

What surprised everyone there though was they were not the only ones that fell out. In fact six other people sprawled on the floor with them. Everyone was looking around in confusion when suddenly a blond girl with thick wavy hair down to her hips shouted, "Shit, Yami is out too. Get her."

This prompted four of the others to along with speaker to dog pile onto the sixth.

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