Bridgette and Geoff's 100 Themes.

Summery: The 100 Themes Challenge set to Bridgette/Geoff.

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I bet your all wondering what the 100 themes challenge is, well its pretty simple, there are 100 themes (Google them to find out what they are) and when challenged you have to write 100 themes about a said fandom/couple/character.

Every chapter name has a certain starting point, like a word, and from that word you need to write a one shot/drabble to it, simple!

So, since no one challenged me…I supposed I challenge myself? I don't know I just saw it online and decided that I wanted to do it!

I kind of want to go back to my 'Predator and Prey' roots and have a song that is the basis for every chapter, it won't be a full blown songfic for every chapter but a few lines of a song for every chapter, a bit like my 'One Week' story.

So, the song for this chapter will be 'Willing and Wonderful' by Mark Salling (AKA Puck from Glee!)

So, as per usual the couple of choice will be Bridgette/Geoff! And may I just say I'll need so much support through this, I'm doing 100 one shots here/drabbles here! I'm terrified! So your reviews and helpful tips are all gold-dust to me right now!

Ah well…here goes nothing, hopefully a well written nothing but…


Chapter 1: Introduction.

On the first day of our
Champagne super nova consummation…

Camp Wawanakwa was…odd, it wasn't like any other camp that Geoff had seen in his life, he had always been a fan of camping and things like that ever since a few friends and he all went for a weekend away camping in the woods, needless to say the whole experience had been fun for him, they stayed up late, played loud music and enjoyed each others company, and they all vowed to do it again one day.

So when Geoff found out about Total Drama Island he was quick to apply, a few months away competing for $100,000 with complete strangers in a remote location seemed like a great idea for him.

He was thrilled of course when he found out that he had been chosen, it was the only thing he could think about until the fateful day came when it was time for him to leave for the island.

The day before all his friends through him a wild going away party, there were drink, a huge dance floor and millions of pizza, everything Geoff could have wished for.

Thousands of people from his school all turned up to see the Party Boy's final moments as a normal person, from tomorrow onwards he was going to be a local celebrity. And maybe if he won the things he'd be a national celebrity! It was all exciting and as the night when on Geoff found himself getting reminded more and more about the possibilities of his TV experience.

Geoff was buzzing by the end of the night; he could hardly sleep partly because of the loud music that was still buzzing around his ear like a bee, but also about the fact that tomorrow was going to change his life for good, he was going to be on TV, he was going to be watched all over the world by people and better than that, he was going on there to win money and lots of it.

The next morning arrived slowly but surely, Geoff finished the last of his packing and his parents then drove him and his four brothers to the docks, Geoff was getting a boat to the island in Muskoka by himself and then starting his life on a TV show.

He said goodbye to his parents with a hug and waved goodbye to his brothers, he couldn't help it but when he waved goodbye to his parents one final time a small tear was brought to his eyes, partly because his Mother was balling her eyes out on her husband's shoulder as she waved goodbye to him, well it was only natural, their oldest son was being sacrificed to the scary world of show business, their lives wouldn't be the same after this either.

Still, Geoff had to thank his parents for everything; they were the ones that had raised him to be the man he was today, they were the kind of people at Geoff's age that were out every night partying and had tried nearly every drug in the book, however they were wonderful parents, they were strict yet fun, when Geoff was growing up, his parents used to be the envy of all his friends.

So that was that, the boat started up and Geoff was now sailing through the bright blue waters towards his new location for the newt few months, it was only him and the drier on board at the time, he had no idea if they were doing a pick up of any more people or if this was it, needless to say he was pretty excited about it all.

He was going to meet 21 new people, people that would have an influence on him for the time that he was here, people that were hopefully going to get on well with him.

Geoff really didn't think of anyone that didn't like him, he was popular at school, he didn't bully anyone or single anyone out, he invited everyone to the parties he had and he had no reason for people to hate him, he was a happy go lucky person and always had been.

He had guessed that some of his popularity had come from the fact that he was the Quarter Back for his High School football team, and they hadn't lost a game that season, so it brought a lot of attention to the school which people seemed to enjoy.

As the boat neared the island, Geoff couldn't help but make an entrance for himself, he ran inside the boat where there was a small den for him to chill in if he didn't want to go outside, there was a radio in there and he happily turned it on full blast to create an instant name for himself.

This however displeased the driver and he angrily stuffed his fingers in his ears as they drove towards the island.

Geoff excitedly pumped both of his arms in the air to the beat of the music as the boat neared the dock, he could see four people there already, one must have been the host, Chris McClean and the other three must be his fellow campers.

The boat finally stopped and Geoff did some sort of awkward cart wheel off the boat and landed on his feet, the driver of the boat threw his suitcase off angrily and stormed back to the cockpit while Geoff gave him a happy thumbs up and he picked up his suitcase.

He looked around the camp and had to admit he was a little disheartened by the sights, the beach had murky waters tracing across it and had dead animals seeping the waters, it all looked like a run down camp site that hadn't been used in decades.

Still, Geoff knew that this was a minor set back; he just had to make the best out of a bad situation.

He walked towards Chris happily, "Chris McClean!" He cried out, "Sup man!" He said as he gave Chris a manly fist bump.

"Honour to meet you, man!" Geoff carried on as he looked over at his fellow campers, there was a very tall, built, Jamaican boy who looked a little worried, a pale Gothic looking girl with bright blue streaks in her black hair who had her arms folded and a small, slightly chubby girl who was smiling at Geoff, bearing her brace covered teeth.

"The Geoffster!" Chris greeted, "Welcome to the island, man!"

"Thanks, man!"

"They say 'man' one more time, I'm gonna puke" The Gothic girl grumbled.

Geoff chose to ignore this comment and gave Chris a high five before joining the three others on the deck.

Soon after Geoff's arrival he had learnt the names of the three that arrived before him, DJ being the tall boy, Beth being the small girl and Gwen being the Goth, soon after Geoff arrived they were met with the arrivals on the very busty, Lindsay, the very pretty but bitchy Asian girl, Heather, the delinquent, Duncan (who arrived in a very similar style to Geoff with music playing), the unfortunately unlucky, Tyler, who wiped out after trying to water ski, the dorky looking, Harold and the musician, Trent who seemed to take an instant liking to the Goth, Gwen.

Geoff thought a lot of his fellow contestants, he had to admit that some of them were pretty hot and he knew that he was going to get in very well with some of the guys there too.

However little did he know that his soul mate was just about to arrive…

After greeting Trent, Geoff looked back out to the waters and saw another boat approaching, however his reactions were completely different to how he reacted when he saw the other campers.

His heart started racing, and he craned his neck to get a better look at this girl, his mouth fell open slightly when he saw the boat approaching and he could get a better look at her features.

She had long blonde hair that shimmered in the sun and was clinging onto a red, white and yellow surfboard; she had a gentle smile on her face and looked absolutely perfect.

It was like a scene from a movie, where the beautiful love interest of the hero of the story (Geoff immediately gave himself that role) arrives and they meet, and something clicks between them.

Well, Geoff hoped that something did click, he just had to say hello to her first.

He watched her graceful movements as she climbed of the boat and tucked her surfboard under her arm and walked towards Chris.

"Hey, what's up?" She greeted as she stood her surfboard upright and leant on it.

Even her voice sent Geoff's mind into a haze.

"Alright, our surfer chick, Bridgette, is here!" Chris announced to the others.

'Bridgette'. Her name was fitting, it just seemed to suit every part of her, her voice, her body, her looks, everything about her just screamed 'Bridgette' in a nice way, of course.

The delinquent, Duncan, who was standing in front of Geoff, scoffed loudly, "Nice board, this ain't Malibu, Honey!"

"I thought we were going to be on a beach" Bridgette explained, sounding a little hurt.

"We are" Chris mumbled looking down at a dead bird on the beach with a plastic bottle holder around its neck as it got washed away.

Bridgette paused and wrinkled up her nose slightly, it had to be the cutest thing that Geoff had ever seen in his life, "Great" Bridgette mumbled as she picked up her bag.

"Right, that makes-." Chris was cut off as Bridgette angled her surfboard slightly, causing it to accidentally hit Chris around the head with a loud thud, "OW! Darn it!"

Bridgette ignored this comment and walked towards the group, Geoff's heart thumping louder and louder as she walked towards him.

"Hey Guys" She greeted as she stopped in front of Geoff, Trent, Duncan and Harold.

Geoff immediately took this upon himself to make a first impression, he stepped forward and walked to her side, "Hey, I'm Geoff" He said, his blue eyes wide with keenness, hoping to make a good impression.

"What's up" Bridgette said to him, turning to face him and completely ignoring the fact that she had nearly hit Trent, Harold and Duncan with her surfboard.

Geoff didn't care all that much either, for when Bridgette turned around he was met with her olive coloured eyes, they met with his blue orbs and they sunk in immediately.

Suddenly, Camp Wawanakwa didn't seem so odd after all…

All I gotta do is believe in you
And all the world becomes possibilities
If you're willing, I'll be wonderful…

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