Alright! I'm back with number 2 of the '100 Themes Challenge', this time the theme is 'Love'.

Well, That's pretty easy in itself, I mean 'Love' is the sole basis for most of my stories, but what I want to look at is the word itself, I'm looking at it from my point of view, the relationship I am in now is the first relationship that I have ever been in, and when we first got together I struggled with the age old question, when is it ok to say 'I Love You'?

Like, I know people that have said 'I Love you' to someone and haven't got the response back that they like, I want to use something like this for this chapter, but it will of course be a happy ending.

By the way, the lyrics I used for this chapter are from the song 'I Love You' by Charice, enjoy!

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Chapter 2: Love.

I opened my mouth
It all rushed out spoken
Though I never meant you to know it…

'Love'. It's a very powerful word, something that shows that you care deeply for something; it's an everyday word that is used all the time. Most of the times it is said without understanding the true meaning behind the word.

For example, people say all the time that they may love a certain type of food, or a certain TV programme, its nothing but a small word to them that shows that they really like something.

In many circumstances it is used while in a relationship, where you've been involved with someone for such a long time and that every day word turns into a magical thing when it is heard for the first time, nothing can beat the feeling you get when you hear your partner saying 'I Love you' to you for the first time, however the sad thing is most of the time after hearing that magical word for the first time, its not as magical the second time, and after that its just a normal everyday word, just like before.

However, some people can accidentally say that word to their partner, and it can all go downhill. Especially if the person that it has been said to doesn't feel the same way. Then a hurl of embarrassment closely followed by pain is soon to follow.

That happened to our favourite blonde surfer, she never meant to let that word slip out, but needless to say it did by accident. The first time she had ever said that word to her new boyfriend and it couldn't have gone more horribly.

I'll set the scene for you: It started when Geoff had decided to take Bridgette on their first ever date with each other, they were nervous and things were heated between them.

They had pretty much considered themselves a couple after their endless kissing back on Total Drama Island, they both assumed that this would be for the best, partly because they couldn't bear to be without one another for longer than five seconds.

So, once they got back home, Geoff was eager to get the connection with his girl, they lived fairly close to one another which was also a plus so they were able to spend a lot of time together.

They had decided to meet in the town centre and go from there, Bridgette had arrived for the date a good half an hour early, she had no idea why she was just very nervous and didn't want to be late, however now she was standing in the middle of the town centre looking very embarrassed and tired.

However to her surprise, Geoff was very early for his date too, after a good fifteen minutes of waiting she saw Geoff walking along the road, her heart leapt slightly when she saw him walking towards her.

The two didn't have the awkward scene that most new couples play out when they meet after a long time, in fact their moment was tight lived for as soon as Geoff was in touching distance of Bridgette he grabbed her and pulled her into a warm hug, Bridgette happily responded and hugged him back.

"Good to see you again" Bridgette said as the two pulled apart.

"Yeah it is!" Geoff said happily.

The date soon started, they both lived close to the beach so that is where the two of them decided to go, it was pristine, blue skies, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, Bridgette's face lit up, she loved this place so much and now it was time to show Geoff what a glorious place this was.

"I come here all the time" Bridgette explained, "It's my favourite place in the city".

"I can tell, your face lit up as soon as you got here" Geoff said with a smile spreading across his face, he sidled closer to Bridgette and pulled her into a hug, "So when are you going to teach me how to surf?"

"You want to learn?"

"Learn, no" Geoff said as he pulled away, "I know how to surf but I want you to teach me how to surf like you do".

"There's only one way to surf…erm that's the normal way" Bridgette said, getting a little confused.

"No no! Teach me how to surf with the same drive that you have" Geoff explained himself, "Y'know, I want to have the same thoughts as you while surfing".

Bridgette thought for a second, "You want to feel what I feel when I surf?"

"Yeah that's it!"

Bridgette smiled, Geoff was such a goofball, but he was her goofball, at least she thought so…

Truth was she didn't know what on earth was going on here, were they together or just friends with benefits? They just kind of assumed the couple role, without really discussing anything, but Bridgette knew one thing, she really, really liked him.

But did he like her that way in return?

Pushing that thought right to the back of her mind, Bridgette led Geoff over to a surfboard rental place, and soon the pair were fixed up with two surfboards. After going through a few basic, Bridgette decided to take Geoff out to the big bad ocean.

"Just remember to take it slow, if it's meant to happen it will happen" Bridgette said, "Stay calm, one little wobble and she'll through you off in a second".

"She?" Geoff snorted, "The water isn't a human, Bridge!"

"Geoff c'mon!" Bridgette snapped, "You've got to respect the sea, it can change in a second, I'm being serious here".

"Right, sorry".

"Just stay calm and remember to breathe and you'll be fine, oh and don't lose your head when things get rough" Bridgette finished.

Geoff nodded, "Got it, let's get out there!"

The pair carried their surfboards to the water, and soon they were floating in the blue abyss, Bridgette was the first to led, she lay down and swam towards the nearest wave and with a swift movement, she jumped upwards and balanced herself to ride the wave with ease, amazed by her skill, Geoff wanted to join her, so he paddled towards her, but was caught a little too short, the wave knocked him off his board before he even had a chance to stand up.

Bridgette turned around in time to see Geoff fly clear from his surfboard and hit the water with a splash, she didn't know whether to laugh at his comical fall or be concerned, she knew she could laugh when Geoff's soggy cowboy hat reappeared from the water attached to his head and on his face was an incredibly grumpy pout.

"Aw man I thought I had it" Geoff moaned as he swam back to his board.

"I did say take it slow" Bridgette chuckled.

"Well you sped off without me and I wanted to catch up" Geoff said as he faced Bridgette in the water.

"You were doing ok, you don't just click like that with surfing, it takes so much practice" She explained as she moved next to Geoff.

"I know, but you make it look so easy, I thought I would be fine, you know you're such a good surfer it's crazy, and you look so beautiful when you surf too" Geoff said, he looked up at Bridgette with a grin on his face.

Bridgette blushed, and before she could even consider what to say next, something blurted out of her mouth before she could stop herself.

"Oh, I love you!"

Geoff's eyes widened, "Excuse me?"

It took Bridgette a good five seconds for her to process what she just said, her eyes widened and she squeaked loudly.

"Oh my God".

Geoff was also trying to process this, "Did…did you just say what I think you said?"

Bridgette didn't know what to do, if she had the choice she wanted to sea to conjure a huge wave to swallow her whole, anything would be better than this situation right now, she had said 'I love you' far too early and Geoff was nowhere near ready for this, she had broken the poor boy!

Knowing her only option was to get the hell out of here, Bridgette lay back down on her board and started power-swimming to get her back to shore as quickly as possible.

Her arms ached so badly, but she needed to get away from this, drive away and go hide at home for a week until this blew over, she would never be able to live it down, she could hear Geoff calling her name from afar, but she couldn't stop and bear to face the rejection that was to follow.

She arrived at the shore and hurried towards her things. She pushed her beach towel and clothes into her bag and started to make her getaway before she was stopped by someone grabbing hold of her arm.

"Will you stop for a second?"

Bridgette couldn't speak, she just couldn't muster the words to explain what just happened, no matter how hard she tried, words failed her.

Geoff looked at her, she looked so embarrassed, he knew that she probably didn't mean to say what she said but, it would make the whole situation easier if Geoff just admitted to her that he felt the same way, but right now that thought was a little too terrifying for him to admit. He wanted to know if Bridgette meant it for definite before he started telling her he loved her.

"Did you really mean it?" He asked.

Bridgette bit her lip, "Yes…I'm so sorry, it was the heat of the moment, can we just forget that I said it?"


"Because it's obviously freaked you out, I'm clearly in this place when you're not…Oh God this is just making it worse, I'm sorry ok" Bridgette mumbled.

Geoff smiled, "Bridge, it's ok! Really it is…because I love you too".

Bridgette's eyes widened and she looked at him, Geoff was smiling back at her, this wasn't a joke, he was being serious.


Geoff nodded, "I love you so much…I'm glad we've finally gotten to say it".

"And it's not too early".

"No way!"

Bridgette breathed a sigh of relief, "Oh thank God, I thought you were going to run for the hills after that".

"Hell no, Babe! I could never leave you because you said you loved me! Heck that's great news, we're moving forward, not backwards" Geoff explained to her.

Bridgette laughed, "Wow…you are the best".

Geoff smirked, "So I've been told! Come on, my surfing lesion isn't over yet, I've got a few more wipeouts left in me!"

He picked up Bridgette's surfboard and led her back to the sea, both of them a little bit more in love with each other than five minutes ago.

Now I'm hoping you're hearts open,

Words unfolded,

Now you know and I couldn't hold it all inside,

Push it back into rewind,

Now my secret is spoken…

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