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In the Bahamas on an island named Amerith Cay, the birds chirped happily high in the trees as the faint hum could be heard by the vehicles as they made their way to their destinations. Cycling and admiring the beautiful day a raven haired girl rode her bicycle with a bag of groceries (well mostly ramen) in one hand. Breathing in the fresh air kagome sighed and turned the corner that led to her mother's home. Slowing down so that the bike cruised through the neighborhood slowly, Kagome said a cheery 'Good Morning' to everyone that she passed by. Kagome's smile faltered a bit when she saw the brown hair and green eyed boy walking in the street.

"Good morning Genko." She smiled as she passed by.

"Mornin." He replied back but not before he snaked his hand out and squeezed kagome's bottom, earning a yelp and dirty look from kagome. Said boy just smirked at Kagome and kept on walking.

Kagome bit her lip in anger at the twenty-one year old man. They were once friends when they were smaller but when he went through puberty he changed; only getting worse as kagome went through puberty too. Ever since then he has been sneaking squeezes and rubs on kagome.

Putting the idiotic hormonal man behind her she pulled up in the driveway of her two story home. The white and green house sat upon beautiful green grass with trees scattered about the yard. The house had a view of the ocean and all of the sail boats that passed by. Kagome breathed in the sea breeze and hopped up the steps to her front door.

"Mom! I'm home!" she yelled.

Walking into the kitchen kagome saw he mother sitting at the table, phone in hand talking to someone and papers strewn across the table, her brows knotted in concentration.

Quietly kagome began to put away the ramen into the cupboard and then grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge just as her mother hung up the phone.

"What's Up?" kagome questioned.

"Honey come and sit down. We have to talk." Kagome's mother Kiyah said.

Uh oh. That can't mean something good. Kagome thought as she made her way to the table, taking a seat.

"What's the matter mom?"

"Well honey, you see. Your dad borrowed some money from a nice man promising him that he will pay him back." She began. "Your dad made some bad investments and lost the money and now the man wants his money back. Since we don't have the money darling, they're taking the house and everything we have until he gets his money back."

"B-but he can't do that! What about our bank account with Souta's money to pay for his schooling? Where will you live? " kagome sputtered bolting out of her seat.

"They're all gone dear." Kiyah sighed. "We have a week to come up with the money or he takes our stuff."

"How much do we owe?" kagome stopped and awaited her mother's answer.

"Three million dollars."

Kagome's eyes opened wide and her heart skipped a beat. "Th-three million dollars." She whispered. "We'll never get that much in one week. Who do we owe?"

"I have no idea darling. You must ask your father."

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