Chapter Six

They were at the police station for over an hour before the door burst open and a man rushed in, yelling frantically.

"Where's my son?" He shouted. "Jeremy! They told me he was here! Where is he? Jeremy!"

"Daddy!" Jeremy screamed, scrambling off of Buffy's lap.

The man's head snapped around so fast, Foxx wondered if he had whiplash. Weaving through the desks, and practically plowing down anyone in his way, the man met his son halfway and scooped the boy up into a fierce hug.

Foxx had settled back in her chair, waiting for Buffy, who had gone to say goodbye to the kid, when suddenly all hell broke loose.

She instinctively reached for her guns, before remembering that she had put them in Buffy's magic bag when the cops first showed up. Cursing to herself, she quickly took in the situation.

Some biker had taken advantage of the commotion of the father/son reunion to wrench himself away from his escorts, probably bounty hunters like Buffy, and grab one of their weapons. Before anyone could do more than yell in alarm, he had grabbed a man that had been coming in behind the anxious father by the collar, and was holding the gun to his head.

Why the hell did they have him cuffed in the front? Foxx wondered in contempt, God damned amateurs.

Guns were quickly drawn and turned towards the man, but he had already put his back to a wall so that his hostage was between him and the threat.

"Back the fuck off, motherfuckers!" He yelled. "Get your ass in here, bitch! I saw you out there!"

After a moment, a female cop sidestepped into the room, her weapon also trained in his direction.

"All right, everybody calm down." Said a man that Foxx realized was probably the police captain. "I'm sure that we can work something out."

There was something in his voice that caught Foxx's attention. Looking closer at the man, she realized that his attention was focused more on the hostage than on the guy with the gun. Was he someone important?

"I want the fuck outta here," The biker demanded, "but first, gimme some keys to these fucking cuffs."

"All right, all right," the man in charge said, nodding to one of his officers, who holstered his weapons in exchange for his handcuff keys.

"I don't fucking think so, pig." The biker snarled when the man started toward him, before leering at Buffy. "I want that hot little blonde to do it."

Buffy looked at the man in contempt and crossed her arms over her chest. "Not until you let the boy and his dad go up there to my partner."

"You fucking jokin', bitch?" He gaped incredulously at her. "I will kill this motherfucker. You get your little ass over here and unlock me, or your gonna be wearing his brains for makeup."

Buffy shrugged uncaringly. "So? I don't know him. I don't care about him, and I'm not doing a damn thing until Jeremy is up there with my partner."

The biker looked like he wanted to argue, but then decided it wasn't important enough. "Fine, what the fuck do I care?"

Buffy nodded, then turned her attention to the little boy that was watching everything with wide, scared eyes. "Jeremy, take your dad upstairs and stay with Foxx."

"What about Uncle JJ?" He asked in a trembling whisper as his father carried him past her.

"I'll take care of your Uncle JJ." Buffy assured him quietly, her eyes narrowed on the biker. "We'll see you up there in a few minutes."

As soon as Jeremy and his father were with Foxx, Buffy held her hand out to the officer for the key. With slow, deliberate steps, she approached the biker and his hostage, suppressing the Slayer within so that she didn't make the already jittery biker even more agitated. So she locked down the predator inside of her so that only the cool professional bounty hunter showed in her eyes.

"Look," she said quietly as she unlocked the cuffs on his wrists, "I know that you're too smart to take one of the cops, but why don't you let me be the hostage instead. That little boy was just rescued from a kidnapper, or maybe even something worse, and he'd really like his uncle up there with him."

While she didn't know for sure, if there was any chance that this guy had kids of his own, or even nieces and nephews, that appeal would be the most likely to work.

"I can make the switch quick and easy." She continued. "You won't be exposed to the guns behind me in any way."

"Oh, yeah," the biker asked, obviously interested as his eyes raked down her golden skin, "how you gonna do that?"

"A quick twist of the hips, and me and him are swapped." She finally looked him in the eyes, a hard glint in hers and her lip curled in a sad smile. "My sister was kidnapped once, right after my mom died, and when we got her back, all she wanted was me and my mom. I couldn't give that to her, but you can help me give that to him."

It would have taken a heart colder than his to resist the plea in her voice, and he nodded curtly, not even making a verbal response. Buffy nodded back and wrapped her hands in Uncle JJ's shirt. "On the count of three?"

"One..." The biker started. "Two..." He let go of the back of the man's collar.

"Three!" Buffy finished, yanking the two of them around quickly so that they were in each other's place before the police even realized what was about to happen.

The biker took advantage of the moment of shocked paralysis and wrapped a newly freed arm around Buffy's shoulder, pulling her closer to his body, before shouts and curses blistered the air.

"Shut the fuck up!" He yelled. Everyone quieted. "Now, I'm taking the barbie here, and we're getting the fuck gone, and if even one of you pigs follows, I'm blowing her brains all over the wall." As he moved towards the door, he put his mouth to her ear. "Then me and you can have some real fun, y'know."

He ground his lower body against her ass to show her what he meant, but kept them moving. With shouts and threats, he made the officers hiding in the hallway, reveal themselves, and enter the room as they exited. He made them close the double doors and was ready to pull his hostage down the hall to the elevators when she suddenly stopped cooperating.

"All right, now that they're out of the way…" Buffy snarled coldly as she reached up and grabbed both of his wrists before he could react. She twisted the wrist of the hand holding the gun away from her head, so that his instinctive pulling of the trigger sent the bullet into the wall instead of into her head, and breaking it with an audible snap. She ducked under the arm that she pulled from her shoulder, twisting in an impressive display of dexterity, leaving their arms crossed opposite of each other and their positions were reversed, much like what she'd done with Uncle JJ. She released her iron control just enough for him to realize that he'd bitten off more than he could chew with her, then, with a grim smirk, she planted her foot in his chest, careful to pull the force of the blow so that she didn't kill him, and sent him flying back through the doors that had just been closed.

Ever since leaving Sunnydale, she had discovered that she had a lot less tolerance for the people that she so often had to save. In some cases, they were worse than demons. She knew that she had hurt the biker pretty badly. Besides the broken wrist, she had clearly heard the crack of bone where her foot had connected with his chest. He wouldn't die, but he sure as well wouldn't be doing anything for a long time.