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Here with you...

Cecil and Firion sat on top of a small crater in the Lunar Subterrane, looking out over the spanning landscape that had been transformed from dusty grey to a faint glowing blue by the shining of the giant moon that took presidence of the inky black sky.

They had been travelling on foot all day, and they were both extremely tired, but it was their turn to take watch, so they had left Tidus and Cloud to sleep while they both gazed upon the wondrous natural beauty that lay out in front of them, safe in the knowledge that no mannequins or Chaos warriors were anywhere in the vicinity.

'Its...simply stunning...', Cecil gasped, watching the beauteous scene in complete awe as his closest companion sat silently next to him, secretly watching the platinum blonde Paladin from the corners of his eyes.

Firion nodded in agreement. He could not think of a situation more perfect than this. Without thinking, he moved his hand closer to Cecil's, until their fingertips were almost touching. His breath shortened and clung to his throat, and his heart began to palpitate in his chest, pounding loudly against his ribs with every beat. He had waited for so long to be alone with Cecil, ever since he had first laid eyes on his perfect body sculpted so sumptuously with the finest of armour; and his slightly purpled Lunarian lips that illuminated his pale skin so that it stood out like a beacon in his mind.

Cecil's hand suddenly slipped, and Firion drew in a short breath so loudly that Cecil stared at him in wonderment for a few seconds before turning a deep shade of crimson and uttering stuttered apologies that left him completely tongue tied.

'Cecil...', Firion stammered, trying his best to keep his composure as steady as he could. The slide of his skin against Cecil's, if only for a few seconds, had set the blood in his veins alive as if charged by some imaginary electrical force. 'You didn't have to...'

Cecil bit his lip, and turned to face his dearest companion. He had shied away from his feelings until now, but the sight of those silvery eyes against the blue of the landscape set his heart aflame too. He leaned over to Firion, and pressed a finger lightly upon his cherry coloured lips, and shook his head.

'Don't...Don't say anything. Please, can we just enjoy this moment together?'

Firion nodded and turned back towards the landscape, stunned into silence. Cecil turned back towards the landscape, but this time grabbed Firion's hand into his and intertwined their fingers together so that he would not let go.

'This could not be any more perfect...', Firion whispered to himself.

Cecil heard this but said nothing, and the two of them sat there for hours, until the sun rose in the sky, and a new day dawned...