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"Demon speech"

'Demon thought'


Combustion Chapter 1

It was lunch time at the Konoha academy. A blond boy in orange pants and a baggy white shirt with an orange spiral on the back sat tracing intricate lines onto paper. As he stopped a black haired boy in an open blue jacket, the back adorned by a red and white fan, with white shirt and shorts underneath walked up.

"What are you doing looser? Is it coloring time for you midget," the newcomer taunted.

"I'm trying to learn fuinjutsu bastard. This is a basic exploding tag," he replied as he tried to stand only for the black haired boy to trip him causing him to belly flop upon the paper.

"Hah, an idiot like you can't even avoid such a simple taijutsu strike from Sasuke-kun. How do you think you could ever do something as complex as fuinjutsu Naruto?" asked one of the crowd of girls that followed the black haired boy everywhere he went.

Roughly shoving the blond off the tag, Sasuke took it and wrapped it around a kunai. With a malicious glint in his eye he tossed it at a tree that held a swing he knew the blond liked to sit on and sent out a pulse of chakra to activate it.

With a sizzle and pop the tag began to smoke before burning away. "Hnn, knew the loser couldn't do anything right," stated the dark haired boy as he walked away his fan girls following in his wake.

Meanwhile unnoticed behind them Naruto lay writhing in pain as it felt like his stomach was on fire and the feeling was spreading until his whole body seemed to burn. The pain was so intense he even found himself unable to scream. Finally mercifully he blacked out.

Awakening he found himself laying in shallow water in what appeared to be some massive dark sewer system. Contemplating where he could possibly be he noticed that the air here seemed stagnant, unmoving and smelled just like the sulfur and other ingredients he had personally mixed into the ink for the exploding tag. 'Best not to light a torch or anything even though a light would be welcome right now,' He thought to himself.

He climbed to his feet and looked around. He saw that the tunnel stretched away in two directions with the occasional side passage. Several pipes ran overhead branching and running down each side passage. The low water seemed unmoving so there was no indication there of which way to go.

Stilling himself and blocking out the sound of dripping he was finally able to find another sound. A movement of air almost like a deep ragged breathing came from the distance.

Following the sound seemed to take forever as these tunnels were long and sometimes finding the right branch to turn at was a pain due to echoes but he persevered. As he drew nearer the volume continuously grew giving him the impression that whatever made this sound it must be huge. He was now moving with as much stealth as he could muster seeing as he knew nothing of what lay in wait for him.

As he came into the room from which the sound seemed to originate he saw a massive gate at the center of which was a paper tag with the symbol for seal. Noting the breathing came from the other side of the gate he cautiously moved into the room.

"So you're here," growled out a massive voice.

"Wh… who's there?" Naruto asked stopping halfway to the cage.

"I am the great and powerful Kyubie," said the voice as a pair of massive luminescent red eyes opened though they remained drooped as if the bearer had not the energy to open them all the way.

"What! But I thought the Fourth Hokage Killed you," Naruto said in surprise and confusion.

"You can't kill a demon as powerful as I. The best you can do is seal me away and the only container that works for power of my magnitude is a living person," The Kyubie said.

"Huh? I thought we were in a sewer?" Naruto said now totally confused.

"This place is just a mental representation of your chakra network within which I am sealed," It explained.

"Then how did I get here?" the boy finally asked.

"You almost died taking me with you I might add. I suppose you got here by some contingency of the seal that brings you to me so you may ask for my power to save you," the massive fox said.

"What! How did that happen and how can you help," the boy fearfully asked.

"You remember the explosive seal you created?" the Kyubie asked.

"Yeah," Naruto replied.

"The ink hadn't had time to dry when you fell upon it and the seal was copied directly over my seal upon your stomach. When that bastard Uchiha tried to activate the tag he let his chakra out wildly and activated the one on your stomach as well," the fox said. "Because of its position it was in contact with the portion of my seal meant to draw out my power and mingle it with yours.

"What does that mean?" the young boy asked.

"Had I let it, it would have drawn upon all of my yokai and your considerably large chakra stores to create an explosion that would have destroyed half the continent," it growled out.

The boy went bug eyed before once again shouting out, "What! What am I going to do I don't want to explode."

"Relax kit I already took care of it," the fox tiredly said.

"What did you do," the worried boy asked.

"Did you know that all bloodlines come from some form of contact with a demon? Some people have demonic ancestors but many descend from jinchuriki or demon containers like you. I simply gave you a bloodline to take care of the problem," came the smug reply.

"Cool! You gave me a bloodline? What does it do?" the now exuberant boy asked.

"Well I'm a fire demon by nature and your natural inclination is to wind chakra so I merely blended the two to create a combo element I call Combustion. This will give you control of explosions as well as immunity to most fires," the fox said its eyes slowly drooping.

"That's so awesome!" Naruto said.

"Yeah whatever, now I'm exhausted from expending all my yokai to prevent the explosion and upgrade you so get out of here so I can sleep. We can talk more later," the fox grunted out as its eyes closed.

"All right I got to go test this out," Naruto said. Turning he started down the hallway and seemed to fade from existence.

'Maybe I should have warned him about the side effect before he left. Meh he will figure it out I'm sure,' the fox thought with a chuckle.

Awakening in the real world Naruto realized that only a couple minutes had passed. Thinking quick he realized he had the perfect way to test one of the properties of his new bloodline. Getting to his feet he shouted across the schoolyard," Hey Sas-GAY-chan I heard all Uchihas are masters of fire. Well I bet your flaming ass couldn't even singe me."

Everyone in the area stopped in their tracks to look and see the Uchiha's reaction. Sasuke just stood there his head down his hands clenched so tight they were turning white. The fan girls quickly moved from between the two boys and the rest of the class moved to get a better look of what was about to happen.

"What was that dobe?" Sasuke growled out.

Naruto smirked before saying, "I said Sas-UKE-chan that I bet your only flaming in the bedroom and that you can't burn me.

"That's it dobe your dead," Sasuke said as he turned charging Naruto. Flashing through hand signs he called out Fire style: Grand Fireball Jutsu.

Having heard the yelling and sensed the sudden spike in chakra Iruka had come in an attempt to stop the fight grabbing Sasuke but was too late as the fireball launched at Naruto.

He watched in horror as Naruto stood there unmoving with a smirk upon his face before the fireball hit. Upon hitting though Iruka was forced to dodge and drag Sasuke with him as Naruto exploded like he had been wearing a suit made of exploding tags.

He then looked back with trepidation hoping to see that the boy had only used the Substitution jutsu with a log with an exploding tag on it but expecting to see him blown all across the schoolyard. Instead he was treated to the curious sight of Naruto standing there in the crater wearing nothing but the grin upon his face.

Hearing a commotion he turned to see the crowd of students looking on. Hinata had feinted and several of the other girls were blushing. He also noticed Ino seemingly wiping a trickle of blood from her nose.

"Naruto you baka put some cloths on," yelled Sakura.

Realizing the status of his clothes the boy blushed and preformed a transformation to appear clothed before asking, "Iruka sensei can I go home to retrieve some clothes?"

With a sigh he said, "Yes Naruto but when you get back Sasuke, You, and I are going to the Hokage's office to have a talk about this.

As the boy ran off he then moved to take care of the passed out Hinata just hearing her say in her sleep, "Looks so much larger without the clothes in the way."

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