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"Demon speech"

'Demon thought'


Combustion Chapter 4

Naruto awakened with a yawn as the sun hit his eyes. Looking over to his alarm to see what time it was he blinked once before leaping from his bed exclaiming, "Shit, I'm late!"

He dashed into the bathroom for a quick scrub with a wash cloth before returning to the dresser beside his bed and donning his new mostly black outfit in a hurry.

He then tossed two slices of bread into the toaster and grabbed the quart milk carton from the fridge. Quickly chugging the milk left in the bottle he snatched the toast and was out the door headed to the Academy.

He just barely managed to arrive to the class room as the bell was ringing. Looking up Iruka said, "So good of you to join us for your team assignments Naruto."

Sheepishly scratching the back of his head he replied, "Heh, I guess it's time for a new alarm clock. Mine didn't go off."

Then, noticing Mizuki missing as he took a seat, he asked, "Where's Mizuki-sensei at Iruka-sensei?"

With a sigh Iruka said, "Unfortunately, Mizuki was caught breaking into the Hokage's office the night of your graduation. He has since confessed to working for a notorious missing nin and been sentenced to prison."

This raised a commotion in the classroom as the students began discussing this turn of events. Many of the civilian born children were surprised something like this could happen but the clan members had been raised to know more of the truth about their profession. Iruka had tried to calmly bring the group back to attention so he could move on but the buzz this news stirred forced him to use the demon head jutsu to out shout the noise.

Once he had quieted the room he told them, "Now I know that for many of you this is a major shock that something like this would happen but it is a sad truth in the ninja world that some people will do anything for power and prestige. I considered Mizuki one of my best friends and would have never guessed that he would stoop so low but it is something you all should be aware of for the future that anyone could become a traitor. Especially with jutsu out their like those of the Yamanaka clan that allow one to control an enemy's body."

"So what was Mizuki doing in the Hokage's tower sensei?" one of the students asked.

"He was attempting to break into the Hokage's vault to steal the forbidden scroll of sealing within which some of Konoha's most powerful and dangerous forbidden techniques are recorded." Iruka explained.

"Wasn't that the scroll that Jiji had me learn that clone technique from?" Naruto innocently asked.

"What?" came the collective outcry of shock and jealousy from the class.

With another sigh of annoyance Iruka responded by saying, "Yes Naruto, which is why we had to get the Hokage's permission for you to learn it. For anyone without at least jonin class chakra levels it would be a very dangerous technique to even try. Otherwise I'm sure everyone would know it since having a clone jutsu that creates a perfect copy of you that even transfers all its memories back to the user would be a huge benefit to any shinobi in combat or espionage."

"Then why was the dobe allowed to learn it?" a random student yelled from the back of the class. This elicited several laughs and in turn complaints as well that such a weak skilled student would be allowed to learn a forbidden jutsu.

"Quiet down class," Iruka called and once he had their attention again he explained by saying, "Naruto was allowed to learn the jutsu because he has such inordinately high chakra reserves for an academy student. That meant that without chunin or possibly even jonin level chakra control exercises performed on a regular basis he would be unable to use a small enough amount of chakra to produce a normal bushin without the jutsu being overloaded."

"Woah, how did the baka get so much chakra?" Sakura asked.

Thinking quickly Iruka realized that his knowledge of history in this instance actually provided him with an explanation that was both possibly true and didn't involve the fox. So he told them, "Well it seems to be a forgotten historic fact that the once famous Uzumaki clan of Uzushiogakure was quite well known for their great power until most of the clan was wiped out along with their village during the second great shinobi war with the few survivors scattered to the winds. They were even great allies of the leaf through their distant relations to the Senju clan."

"So Naruto is related to the cofounders of Konoha the Senju clan?" Sasuke asked.

"Well he doesn't have the distinctive red hair that the Uzumaki clan was known for but I assume that he must be if he bears the name of the clan as well as it's crest on his clothes as the Hokage would not let him use the name if it wasn't his own with the amount of respect this village once had for his clan. With his age he must have known the clan well before their loss and I am sure that he respected them greatly. In fact the jonin vests of Konoha still bear the Uzumaki clan insignia as a symbol of friendship as well as the Konoha leaf hiti-ate bearing the Uzu whirlpool within the leaf symbol." Iruka lectured tracing the spiral of the Konoha leaf.

"Why is it a symbol of friendship? No one is friends with Naruto," another student asked.

"Hmm well it was said that to earn the friendship of an Uzumaki was to learn the true meaning of loyalty and that to be friends with an Uzumaki was to be friends for life. Even when betrayed they were known to work twice as hard to save a friend from their own mistakes instead of ever taking revenge," Iruka explained.

"So you're saying that Naruto-kun comes from a clan known for their loyalty. So any girls who were to earn his affections would never have to worry about him having a wandering eye," Ino said speculatively earning a blush from Naruto and several of his other fans in the class.

"Ah, well I suppose that would be true," stammered Iruka.

"Troublesome," came Shikamaru's comment.

"What's that Shika?" Ino said in a threatening tone.

"You said girls as in plural," the lazy Nara boy answered.

"Well of course. How else do you think that village council will react to him having a new blood line and coming from such a famed clan? I figure the first to capture his heart will be the one making the selections if he is so loyal," Ino explained. "And with his persistence regarding Sakura I can't see him being anything but. Not to mention that he can spend time with each of his girls with that clone and even spoil a girl by being able to have multiple of him caring for her at the same time," she finished with a slight nose bleed prompting Naruto to go beat red along will his fan girls and Hinata to faint.

Once Iruka had finally calmed the class down and revived Hinata he decided to get on with the reason for their gathering. He explained to the class that with their obtaining genin certification they were expected to act as adults and to work together for the sake of the village and their missions. They all would be formed into teams of three with a jonin instructor to guide them. His speech got a little long winded though so Naruto mostly tuned him out till he started listing the teams.

"Next team seven will be consisting of Inuzuka Kiba, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasukeā€¦" Iruka was saying.

"Yes, take that Ino-pig true love conquers all," Sakura cheared.

"Like I want mister anger management anymore forehead," Ino replied calmly.

"Back to the teams," Iruka loudly proclaimed before going on, "Your jonin instructor will be Hatake Kakashi."

"Team eight will consist of Akamichi Choji, Hyuuga Hinata, Nara Shikamaru, and instructor Yuhi kurenai," he said getting a quiet grunt from Shikamaru before he lay his head back down, a happy grin from Choji, and a somewhat dejected sigh from Hinata.

"Finally with team nine still in active rotation, team ten will consist of Aburame Shino, Yamanaka Ino, and Uzumaki Naruto with jonin Sarutobi Asuma," Iruka then finished prompting a silent nod from Shino and a contented smirk on Ino.

Naruto on the other hand asked, "Sarutobi, is he related to jiji?"

With a sigh Iruka said, "Yes Naruto. Asuma-san is Hokage-sama's son."

"Cool, it will kinda be like working with an uncle since jiji is almost like a grandfather to me," Naruto proclaimed.

"I'm sure. Now your jonin instructors will meet you here after lunch so you are all free until then," Iruka said prompting the class to exit the room some moving to get to better know their teams while others chose to maintain their own clicks.

Naruto had thought to perhaps make one final pass at Sakura when he felt a sudden gurgle in his stomach prompting him to sprint to the bathroom. His incontinence left him stuck in the restroom until lunchtime was almost over not even leaving him time to get something to eat so he just headed back to the class room. As he walked he passed two nins that he assumed were among the instructors who were to be taking some of his class.

"I just need to use the restroom real quick," stated the male jonin with black hair and beard in standard Konoha jonin attire of blue body suit and green flak jacket.

"Just as long as you're not planning on smoking in the school restroom," replied the woman with black hair and red eyes who wore a strange vine patterned dress over a mesh chest armor and single sleeved red undershirt with wraps on her legs and arms.

Ignoring them he continued on to the class.

Kurenai was certain that Asuma had just gone into the restroom to smoke without her catching him. She had been on him about quitting for his health ever since they had begun dating. Of course she knew that a few of the Sarutobi clan techniques used the smoke they had inhaled in some way but she felt that it wouldn't weaken him too greatly if he stopped damaging his lungs now (1).

Suddenly a large explosion occurred from the men's room. Quickly moving into action she shouted out, "Asuma, what happened? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just wasn't expecting that," came his reply as he stepped out of the smoking room covered in dirty water and slightly singed.

"Could you inform someone to clean this up while I go get myself cleaned?" he asked her.

"What happened in there?" she asked.

"Someone forgot to flush so I flushed the toilet before tossing my cigarette in. Man talk about explosive diarrhea," he said with an off color chuckle.

AN: Yeah that was a bad joke but I just couldn't resist. I hope you liked the chapter and sorry I have taken so long but I have been having a bit of writers block lately. I just felt I had to get a chapter of the story about an exploding Naruto out for the Fourth of July. So I hope you liked it and review and for those who live in the states have a happy Fourth and go blow something up for me since I have to work tonight. ;p

(1) I figured this would be a good explanation of why both Asuma and Hiruzen smoke. They do it to increase their fire affinity and for the enhancement of the Fire Style: Ash Pile Burning justsu. If it weren't for the explosive consequences I would even have Asuma convince Naruto to take up smoking for the same reason.