The camera zoomed in on the famous reality show host. His blue shirt and khaki pants clung to his aging body as he stood in place on the set. Chris' smile dazzled as her showed off his pearly whites for the camera.

"Hello, and welcome to Total. Drama. MUSIC!" Chris is left standing there, his arms waving around the air like an idiot.

"Chris, you know there's no theme song, right?" A girl called off stage. The raven haired man turned to face the direction the voice had come from.

"What?" His smile fell and he dropped his arms back down to his sides. Snickering was heard from all around, but Chris just let it bounce off his ego. He cleared his throat and began his speech again.

"Welcome to Total Drama Music! I am your host, Chris McLean." Chris gave a wink at the camera as he slicked his hair back with his hand. "This season is all about the Music. Who will make it and who will break it? All will be answered in my quest to find the nation's top singer!"

"He's doing it again." The girls voice was back, the camera moved from Chris and onto two girls sitting on chairs off stage. "He's hogging the limelight." The dark haired one said to the fair headed one. She was wearing a long, bloodred, strapless dress. Her pale skin was covered in tattoo's; Alice beheading the Red Queen on her neck, the phrases "Angel of Music" and "We're all mad here." on her arms, the Cheshire Cat creeping on her collarbone and the words 'Love' in Russian letters on the back of her neck. Her hair was the same shade as Chris', but without the grey, and pinned behind her back with a small black ribbon. Her eyes were grey and glaring at Chris, yet hidden behind a pair of old lady spectacles that sat on the edge of her nose.

"He always does it!" The other girl complained. She, unlike her friend, was wearing more casual clothing; A bright blue hoodie with the phrase 'Innocent until proven guilty' written in white and black, black skinny jeans and matching blue converse high-tops. Her ginger-brown hair was flowing down from her head to just past her shoulders. Her arms were folded across her chest and a playful smirk was on her lips. "It's not like we knew he wouldn't take all the spotlight for himself."

"True, true." The dark haired girl nodded. The camera man swivelled back around to face Chris. The aging man looked as if he was about to boil over with anger.

"Carry on, Chris!" The fair haired girl was heard shouting on stage.

"As I was saying." Chris continued, after taking a few deep, really, really deep, breathes. "This show is all about finding the next singing sensation, but finding them won't be easy. I-"

"-WE!-" Both girl off stage shouted at the same time.

"-have set up challenges to see who will come out on top and win the prize of a lifetime." The host continued, ignoring the two girls' comment. "A recording contract! Only fame and fortune will come of that." A smirk danced on his lips as he completed what he had been trying to say all along.

All of a sudden the camera cut off and another showed the two girls who had been interrupting Chris.

"Hello and welcome to Total Drama Music!" The red head greeted.

"Chris forgot to mention the most important part of this show. US!" The dark haired girl smirked, almost evilly. "My name is Samantha, and I am one of your co-hosts for this season of Total Drama."

"And my name is Chloe and I will be your other co-host for the show." The other girl added. "This time around will be just as hard as the previous seasons of Total Drama. However, we did try to keep Chris' sick sense of humour out of this."

"And input ours instead." Now both girls were smiling with an evil grin on their lips. "Below you will find an application form, all you have to do is fill it out and send it back to our official website!"

"To get to that website, you press the button at the bottom of the screen, the one that say review. You sign in, or stay anonymous if you prefer, and then leave your application in the box provided." Chloe explained.

Before Sam could continue, a very angry and wet looking Chris stepped in front of the camera, joining the girls. Both teenagers burst out laughing at the sight of their 'boss' or, as they called him, Mr. Sadistic Asshole.

"I told you leaving that bucket of ice water above the door was a good idea." Sam giggled. Even Chloe had to admit it was funny.

"So-Please remember-" But Chloe was too busy laughing to concentrate on what she was saying.

"No one is a loser." Samantha continued for her, still laughing herself.

"Unless you don't make the cut, then you're a loser." Chris said, scowling at the camera. "And you're also a loser if you get kicked out."

"CHRIS!" Both girls screamed at once, outraged at what the host as said, but he just shrugged at them.

"Just telling it as it is." Sam's face lit up red, Chloe jumped in between the host and her co-host before a fight could break-out between them. The camera fizzled out, leaving blackness to replace the audiences screens.

Application Form









Skin color:

Everyday Clothes:





What Stereotypes do you get along with?:

What Stereotypes don't you get along with?:

What Stereotypes will you have a crush on?:

Why do you want to be a singer?:

A/N: So, this is my first OC story...Go easy on me :) But, I'm not alone. My amazing co-writer, Desire at Gunpoint, is helping with this, Mainly because it was her idea to begin with ;) LOL! But, I think we got off to a good start :)

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