A/N: Hi everyone! Well, I was reading DJ-DizzyD's fabulous story, 'Facebook Official: The Glee Relationships' (seriously, it's brilliant – check it out!), and thought that it would be fun to use the same premise with Bones instead! All credit goes to her, and her amazing idea, this story is simply a little homage to her amazing fic!

I won't be doing all the Bones episodes... but I will take suggestions as to which ones you'd like me to do, so let me know :D

This is Mastodon in the Room – hope you all enjoy it! xD

Daisy Wick is coming home from Maluku today! Yay! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Jack Hodgins is Dr Brennan coming too, or have you squealed her to death with your excessive punctuation?

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Daisy Wick You know, Dr Hodgins, you could choose to be nice! But you don't!

Lance Sweets Wait... you're coming home?

Daisy Wick Yup! I can't wait to see you again, BunBun!

Lance Sweets Daisy, please don't call me that...

Daisy Wick But it's cute! :D

Lance Sweets Sigh...

Jack Hodgins *makes 'whipped' noises*

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Lance Sweets Shut up.

Seeley Booth Rough day. Coming home from Afghanistan.

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Caroline Julian Don't fret, cherie. Things will be just peachy soon enough :)

Seeley Booth Caroline... don't use emoticons. It's creepy when you do it.

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Lance Sweets You're coming home too?

Camille Saroyan Oh, thank God. We need to talk when you get here.

Jack Hodgins *makes 'whipped' noises*

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Camille Saroyan I don't know what you're laughing about, Hodgins. We also need to talk when you get home.

Jack Hodgins Yes ma'am.

Lance Sweets Who's whipped now?

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Jack Hodgins Still you.

Jack Hodgins BunBun.

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Lance Sweets :(

Jack Hodgins Au revior, Paris! À la prochaine fois...

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Angela Montenegro You're so cute when you speak French ;)

Jack Hodgins You're still the cutest, mon amour :)

Angela Montenegro ;)

Jack Hodgins ;D

Clark Edison *gags*

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Lance Sweets Now you guys are coming home too? No one tells me anything!

Lance Sweets is reinstated at the FBI

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Daisy Wick Yay! ! ! !

Caroline Julian Glad to hear you're behaving like a big boy once more.

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Daisy Wick A very big boy ;) ;) ;) ;)

Lance Sweets Daisy! :O

Angela Montenegro TMI!

Clark Edison *gags*

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Seeley Booth, Angela Montenegro and 23 other friends are now friends with Temperance Brennan

Lance Sweets You got Facebook?

Temperance Brennan Daisy made it for me. I still don't know what any of this means.

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Temperance Brennan Nice to be back in DC. Saw Seeley Booth again today.

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Angela Montenegro Details?

Daisy Wick Less than sign, numeral three! ! !

Lance Sweets This sounds interesting.

Seeley Booth Guys, nothing happened...

Angela Montenegro Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure ;)

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Seeley Booth is in a relationship with Hannah Burley

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Lance Sweets Dislike.

Camille Saroyan Seconded.

Daisy Wick :( :( :( ! ! !

Wendell Bray is out of the garage and back at the Jeff :D

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Jack Hodgins Dude, it's not the Jeff anymore. It's a filthy, tiled, subway station bathroom with an operating table.

Wendell Bray It's not that bad!

Angela Montenegro It smells like tiger urine in there.

Wendell Bray O_O

Wendell Bray I don't even want to know how you know that.

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Daisy Wick to Lance Sweets: I'm home! ! ! Want to meet up? ? :)

Lance Sweets Sure, Founding Fathers? 9.30?

Daisy Wick I'll be there! ! ! It's a date! ! :D

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Lance Sweets ... No it's not...

Lance Sweets and Daisy Wick are in a relationship, and it's complicated.

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Temperance Brennan Like the Ramberg-Osgood relationship?

Lance Sweets No, Dr Brennan.

Angela Montenegro I'll PM you, sweetie.

Daisy Wick :( :( ! ! ! Are you sure we're not engaged? ?

Lance Sweets Daisy...

Daisy Wick I said I was sorry! ! ! :( :( :(

Lance Sweets Sad emoticons will have no impact on me, Daisy.

Daisy Wick I still less than three you, BunBun! ! !

Lance Sweets Please stop calling me that.

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Camille Saroyan I'd forgotten what it was like working with other professionals...

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Jack Hodgins We love you too, Cam :)

Camille Saroyan Stay off Facebook at work, Hodgins.

Lance Sweets Whipped!

Jack Hodgins Whatever you say, BunBun.

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Lance Sweets I hate you.

Seeley Booth to Lance Sweets: Move on.

Lance Sweets But...

Seeley Booth Give yourself a chance to be happy. Move on.

Daisy Wick Dislike! ! ! ! :( :(

Caroline Julian Now, that's awkward.

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Angela Montenegro has had a good day :D

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Temperance Brennan I am very happy to be your sister, Ange.

Temperance Brennan Metaphorically speaking.

Temperance Brennan We're not actually related.

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Angela Montenegro They know, sweetie.

Jack Hodgins What's going on, Angie?

Angela Montenegro Meet me for lunch, I have something to tell you :)

Jack Hodgins ?

Temperance Brennan is staying in DC.

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Wendell Bray Awesome :)

Daisy Wick Yay! ! ! ! !

Camille Saroyan Some people don't realise that I'm the one that gives pay rises.

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Angela Montenegro I knew it! :D

Clark Edison I'll get the next flight from Chicago.

Arastoo Vaziri Switching majors :)

Vincent Nigel-Murray I get released from rehabilitation next week. Did you know that Lindsay Lohan has, to date, been in rehab five times?

Colin Fisher I suppose I'll come back to work. Seems pretty meaningless, though.

Seeley Booth Welcome back, Bones.

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Temperance Brennan I told you that I was the linchpin.

Seeley Booth Sigh...

Daisy Wick and Lance Sweets are no longer engaged

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Daisy Wick You're mean, Agent Booth! ! :( :(

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Daisy Wick :( :( :(

Daisy Wick and Lance Sweets are just friends

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Daisy Wick This doesn't work for me.

Jack Hodgins Aww :(

Lance Sweets Yes, no more BunBun.

Jack Hodgins Maybe not from Miss Talks-a-Lot, but you're still getting it from me, BunBun.

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Lance Sweets Life sucks.

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Daisy Wick to Lance Sweets: Your beard is seriously really cute, baby.

Lance Sweets Thanks. I liked that blouse you wore today.

Daisy Wick I miss you :(

Lance Sweets I miss you, too.

Daisy Wick I miss your smile.

Lance Sweets I miss your mouth.

Daisy Wick ... What?

Lance Sweets Uh... nothing.

Daisy Wick :D :D :D! !

Daisy Wick and Lance Sweets are in a *secret* open relationship

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Lance Sweets Daisy, it's not much of a secret if you put it on Facebook...

Daisy Wick Oops, my bad! Sorry, baby! ! Forgivesies? ? ;)

Lance Sweets Fine. Just because you're cute :)

Daisy Wick :D X3 !

Lance Sweets :) X3

Lance Sweets Don't even say ANYTHING, Hodgins!

Jack Hodgins Damn, that was fast!

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Daisy Wick You have no idea! ;) ;)

Angela Montenegro TMI :O

Clark Edison *gags*

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Camille Saroyan Solved the case! My job has been saved - thanks everyone!

Wendell Bray No prob! :)

Temperance Brennan You're welcome. As the linchpin, I was clearly invaluable to the process.

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Seeley Booth Least we could do, Cam.

Jack Hodgins ...When do I get paid?

Camille Saroyan Angela, please slap him for me.

Angela Montenegro Done ;)

Jack Hodgins Ow!

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Jack Hodgins No one appreciates my humour :(

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Jack Hodgins :(

Angela Montenegro can't wait to tell Jack Hodgins her news!

Lance Sweets What news?

Angela Montenegro ;)

Jack Hodgins is happy! :D :D :D :D

Camille Saroyan Has Daisy infected you, too?

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Daisy Wick Hey! D: D:

Lance Sweets That makes two of us :)

Daisy Wick Squee! ! ! :)

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Wendell Bray Home come you're so happy, dude?

Jack Hodgins It's a secret! :D

Jack Hodgins to Angela Montenegro: I love you :D :D :D

Angela Montenegro Sap.

Angela Montenegro But I love you too.

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Jack Hodgins :D :D :D :D :D

Temperance Brennan has figured out who the linchpin is.

Seeley Booth For the final time, it's me!

Temperance Brennan No, it's not.

Jack Hodgins It's me and Angie!

Temperance Brennan You're incorrect, Dr Hodgins.

Daisy Wick Is it me? ? :D :D


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Daisy Wick I'm going to tell Lance! ! !

Jack Hodgins Is he going to hit me with a lightsaber?

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Seeley Booth *high fives*

Jack Hodgins *high fives back*

Daisy Wick You're both just jealous! ! :( :(


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Camille Saroyan Does anyone know how to get a mastodon out of a room?

Caroline Julian Not my problem.


Camille Saroyan If you don't stop laughing soon, Hodgins, you'll be the one carrying said mastodon.

Jack Hodgins Sorry, Cam.

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Jack Hodgins At least I'm not called 'BunBun'.

Lance Sweets Go away.

Daisy Wick Ignore him, BunBun! He's just being mean! Love you! ! ! :D :D

Lance Sweets :D

Arastoo Vaziri ...Mastodon? I don't get it.

Wendell Bray Had to be there.

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Caroline Julian Well, I think this all wrapped up quite nicely.

Seeley Booth You da bomb, Caroline!

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Temperance Brennan ... I still don't know what that means.

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Jack Hodgins We love you, Caroline!

Angela Montenegro Seconded!

Lance Sweets Group hug? :)

Camille Saroyan *hug*

Jack Hodgins *hug* :D

Angela Montenegro *hug* :D

Seeley Booth ... *hug* :)

Temperance Brennan ... I don't get it.

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Caroline Julian Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

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Ellie :)