Lion King 3: The new princess

Name: Sarabi

Parents: Kiara and Kovu

Vitani's Cub: Gyasi meaning wonderful one (pronounced: Jah-see)

Today was a very special day at Pride Rock. A new heir to the throne was born. Rifiki made his way up to the king and queen Kovu and Kiara. Huddled against Kiara's chest was a small bundle. Her coat was a dark tan color which she inherited from her mothers side of the family having the same color coat as Sarabi Simba's mother. Rifiki picked up the child and walked to the end of Pride Rock and held her up high for all of the animals to see. Pounding of hooves and roaring sounded throughout the pride lands. Sarabi and Mufasa smiled down at their granddaughters cub. Timone and Pumba sat beside the proud parents and cried in happiness. After the Ceremony Rifiki gave the cub back to her parents. "We're proud of you Kiara" Nala said. "Thanks mom thanks dad" she said. "What is her name gonna be?" Simba asked. "Sarabi she looks so much like my grandmother" Kiara said. Simba smiled as well as Nala. Simba and Nala hugged their daughter and kissed their new granddaughter that was hanging from Kovu's mouth. Sarabi smiled and swiped her small paw at her grandparents who chuckled. The 4 lions and the cub made their way into the cave and Kiara took Sarabi from Kovu and laid down next to Vatani and her cub Gyasi.

1 year later

Kiara, Kovu, Vitani and Ruka (Vitani's mate) sat at the entrance of Pride Rock watching the two young cubs wrestle and pull on each others ears.



"Gyasi bath time" Vatani said. "Aw but mom I'm having fun" Gyasi groaned. Vatani gave him a stern look and he obeyed and walked over to his mother and sat between her paws. "That reminds me" Kiara said smirking at Sarabi. Sarabi made a run for it. "Oh no you don't" Kovu said jumping in front of his daughter and picking her up. "Aw dad" Sarabi groaned. Kovu placed Sarabi in-between Kiara's paws and Kiara began to bathe her cub.