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It should be known that Ronald Weasley had many talents. He could fight off older brothers, he was a fairly good keeper when it came to Quidditch and to top it all off he was friends with Harry Potter. But one thing that couldn't be said for the youngest Weasley boy was that he was good with the ladies. Well it could be said, but that would be a very, very big lie. No, Ron was most definitely awkward when it came to any thing that was related to romance. When something remotely romantic was directed his way his face turned such a bright shade of red it rivaled a tomato. That was a huge problem however when the love of his life had no idea of these affections that her best friend directed towards her. And Ron had no idea how to go about telling her. There was no way he could actually go up and confess to none other than... Hermione Granger.

Hermione knew that Ron had no talent in the affairs of women, but although she was claimed to be the brightest witch of her age, she had yet to see the affections that her best friend for the past eight years harbored towards her.

After the final battle Hermione, had seen to it that the boys went back to Hogwarts for their final year. Eventually they graduated, Hermione with 'outstanding' in every single class, and the boys received enough to make Auror. Harry continued into the field, saying that he felt that he needed to do it, so that he could avenge all the people who died at the hands of death eaters. Ron got roped into working for his two twin brothers everyone knows by Fred and George Weasley. Hermione was offered five jobs all of which she declined and was recommended against her will by various professors for three. While no one understood her reasons she did have many. For one she wanted to stay close to her friends, namely a certain awkward red head, not that she would ever admit that. And so eventually she decided on something close, and was hired to work at Weasley Wizard Wheezes. In case you were wondering it was not because of the fact Ron was also working there. Well maybe a little bit.

And this brings us to the twins in question. These two mischievous red headed wizards could never resist a good prank. I would say it was in their blood, but that wouldn't be true. They had a strict and tidy mother, who knew how to handle children which could only be assumed by the 7 children she had raised. Their father was obsessed with all things muggle, not all things pranking. These two trouble makers had picked up the trade all on their own, much to the regret of any one who had been the butt of their pranks. Which for the record happened to be just about anyone they'd ever met. They had willingly hired their little brother, but little did he know when he applied for such a job, he would really be testing out the various products. At this very moment he still was throwing up slugs every once in a while. That brought back bad memories that did not need to be relived.

Weasley Wizard Wheezes was running fruitfully, mostly due to the help of Hermione who worked herself to death every day taking stock of objects, counting money, working the cash register and in general doing much more than was entirely necessary. Fred had some up to her on more than one occasion telling her to take a break so that they wouldn't be paying Ron for nothing. Most days at the shop consisted of Hermione and Ron working through the huge crowds while Fred and George worked in the back room, which happened to be a sound proof lab made of titanium, experimenting. Every once in a while a loud boom would erupt causing everyone to jump. Hermione had learned not to ask what went on in that room.

On this particular day both Ron and Hermione were working as they normally did, but little did they know that today was examination day. Not officially, but sometimes our favourite Weasley twins decided to make sure their employees were working. In other words they were spying. Ron couldn't have cared less even if he had of known. However if Hermione had of known she would stress out. It was what Hermione would do. And so they sat in a secluded corner and watched.

"Ron, could you bring up a box of puking pasties from the basement?" asked Hermione in her usual buisness-like tone. Fred sighed. She was so official it was scary. Ron groaned.

"Why can't you?" he asked with a pout. This time it was George's turn to sigh. Same old Ron as when they were six. Hermione looked at him with her famous disappointed glare.

"Aren't you man enough to do it? I would think that you'd have enough muscle to carry a box up some stairs," She said condescendingly. Ron blushed and huffed before going downstairs without another word. Fred snickered; it was so obvious that ickle Ronniekins had a crush on Hermione. Said women looked up curiously at the snicker. It wasn't unusual to hear laughter, after all they were in a joke shop. The problem was the store was almost empty. George quickly covered his brother's mouth and a new silence reigned. Hermione gave up and looked towards the basement door. She put her chin on her hand and sighed.

After a couple seconds of staring at the door way to the basement Hermione got up and walked around each shelf looking for something to do. Odd customers here and there already knew what they needed and didn't need to pay for it yet. It seemed like there was nothing to do. Fred and George looked curiously to see what she would some up with. would she dust the shelves again? Scrub the floors? Straighten the already completely straight decorations on the wall? They were expecting her to start working on something that didn't need doing. Instead she sat down and continued to stare at the door. When Ron came up the stairs, he caught her staring and they both looked down blushing. Of course Ron being awkward and bumbling took a step back and fell down the stairs. Hermione squeaked and ran after him as he grunted and tumbled. Fred and George waited for a few seconds before the two of them came back up the stairs, Ron leaning against Hermione and once again his face was tinged with red. At the top of the stairs his foot caught the ledge and he tripped up the step (trust me it's possible) and fell on the ground with Hermione on top of him.

Fred and George lost it, and they both collapsed out of their corner laughing. Ron and Hermione both gasped at the two brothers who were now rolling around in uncontrollable laughter. Ron jumped up leaving Hermione on the floor by herself as Ron took off after his two insufferable brothers shouting insults and profanities.

"What would mommy say if she heard you say that Ronnie boy?" shouted Fred as the two of them ran as hard as they could.

Hermione stood up off the floor and brushed herself off.

"Brothers," she muttered. A crowd of people had gathered to see what the commotion was. Hermione glared at them, a blush still imminent on her cheeks.

"Nothing to see here. Keep it moving," she yelled. Most of the people turned around and continued with their errands. Great. Now I have to go and get those Puking Pasties myself, she thought.

Meanwhile the three Weasley brothers had chased each other up to the second floor of the store. The twins all of a sudden turned around on their heals in unnatural synchronicity and Ron ran headlong into them. The two of them each grabbed one of his arms and dragged him off while he continued shouting things and struggling. In the end they found themselves in the sound proof fortress, otherwise known as the twin's experimentation studio. At this point Ron was a bit scared, hoping he wouldn't become their latest guinea pig. That happened far too often.

"So dearest brother of ours," began George.

"We see that you have a crush on our other employee-"continued Fred

"Hermione," they said simultaneously.

Ron looked up at them and blinked, his face turning a light pink colour. Whether it was from embarrassment or exhaustion I think we can all guess. The twin's blundered on not letting him think up of some sort of protest or excuse.

"So, we've decided to put in a helping hand," said George. Ron took a step back. Whenever the Weasley twins helped it turned out horribly.

"With our list of pick-up lines!" finished Fred. That couldn't be to bad could it? Ron took the piece of parchment extended in their grasp cautiously and unfolded it.

"Guaranteed to have any girl fall for you if only you ise them well."

On it were ten or so different cheesy pick-up lines. Or at least to us they would seem cheesy. To poor naïve Ronald, they seemed like the perfect way to seduce the woman of your dreams. There was no way Hermione wouldn't swoon when he started spewing these lines to her! She would confess her love to him and they would leap into the sky on flying unicorns into the sunset and live happily ever after.

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