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Chapter 1

There was a firm audible voice present; almost hypnotizing to him, but no clear words were received.

His vision became more like that of a long tunnel not focusing on anything around him. Thoughts of an

unknown elation came about him. "Soon" he kept on saying to himself in his mind. The pencil he was

playing with in his right hand fell to the floor but the fact hadn't crossed his mind. Just the one thought

lingering. The same voice he thought he was listening to was in repetition; uttering the same muffled

sound for about ten seconds. It was just enough to make him focus slightly until he noticed out of his

peripherals the line of people to his left were all eyeing him. He became nervous. Then to his right the

same situation. His nervousness grew. Now looking straight ahead he finally realized the muffled voice

was his own named being called.

Morien: "Riche! Are you there, buddy?" (Pronounced "Rike")

Riche shuddered at the sound of his own named being called but soon his conscience brought him to

the present time.

Riche: "I'm sorry professor"

Morien: "I understand school is almost out for the summer. I need all of you to pay attention for just

a little while longer. You can do that for me right?"

Riche nodded in confirmation. Morien gave a smile then returned to his lesson. Nazi Germany was not

an easy subject to discuss in Hamburg or any other German city but not being a native German made it

that much easier for Morien Eeham; high school and college professor of History in Hamburg. Being a half

Puerto Rican and half Russian individual made him quite the oddity among the other professors but they

quickly accepted it and life continued. The uniqueness does not stop there, however. Most classrooms

have posters relevant to what the subject is being taught. Morien opted for music posters of bands he

liked. Leading officials did not like the idea at first but the students loved the idea and the posters remained.

Of course, everyone else was well aware of Morien's accomplishment during the Windy City Campaign where

he, along with two other men, given the aliases Desert Punk and Vash the Stampede, thwarted an attempt

in world conquest with weapons from Desert Punk's time. They fully knew of his augmented state, giving him

the nickname 'Guardian of Earth' which he loathed but kept quiet about it. An attack from a terrorist group

called INSF inadvertently gave Morien highly superhuman strength without the brainwash that was typical

upon exposure to the mysterious gaseous elements used against him and the people around him who did

not survive. To Morien's surprise mostly everyone played it off as if nothing happened which brought major relief.

With the hour almost reaching the end of the school day Morien kept an eye on the clock in the back of the

room. Several students who caught his eyes gazing back also looked back. He was just as ready as they

were to leave. A hand was raised from the front row.

Morien: "Yes, Juturna"

Juturna: "If Hitler used the occult to help him gain power then why did he have them all killed?"

Morien: "Because he didn't want anyone else to use them to find a way to defeat him. When he saw

that their predictions became reality he became paranoid and decided to exterminate what he thought

were enemies of his regime; the occult, gypsies, Jews, gays, and NASCAR drivers"

Juturna: "Wait…what?"

Morien: "Nothing"

Juturna: "Oh"

The sound of pencils writing on paper filled the room as the class took notes.

Morien: "If there are no more questions then just remain here until the bell sounds"

Once finished writing the students talked among themselves. Morien sat down at his desk looking at

his class. Everyone was engaged in some conversation. No one was keeping to themselves. He liked

the fact everyone got along and that there was not a supremacy complex or caste system separating

students. The bell sounded. A small cheer was let out as the majority of the students left the classroom.

A few students who had additional questions stayed behind. The last one in line was Riche. Once the

second to last student left he spoke.

Riche: "Sorry about earlier. What did I miss in the last segment?"

Morien: "Basically know that Hitler was involved in the occult which he used to gain power. Guaranteed

there will be an essay question referring to that on the final"

Riche wrote this down in his green notebook. When finished he stayed in the same spot.

Morien: "Was there anything else?"

Riche stood for a few moments.

Riche: "Do you mind talking about your…well…power?"

Morien: "Uhh…I guess not. What do you want to know?"

Riche: "You never really talk about it and I'm a bit curious as are a few fanboys and girls out there"

Morien: "Fanboys and girls? You mean like a fanclub?"

Riche: "Yes actually"

Morien sweatdrops.

Morien: "I'm not sure how I feel about that"

Riche: "Don't worry. It's not creepy. We just all think its cool how there is a real superhero on earth now

and unlike the movies he does not disguise himself. He's just a mild-mannered professor right here in


Morien gave a smile of appreciation.

Morien: "So what would you like to know?"

Riche: "Do you feel any different now than you did before you became a hero?"

Morien: "First of all, please don't take any offense but I'm not a hero. Like you said I'm just a professor.

And secondly, I don't feel any different at all. I never go to the gym anymore because no amount of weights

there will benefit me at all. I've learned to control my strength which is good because I can at least do all

my favorite hobbies"

Riche: "Like playing the guitar, right?"

Morien: "Exactly"

Riche: "You really should have joined Professor Lorenz before he went into Rammstein"

Morien: "Nah. But I still can't believe the fame they have achieved. Already a platinum album. I never

would have guessed"

Riche: "Do you still keep in contact?"

Morien: "It has become more difficult but yeah. From time to time he'll answer my emails. Maybe one of

these days I'll meet the rest of his band"

Riche: "This event they call the Windy City Campaign…what exactly happened?"

Morien: "The one man they call Desert Punk; a portal had opened in his time and by sheer chance he

came into our time. However, an enemy of his from his time also came through the portal with humanoid

weapons called guardians. Apparently he was planning on taking over the world with them. Boy was he

in for a rude awakening. They were tough machines to beat but we reduced them to scrap metal in

just a few days"

Riche: "So why stay a professor?"

Morien: "I like it here. This city has everything I need"

Riche: "Also, are you ever going to get a date so the other professors can shut up about it?"

Morien raised an eyebrow, looked at the open door, then looked back at Riche.

Morien: "Riche, don't repeat this to anyone…understood?"

Riche nodded.

Morien: "I am married in fact. I just haven't told anyone"

Riche: "You are? Why not? Who is she?"

Morien: "She's umm…from Thailand"

Riche: "I see. About time"

Morien: "About time? Hey now! Being 29 years old, I think I got hitched at the right time"

Riche let out a chuckle.

Riche: "Well thanks for sharing everything. Perhaps your fanclub will grow now"

Morien: "Don't mention it. But fanclub? Really?"

Riche just laughed his way out the open door. The sound of a locker opening then closing was the

last thing Morien heard from outside the classroom before he himself packed his folders into his

briefcase and prepared to walk home. He gave out various farewells to the faculty as they bid him

the same when he walked by. His darker skin tone made him stand out from his colleagues. He

attained that from his Puerto Rican mother. His Russian side made him immune to the cold and gave

him the ability to hold alcohol extremely well. Not that he was a problem drinker. With a black dress

vest over a white collared shirt and khaki pants he walked out of the school and put headphones

into his ear. Turning on his mp3 player the first band he came across was Chevelle, right where he

left it. He resumed and began his walk home. The partly cloudy skies occasionally blocked the afternoon

sun as the surrounding buildings were getting brighter then dimmer. He was still having trouble

getting used to people stopping him on the streets asking about the Windy City Campaign making

his walks home about an hour longer. Still, he politely answered their questions then went on his

way. He detoured slightly and went to a grocery store to stock up on a few items he was running low

on. With his briefcase in one hand and grocery bag in the other he continued his walk home. Coming

to a large canal he spots a massive red cargo ship leaving Hamburg's busy harbor. The ship was

traveling the same direction his home was. He finally reaches his 3 story condo overlooking the harbor.

Climbing the narrow gray stairwell he pulls out his keys and finds his door on the third floor. Once

inside he puts all his items on the dining room table and opens his fridge and reaches for a German

brand bottled water. He twists off the cap which makes a small echo in his quiet kitchen. The only

other sound was his fridge humming. With back turned towards the front entrance he takes a

prolonged drink from the bottle. In the process he feels a hand touch his shoulder which startles

him but he already knew who it was.

Morien: "Hey. How long have you been here?"

Washu: "A few hours. Just woke up from your room"

It had been 2 and a half years since the Windy City Campaign. Not long afterwards Morien and

Washu Hakubi were married but it was not a typical marriage. In the depths of space in an unknown

galaxy was an alter where marital covenant bonds were made to be recognized universally. Morien

still did not understand why there but he accepted it. Morien's father and mother now know of his

marriage but Tenchi and the girls were completely oblivious. Since then they have enjoyed each

other's company daily, both of them happy with their decision. He puts his drink on the counter then

turns around to face his wife. Upon looking he opens his eyes extremely wide almost ripping his

eye lids open.

Morien: "What happened to you?"

Washu: "Do you like it?"

Washu was no longer in her new 20 year old form but now her full adult form. She was about a foot

and a half taller. Morien was taller still but not by much. Her bust size was considerably larger and

just when he thought she couldn't get anymore beautiful, her beauty is taken to a whole new level;

one in which Morien was not about to complain about. With mouth slightly open he continues to look.

Washu: "Well handsome?"

Her face read seduction all over it. With an eyebrow slightly raised she smiled at him. He responded

by rushing over and kissing her hard on the lips. She reprised with a firm grasp around his hips

working her way up his sides all the way to his broad shoulders. Both of them now breathing

somewhat heavily Morien pulls away.

Morien: "I think we need to move this to the bedroom"

Washu grabs his hand and leads him to his room then shuts the door.

Singapore. Perhaps the largest city-state in the world, it boasts a thriving economy, cleanliness,

and tourism. Not to mention is one of the wealthiest non-democracies. Its tropical climate all year

round makes it an ideal living place which is why the 3 other "heroes" of the Windy City Campaign

chose to reside here. Desert Punk, Junko Asagiri, and Vash the Stampede bought a home in a high

rise condo complex in downtown. It was very expensive. Desert Punk, whose real name is Kanta

Mizuno, and Junko were still mercenaries making large amounts of money. Their conditions were

that no innocent people involved even though Desert Punk is still an asshole. Vash the Stampede

put down his weapon and opened up a donut shop a few blocks from where they lived. It was a

major success and was advertised all over Southeast Asia. With their combined efforts they were

easily able to make a living within their two bedroom living space. Junko begged Kanta to have a

bathtub instead of a shower. Eventually he caved and had it installed. Kanta and Junko's relationship

had everyone in question. They slept in the same bed, occasionally held hands, and every once in

a while they took their baths together. Neither of them have confirmed or denied being in a

relationship. Even Vash was ambiguous but he never touched on the matter.

It was now late evening/early morning in Singapore. With curtains open the lights of the city

illuminated Kanta and Junko's room. It was a soft orange color with bamboo color trimming. The lights

outside matched the color of the room. Sitting up in his bed Kanta looked out the window. The electric

alarm clock in his room read 2:38am. This particular night he had trouble sleeping. That morning he

had just arrived from a job in Hong Kong where he rescued a kidnapped young girl who was the

daughter of an airline CEO. He was successful but he had injured his left leg in a fall from a taller

building. Slowly moving his leg he cringed but didn't make a sound. After the pain subsided he looked

out the window at the city. "So this is my life now" he thought. "It really isn't that different here but

the living conditions make it worth while. But it looks like I'm going to be out for a little bit. Might as

well sit back and relax. Junko is more than capable of handling things on her own." He looked back

at Junko who sleeping with her mouth slightly open. Her breathing sounded soothing to Kanta as he

listened. "What a woman she is. After all those times chasing you. Through betrayal and fights you

finally became mine. At least I like to think you are. I hope you are." As it stood, Kanta would never

say those things to Junko. Not yet anyways. His social skills with her still needed work but on the

inside Kanta wanted nothing more than to keep her around. Not because of his own perverted-ness,

but once the feeling came to him that a gorgeous woman was actually into him ,which prior to her

had never happened, he did not want that to change. His face read emotionless as it almost always

did. He looks back out the window. It would be another few minutes before a voice broke the

calm silence.

Junko: "You're up?"

Kanta: "I can't sleep"

She wipes her eyes then sits up and faces Kanta.

Junko: "How's your leg?"

Kanta: "It feels a little better"

Junko: "Take some pain meds. It should knock you out"

Kanta: "I don't need any"

Junko grabs him by the hair.

Junko: "Take some pain meds before I make something else hurt"

Kanta: "Okay fine! Why are you being like this?"

Junko: "You need to heal fast. Don't you think for a second I don't care about your well-being"

Upon hearing this Kanta was taken back but said nothing else. Junko opened a drawer on her

side of the bed and gave Kanta a bottle of pain pills. He grabbed a few pills and chewed them

rather than taking them with water. His face looked sour but he withstood the horrible taste.

Satisfied, Junko laid her head back down and dozed off. Kanta began to feel the affects of the

pain medication and was soon fast asleep.

It was now getting late in Hamburg. Morien sat on his sofa watching a German news channel

while having a bowl of some type of Asian noodle soup. Sitting next to him was Washu who

was typing frantically on her holographic computer. When a commercial break came Washu spoke.

Washu: "The main reason why I came here today was to tell you that the day after your school

gets out for the summer we are having a party at our house. You are invited so you better be there"

Morien: "I think I can do that. What kind of party?"

Washu: "Just a small get together"

Morien: "Yeah sure. I haven't seen Tenchi, Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Mihoshi, or Kiyone for a long

time. Do they even remember me?"

Washu: "Yes they do. It was actually Sasami who asked me to invite you"

Morien: "Then I better go" he said smiling

Washu: "When you do get there don't be surprised when things seem…well…different"

Morien: "Meaning?"

Washu: "You'll find out"

Morien: "Great"

Washu: "And you can invite Kanta, Junko, and Vash as well"

Morien: "I'll pass that along to them tomorrow"

As the commercials continued to play Morien glanced over at Washu. She wore one of his band

shirts. The word "Sevendust" was written on the otherwise all black shirt. With a straight face

he admired her beauty. He couldn't believe it. She had become even more beautiful. She looked

over at him. Rather than turning his head he continued to look. He locked his dark brown eyes

with her emerald green eyes. She turned red.

Washu: "Stop, you're making me blush"

Morien: "Mission successful"

Grabbing his collar she brought herself close to him kissing him lightly before letting go and

resuming her work.

Washu: "Oh I have another idea. You should bring your instruments for the party"

Morien: "Where would I fit them?"

Washu: "I can make you a dimensional suitcase so to speak. You can fit multiple items in it and

when you close it, it fits in your hands"

Morien: "I keep forgetting I married a genius"

Washu took her eyes off the computer for a moment and looked at the television. The commercial

showed a couple in S & M outfits whipping each other as hard as they can while holding a bottle of beer.

Washu: "What the hell kind of commercial is this?"

Morien: "A beer commercial"

Washu: "And this is normal?"

Morien: "Yes. You have to realize this is Germany. Europe in general is a liberal place"

Washu: "I don't ever recall seeing a Jurian commercial like this"

Morien: "I guess they're not very sex oriented"

Washu: "Uh, dear, trust me. Jurians are VERY sex oriented. If we are not drinking we are having

sex. It can be hard to tell at times but it's what we do. You think humans are bad? Jurians are

worse. But I don't mean bad when I way worse"

Morien: "Noted. And I understand"

Washu: "So what's the plan for the next few days?"

Morien: "The students have the next two days off. Finals are on the third day. Then school

is finally out for summer"

Washu: "Have you created a final for them yet?"

Morien: "I'm halfway done. I should be working on it now but I'm not in the mood. I'll finish

it tomorrow"

Washu: "Be careful. That's the anthem of the human race"

Morien: "Unlike most people, I will have it done tomorrow. I have to present it to the staff

the day before"

Washu: "I see"

Morien: "I should get to bed. I'm going to be busy tomorrow"

Washu: "I'll be there shortly"

In nothing but a sleeveless shirt and boxers Morien climbs into his bed but leaves the lamp

on, waiting for Washu to arrive. Sitting up but with his legs covered by the bed spread he

looks over the final test he has created making sure everything looked good. Finding a few

spelling errors he erases them and then fixes them. Since it was only a rough draft there

were marks everywhere. The door opens and Washu walks in now wearing just a black tank

top and red running pants. Morien puts away his papers and pulls the cover over so Washu

can slide her way in. Once she's in place he turns off the lamp with only the lights of the

harbor shining in. Washu puts her head on Morien's chest and drifts to sleep quickly. Morien

looks for Washu's hand. Finding it he sees the two rings of energy on their fingers glowing

underneath the covers. It brings a smile to his face. Holding her hands he finally falls asleep

with a days worth of work waiting for him the next day.

End of Chapter 1