Chapter 7

A small cloud of black smoke rose from behind the Masaki home. 4 men faced each other,

each with a weapon in their hands. The brothers Vash and Knives faced Jack Vegas and

Jaysen White who stood just outside the house. It was quiet for a few moments with the

exception of the liquid moving inside of White's fuel rods connecting his gun to the tank

on his back.

"Don't kill anyone, Knives" Vash said quietly.

"I'll determine who lives and who dies today" Knives retorted angrily.

"Enough talk. Where are the ones responsible for the defeat of Emperor Azuza? I know

they live around here" Jack inquires.

The two brothers continued to stare silently. They quickly glanced at each other then

nodded, knowing exactly what the next move was. Vash and Knives squeeze the triggers

from their revolvers, making a loud crack that echoed for miles out. Jack suddenly felt a void

in his hands. Looking down with a horrified look on his face, he sees his weapons have

been shot out of his hands. Running back into the home he yells:

"White! Open fire!"

With a press of a button, White lets out a trail of liquid flame but Vash and Knives quickly

dodge the oncoming heat wave which causes the nearby trees to catch fire. Now retreating

after his teammate, White also takes refuge in the Masaki home finding a window and keeping

an eye open for Vash and Knives.

"I wasn't expecting this kind of resistance. It looks like we may have to step up our game" Jack

says while loading a laser rifle.

"Do you still see them?"

White scans the outside through his welder's mask. The forest was starting to burn a little

bit more but he could not find Vash or Knives.

"Negative. Either they're hiding or they ran for their lives"

"I doubt they ran"

Looking through an electronic scope, Jack scans for any life forms. Within seconds the scope

indicates a target just on the other side of the flames. It creates a silhouette form of Vash.


Before he pulls the trigger his weapon is, again, shot out of his hands from shots being fired

on his far right. Continuous gunfire began to break through the walls of the house sending

wall fragments in all directions. Jack and White ducked down to the floor to avoid the bullet

borage. All over the walls, pictures were being shattered and any glassware around was broken.

Knives set up a sneak attack using Vash as a distraction. This was Vash's cue to try and execute

an offense of his own. Now running to his right he gets about a hundred feet then sprints towards

the house and finds a side door. Opening it quickly he is greeted with a spray of flame

denying him entry.


He falls back then gets up and runs as he felt the heat.

"Be careful, White! You'll set this whole place ablaze!" Jack shouted.

In the woods, a black streak rushed between the flames then stopped next to Vash.

"That welder is making this tough. Any ideas Knives?"

"No, but run!"

From another window, Jack spots the two and opens fire with laser pistol, causing Vash and

Knives to split again. Setting himself behind a tree stump Vash takes cover as red lasers singe

the ground near him. Not far away at another tree stump, Knives did the same.

"Vash, I'll distract him and you take the front door!"

"I'll try"

After reloading, Knives rose from his position and opened fire towards the home, causing Jack

to fall back. Vash made a run, this time towards the front of the home. Rather than using the

front entrance he climbs the wall and works his way into an open window that led into Mihoshi's

room which she forgot to close before they left. Listening to the gunfire outside Vash quietly

walks into the hallway and makes his way towards the stairs. Looking down he sees White who

has his back turned for a moment. He instinctively turns around and aims his weapon at Vash who

already has his gun trained on White. Both of them just stand there listening to the exchange of

gunfire between Knives and Jack. It then stops and Jack runs towards the bottom of the stairs

where White is standing. "One of them got in didn't they?

"Stay put, Jack"

"Take him out!"

"Do you want me to burn this place down?"

"Fine let me do it!"

"Jack, no!"

Knives looks in through the front door which had many holes in it and takes a shot at White.

Feeling a burning pain in his left leg, White is hit with a bullet right behind the kneecap

blowing it out completely.

"Gaaah!" He yells at the top of his lungs. Falling to the floor, he inadvertently presses the fire

button on his weapon, bathing the ceiling in fire.


Before Jack could tend to his fallen teammate, he feels a shot enter the back of his shoulder

and collapses to the floor. He catches himself before falling completely flat. Letting go of his

weapon he walks feebly towards White but is stopped by Knives who presses his revolver,

still hot from the last shot, against the back of Jack's head.

"Knives, don't do it!" Vash yells from the top of the stairs avoiding the burning fragments which

were now falling from the ceiling.

"I really thought that fight would have lasted longer. That wasn't much of a challenge" Knives

said haughtily.

A white blur enters the home and swats away the weapon being held on Jack's head. Knives

now looks at the end of a blade held by the Shinto priest, Katsuhito. Knives freezes in place

and Vash looks curiously at the Shinto priest.

"That's enough, all of you. Carry these men outside. They need medical attention"

"Yeah, because I shot both of them"

"I don't care. You disabled them and now you are going to help them. Quickly! There isn't

much time" Katsuhito ordered.

"Take us to our ship…there are medical supplies in there" Jack said with a painful tone.

Vash joins the group at the bottom of the stairs and helps Jack to his feet. Against his will,

Knives dragged White by his arms and followed Vash and Katsuhito out of the burning Misaki

home. They walked several yards outside the home before reaching the space vessel that

brought Jack and White to earth.

About an acre of forest burned before the fire died out on its own. Now, next to Jack and White's

ship, Katsuhito first tends to White who was missing a kneecap and bleeding heavily. Jack was

sitting up on the ground wincing from the pain but he was going to be fine.

"You had to shoot the doctor" he said

"Well you had to shoot at us" Knives replied.

"Inside my ship there is an orange hexagonal device sitting on the cockpit controls. Can you get

that?" White asks Katsuhito who fulfills his request.

Taking the device, White presses a button and a light shines on the bloody void that was his

kneecap. In a few seconds a kneecap forms followed by skin covering it and the bleeding stops.

White stands up and walks normally. Vash, Knives, and Katsuhito are dumbfounded by White's

speedy recovery.

"What is that thing?" all three of them ask at the same time.

"It's a medical device that detects your DNA then detects what needs to be healed or fixed. It

then transmits the atoms and molecules that your blood, bone structure, muscle tissue, and

organs are made of and fixes you up in seconds. I created this actually"

White walks over to Jack and in seconds the bullet falls out of his back and is healed instantly.

"That was very impressive but I would really like to know who you are and why you are here" Katsuhito

states looking quite serious.

Jack and White now stand and face the men who put a damper on their objective. Jack lets out

a sigh then speaks.

"My name is Jack Vegas and this is Jaysen White but just call him White. We were basically

drifters until we heard about the people who defeated the greatest empire in this galaxy. We

needed to find them"

"How come?" asked Vash

"Because the planet in which we came from, well where White came from, is in peril. The people

have become demented as if they were controlled by a supernatural force. There was a strange

energy detected…some kind of weird presence that I felt right before this began so we fled in the

hopes that we could find someone to help restore order"

"So why did you shoot at us?" Knives asked almost yelling

"Because the last couple of planets we stopped at, we met resistance for unknown reasons so

when we saw that you two were carrying weapons we thought you were out to kill us. Sorry for

the misunderstanding. We're not space pirates or anything. And sorry for burning down the

property" Jack said looking at the Misaki home which was still on fire.

"Don't worry about that. The house has been destroyed so many times that one of the residents

there, Washu Hakubi…Eeham rather, set up bots to fix up the house once it takes damage" Katsuhito


"Wait…Washu as in the greatest scientific genius in the universe?" White asked

"You've heard of her?" Katsuhito was surprised.

"Of course we have! When she was expelled from the Science Academy of Jurai…twice…it was

galactic news. Being a scientist, I've always wanted to meet her to have her give me advice on future

projects that I have. Did you say her last name was Eeham? I thought it was Hakubi"

"It was. She's married now"

"I see. I find that odd considering that most people of science stay single and are complete

shut-ins that never leave home"

"Believe me, she was until her now husband literally crashed landed here years ago. Anyways,

the people you are looking for are not here. They will be back in a few days"

"What do we do until then, Jack?"

"We will head back to our ship above this planet. Again, sorry for the confusion and thanks for

not letting us bleed to death"

Knives just stared at them for a moment but then nodded in their direction.

"On a side note, you two are really good gunmen. The best we've encountered so far. Maybe you

can join us at some point" Jack said looking at Vash and Knives.

The brothers look at each other then Knives turns towards Jack.

"Perhaps. I'll think about it"

Jack and White enter their small vessel and in a few minutes it lifts off and roars back into the air

heading to outer space.

Katsuhito now looks at Vash and Knives.

"I take it you two are either friends of Tenchi or at least know him"

"I know him thanks to Morien" Vash replies "This is my brother Knives"

Knives just gives a light wave keeping a straight face.

"He's not much of a talker around people he doesn't know"

"Vash, leave me out of this"

"I understand" Katsuhito replied.

"Who are these two people that Jack and White were looking for?" Vash asked.

"It was a combined effort on many different fronts. I'm talking about the ones who defeated the

Emperor some time ago. But the two people they are looking for are Russ and Zorpheus. They

are probably the most powerful warriors in existence"

"If that's true then we're wasting our time here. Let's go Vash"

"Hold up, Knives. Most powerful? Like how?"

"They can destroy galaxies with one shot if they could"

Vash stood in shock not sure if what he just heard was true. Knives was indifferent.

"What can you do?" Katsuhito asked the two brothers.

"We're just gunman" Vash states

"We are more then just gunman, Vash. We are not human, we're plants as in power plants.

We just have a human form because that's how we were created. Our type is used for energy

all across the desert in this God forsaken planet far away from here. While we do shoot guns

we can destroy cities with our special weapon in one shot and if we tried we could put a hole

in the moon. But if this Russ and Zorpheus can destroy galaxies then we are useless"

"I wouldn't say that" Katsuhito replies "They wouldn't exercise that much energy because it

would risk the death of billions of innocent races. It sounds like your energy is more concentrated

and we could use you two to fight with us"

"I'm sorry, are we going to war?" asked Vash.

"When Jack explained to us about that dementia plaguing his planet I had an idea of who

might have been behind it. The only name I know is Lady Tokimi. If my predictions are correct

she will be the ultimate trial for all of us. It's just a matter of when she will attack"

"So what can we do? Again, it doesn't sound like Vash and I can do anything"

"You save as many people as you can"

"Why would I do that? Perhaps the whole reason Tokimi is reeking havoc on a galactic scale is

because the spiders can no longer be trusted. They themselves are a plague that leech off of the

planets resources until they run dry. They cause war and cannot do something as simple as keep


"Well then are you perfect, Knives?" Katsuhito asks, understanding what he meant by spiders.

Knives stayed silent thinking about that question.

"You must understand most of the human race wants to do good but the few that do harm make it

seem like there are more of them than there really are. That is why no one does anything to

prevent evil because they are terrified"

"The best solution to a problem is to get rid of the problem"

"That will only create a new problem. It's true that people will have to die and I hate to say that

but there is no other way around. But when people become less afraid to stand up for the right

reasons and show everyone that then we can fight together for the goodness of humanity then

peace can be achieved. That being said, will you fight with us when the time comes?"

"I will" Vash responds then looks at his brother.

"If it will keep me alive longer then I will fight with you as well, not for humankind though"

Katsuhito continued to talk to them for a while as the sun began to set behind the mountains.

Feeling the rush of water rush up above his head, Morien sank deeper into the pool after jumping

from a diving board. A few seconds later he resurfaced. The pool was Olympic sized and the majority

of it was 15 feet deep. There was a part sectioned off for children to play in. He treaded water for

several minutes listening to the sounds around him. He heard the humming of the filtering system

and the laugher of children coming from the shallow end. There were a few families around but with

that exception the pool was, for the most part, empty. Back in their room, the door opened and

Washu walks in. Looking around she doesn't see Morien anywhere. Then she sees the holographic

map still up. When she saw that the pool was highlighted she thought to herself "Great, I better

head there and save him from the parade of women that are probably after him"

As Morien was still treading water, a woman sat at the waters edge keeping her eye on him. Eventually

he moved to a ladder and climbed out of the water. She stood up to make her move. As he walked

he was trying to decide whether to use the diving board again or just lay on a lawn chair and relax

for a bit. The woman walks right in front of him and he stops.

"Nice tattoo collection"

"Thank you"

"Do you work at the parlor?"

"There's a tattoo parlor on this ship?"

"Yeah. You must be new here"

"I'm from Earth. Came up here with several people"

She pretends to adjust her bikini top, hoping he would notice.

"I'm Elise"


He began to get an idea of what she was doing.

"So, want to get some ice cream at the stand over there?"

"Umm, no thanks. I'm not much of an ice cream person"

"You liar. I saw you eat a whole tub back at your home" a voice said from behind.

Washu stood behind Morien in a solid green bikini. She looked far better than any of the other women

at the pool. A few of the men standing around made a double take, resulting in a slap on the back of

the head from their wives or girlfriends.

"Hey you. I was wondering where you went. This is my wife, Washu" he said looking at Elise.

"Oh…wife. That's cool. Well it was nice meeting you, Morien"

Without saying goodbye she walks away looking rather disappointed.

"I think I got here just in time" she says

"I agree. So want to go for a swim?"

"Well actually I just came to relax. I'm not one for swimming pools"

"Oh nonsense"

Morien grabs Washu by the hips and lifts her off the ground then carries her over his shoulder.

"Morien, put me down!"

"Water is good for you"

"I really don't want to get wet, Morien now put me down please!"

"I'm sorry, what?" he said pretending not to hear her.

"Don't you dare!"

He picked up his paced all the way to the edge of the water.

"Morien, NO!"

Taking Washu with him, they both land in the deep end sinking down for a few feet. Washu is the

first to resurface. She looked angry as she waited for Morien to come up for air. When he did he

was laughing hard.

"That wasn't funny, you big jerk!"

"Then why am I laughing? C'mon dear! It's just water. If it makes you feel better you look great

all wet like that" he laughs again.

She swims over to him and presses down on his shoulders pushing him under the water.

When he comes back up he splashes her with water.

"Oh it's like that huh?" Washu was about to press a button on the device on her wrist until she

noticed that it was gone.

"Great. I lost my device. Probably underwater"

"Here, I'll look for it"

"Don't bother. I can make a new one. I was just going to shoot you with a large water cannon"

"Knowing you it was going to wash away everyone here wasn't it?"

"You know me well, dear"

Spotting a stray circular pool float, Washu swims towards it and places herself on top of it.

"You're not going to get out?"

"Since I'm already in here I might as well stay. And if it means I can see you without your shirt

on so much the better"

Morien swims over and puts his hand on the edge of the float, allowing himself to be carried only

by its buoyancy. Washu then puts her hand on his.

"How did you know I was here, anyways?"

"You left the map on back in our room. I saw the swimming pool highlighted so I figured that's

where you went"

"I didn't even hear or see you leave the room for that brief moment. Where did you go?"

"To examine the ship a bit more. When I saw the place I wanted to go was rather far I just gave

up and came back but you were gone"

"You gave up on something that was research related? I'm impressed!"

"No dear. Think of it more as a pending experiment. I'm not going to stop until I know everything

about this ship"

"And why is that, Washu?"

She leans back and looks up at the ceiling lights.

"Because for the first time ever, someone has technology that has surpassed anything that I have

created. I mean I could reproduce it but I need to know how it's made first"

The waves around them became larger as people began jumping off the diving board, doing

mostly cannonballs.

"Fingerpaintings!" a voice yelled from the pool's edge.

"That can only be one person" Morien says looking up at Washu who chuckles in response.

Standing on the pool's edge was Kanta with his arms crossed and wearing his usual attire of a

white tank top and green military pants.

"I'm still waiting for that challenge. What do you say? Once you and your wife are done here

I'd say we hit up that holodeck"

"Are you in a rush to lose?" Morien said chuckling. "I'm just playing, dude!"

"Whatever. You best bring the finest game you've got, Fingerpaintings"

"And that goes for you as well Kanta" Junko said walking up behind him.

Kanta turns around to talk to Junko.

"Washu, I see an opportunity"

"For what, dear?"

"Watch me"

Morien let go of the pool float and sank underneath the water. He swam to where Kanta was

standing right on the edge.

"…and that is why they called me demon of the desert. Or you could call it a fire that cannot

be put out" Kanta says to Junko.

He suddenly felt strong pull by the back of his pants and in a second he was in the pool making

a splash. Washu gasps, covering her mouth with both hands as she couldn't believe that Morien

just pulled Kanta into the pool. She laughs afterwards.

"I think the fire just got put out" Junko says then laughs as well.

Naturally, Kanta was not in the least bit thrilled but to Morien's surprise he suppressed his anger

rather well. He spits out some water then speaks.

"Ok, Fingerpaintings, you got me. I will get you back somehow though"

"As long as you keep Washu out of this, do whatever" he said with a smile. "Anyways, I'll be

done here in a few minutes. Afterwards I'll make my way over to the holodeck"

"I'll be waiting"

Kanta climbs out of the pool, soaking wet and takes a towel off one of the lawn chairs that

belonged to someone else.

"Are you going to stay here then, Junko?" Kanta asks

"Yeah. Gotta stay in shape. I'll probably head to this holodeck too once I'm done"

Junko walks to another end of the pool. She wore a white bikini that could barely contain her bust.

Several of the men there got nosebleeds just looking at her. She saw this and just rolled her eyes.

After drying off, Kanta looks up on a map how to get to the holodeck. Once he figures it out, he

walked for several minutes. He gets to the door that leads into it and opens it to find there are a

few other people there. It looked like a black void on the inside so he couldn't tell how big or how

small it was. One of the kids standing there notices him.

"Hey there. We'll be playing a while."

"Playing what?" Kanta asks.

"Unreal Tournament"

"Oh? That's what I came to play"

"Really? Want to join us then?"

"Umm…I was going to wait for a few others but I supposed I could get a head start on them"

"Cool. Welcome then"

Kanta walks over to where everyone else was standing. They were mostly kids with a few boys

and girls in their late teens.

"You guys look a bit young to be playing a game like this"

"We play all the time actually. We're a guild of players that formed sometime ago. It's just for fun

though. I'm Leeland by the way" says a spiky haired young boy. His shirt was red and he wore khaki

shorts on his legs. Around his head was a pair of aviator goggles similar to what Morien wore before

going into a firefight.

"Kanta. So how does this game work in here?"

"Oh boy, you're going to love this. This place makes everything look real. It will set up a realistic

environment and you get weapons to shoot other players with just like in reality. Except it's all a game

so you won't feel pain or anything. I'm sure I'm missing a few things but you'll catch on quickly"

"Sounds kick ass. I'm ready when you guys are"

"Great. Ok guys, do we want to start with Capture the Flag or just a normal Deathmatch?"

Everyone opted for Deathmatch to start with. The room then came to life as it was brought to the

Unreal Tournament start screen.

"Since you're new, you need to make a gamer tag"

"Hmm…just put in Desert Punk"

After a few seconds, Kanta was put into the machine.

"Computer. For a map I want Stalwart XL. Regular weapon layout. For mutators, use Vengeance

and Strength. No bots for this match. Time is ten minutes"

Leeland now looked at his group and Kanta.

"We're all set. You guys ready?"

With a nod from everyone, Leeland started the game. A few seconds later the map loaded up and a

timer counted from 5 to 1 followed by GO. Kanta stood in place holding an Enforcer handgun. He

spawned next to the lift and the garage. Within seconds he is hit with a shock rifle by one of the other

players. He ran towards the garage and it opened slowly.

"C'mon, c'mon!" he yelled as it continued to open.

He returned fire, hitting the player shooting at him but is then killed by Leeland's rocket launcher.

"FIRST BLOOD!" the announcer said

Kanta spawned next to the flak cannon which he picked up quickly and ran towards the first person

he saw. A young blonde girl holding a bio-rifle was shooting at another target. From behind, Kanta

pulled the trigger a few times splattering his target all over the walls. He then spots a shootout and

runs towards it but is halted from another shock rifle blast to the back. Turning around he sees the

same person who tried to kill him when the game began. Using the secondary function, a spherical

object fires from the flak cannon exploding right on the target blowing him to bits.

"This is the closest thing to a shotgun so far" Kanta said to himself.

In the center of the map was a series of ceiling rafters and on top of one of them was a damage

amplifier shaped like a golden letter "u". Finding gravity boots, Leeland fought his way to the center

and grabbed the damage amplifier, turning his shock rifle a bright purple color which illuminated the

walls around him. A series of "oh crap" could be heard from most of the players as they ran from

the center while still shooting each other. One by one Leeland dominated each player, killing him

or her with one shot.

Double Kill!

Turning left he spots another player and shoots.


He was now near where Kanta had started and shot another player in the face.


In order to continue his spree he would have to go thru Kanta who was now next in line.

However, Kanta found the shield belt which was in a hidden room and began to open fire upon

Leeland with the flak cannon which he had been using since he first picked it up. Leeland shot

once and it killed the shield entirely. He shot again but it missed. Kanta dodges to his right and

opens fire with the secondary function which appeared to be right on target but before it hit, a

small nuclear blast went off killing both of them at the same time as well as the person who

fired it; a redeemer missile.

"Megan! You're going to pay for making me lose my streak!" Leeland shouted.

"Bring it!" she replied

At the moment, Leeland sat in first place but Kanta was not far behind. He was very surprised

that a small kid had this much shooting experience. A few minutes went by and this time Kanta

managed to find his way into the garage which led to a hallway that took him to the redeemer.

30 Seconds Remaining!

The announcement was made that only 30 more seconds were left before a winner was declared.

Quickly grabbing the redeemer he gets back to the garage door and waited for it to open enough

for him to walk under. Another player was waiting for him and killed him with a flak cannon.

"Damn!" he shouted

A bit of luck came to him when he spawned right behind the person who killed him. He was about

to fire the redeemer when Kanta killed him point blank with a flak cannon. Picking up the dropped

Redeemer, he runs until he finds a decent sized firefight that had at least 5 players in it.

Ten seconds remain!


He takes aim.


From behind, Leeland sees Kanta is about to fire the Redeemer


"Oh crap!" Leeland shouts


Leeland opens fire but it's too late


The missile launches outside the barrel and heads straight for the firefight


Kanta turns around and engages Leeland with the Flak Cannon.


Megan sees the incoming rocket and knows there is nothing she can do at this point


"MONSTER KILL!" the announcer yells


Kanta is now tied for first with Leeland


At the last second he finally gets a kill on Leeland with a spray of red hot flak.

Desert Punk is declared the winner.

The level disappears and goes back the black void where everyone meets up.

"Goodness, kid! You're a damn good shot in this game!" Kanta says

"Same to you. The flak cannon suits you very well. Nice job"

The door to the holodeck opens. Morien, Washu, and Junko now join the group.

"You finally made it. This game is pretty sweet. Get ready to get trounced, Fingerpaintings!"

"You kids play this game?" Morien asked the group.

"Not only do they play but their quite good at it" Kanta explains. "I'd say we do some team

games next"

"Everyone else fine with that?" Leeland asks his group who approve right away.

"Ok. There are 12 of us so we can do 6 on 6, 4 teams of 3, or 3 teams of 4" Leeland said.

"For the sake of the newcomers we should do 6 on 6 so they can get a better feel" Megan


"I'm fine with that" Morien says. "Washu, are you really going to play?"

"I don't see why not. I don't do this often so I might as well have fun now"

"I'm going to set up the parameters now. Computer, load up level "Deck 16." Team Deathmatch.

Weapons: Normal Layout. Teams: 2. Blue team and Green team. Mutators: Vengeance and

Redemption. Score will be to 40 points. Time unlimited. Please hold, computer"

Leeland turns towards everyone.

"Who's playing with who?"

"I don't think Kanta is going to be on my team so how about Washu and myself with 4 others"

"I'll join your team" Megan says.

"So that leaves me, Kanta, Junko, and the rest of you guys. Sweet deal!" Leeland shouts. He enters

the data into the computer.

"Oh yeah, the new people need gamer tags. What names do you guys want?"

Morien, Washu, and Junko thought for a moment.

"Vixen" Junko says

"HappyCrab" Washu says chuckling

"Knight of the Long Knives" Morien says

After entering the data Leeland presses the start button.

"Here we go, guys. Good luck to both teams!"

A few seconds later Deck 16 loads up. Morien's team, the green team, spawns on the highest part

of the level by the bio-rifle while blue team spawns at the lowest part by the slime pit.


Both teams race to find weapons other than an enforcer. Washu follows Morien as he makes a

jump for the sniper rifle.

"Ok, dear. I shoot and you cover me" Morien says to Washu.

"I'll try" Washu replies.

As they wait for targets to appear the first kill is made.


"He already has experience" Morien told himself.

It wasn't long before the blue team made their way upwards providing an opportunity for

Morien and Washu to gain points.



Morien made two shots, two kills with his sniper rifle. Washu held back the secondary function

to the bio-rifle then fired it at random. To her surprise, it landed on the head of someone on the

blue team who was on the bottom floor running by. Her first kill. Leeland grabbed the anti-gravity

boots then worked his way up towards Morien and Washu. With shock rifle in hand Leeland fires

at both of them who return fire with enforcers. Two of Leeland's shots hit Morien, bringing his

health down low.

"Washu, I'm going to find health"

He leaps from the top floor and tries to land on the middle floor but misses and heads straight to

the bottom floor. As he lands, his body is blown to bloody bits and parts as he kills himself. He also

loses a point. Kanta finds a flak cannon then comes face to face with Megan who fires at him with

the ripper. In just two seconds Megan scores a kill.


Kanta's head flies right off and bounces everywhere, leaving blood marks on the wall and floor. Megan

then hears the sound of a rocket launcher but before she moves she is smeared on the floor by Junko.

Morien spawns by the rocket launcher on the bottom floor. Rather than taking it, he became interested

in the teleporter next to the rocket launcher. He walks in and sees the redeemer but doesn't know

what it does. Curiosity got the best of him and he takes it. Looking out the view port he sees half of

the blue team sitting still as they tried to shoot Washu who was holding her own quite well at the

sniper spawn. Taking aim he fires his redeemer. A humming sound filled the air as the slow moving

missile traveled towards its target.

"Careful, blue team! I heard a redeemer!" Leeland warned.

By the time they received the warning, the missile was within inches of the 3 unfortunate blue

team members.


"Thanks babe!" Washu says

"No problem!"

Now jumping down from the redeemer spawn he sees a ramp that goes over a small slime pit. Running

up the ramp he finds another sniper rifle and takes it. He looks down the hall where the flak cannon

spawn was at and sees Kanta making a mad dash. Morien opens fire, hitting Kanta in the back but

not killing him. Kanta makes it to his flak cannon but cannot shoot Morien from where he was standing.

"Anyone! Knight of the Long Knives has me pinned down at second sniper spawn" Kanta said

through team chat.

As Morien kept the scope trained on where Kanta was at, a rocket zooms past him. Turning towards

the shooter, which was Junko, he takes a 2 second aim and puts a bullet between her eyes.


Turning back towards Kanta all he sees now is a flak cannon very close through his scope. Taking

his eye out of the scope, he sees that Kanta had somehow managed to run very quickly to Morien

and train his flak cannon on him at point blank. Pulling the trigger, Morien is reduced to several

chunks of bloody flesh bouncing off of the walls and floor. Once Morien respawns, he takes a look

at the score. To his surprise, Washu was in the lead on the green team. She didn't even have a

single death. Leeland was in the lead for the blue team. The score kept alternating back and

forward for the overall lead. Washu leaped from the sniper spawn down onto some black crates

and took the damage amplifier. She then finds a shock rifle and unleashes devastation on

the blue team. First Kanta and then Leeland.

Double Kill!



Another blue player


She spots Kanta who spawned on the top floor by the bio-rifle and kills him.


"Alright guys! HappyCrab is kicking our butts! She hasn't even been killed yet so let's

change that!" Leeland announces once he spawns.

"Washu, where the hell did you learn to shoot like this?" Morien asked while shooting

another player on the blue team.

"I've had my fair share of fights in the past. I don't really talk about them though. I could

really use your help right now! Kanta and Leeland are teaming up against me!"

"Hold tight! On my way! Megan, if you're not busy I could use your help in assisting Washu!"

"Roger that!"

Now equipped with the rocket launcher, Morien and Megan both run to the main floor of

Deck 16. From the side, she fires several pot-shots at both Leeland and Kanta trying to

distract them. From the back, Morien fires several rockets getting Kanta's attention. Kanta

jumps from the top floor firing his flak cannon at Morien who is knocked off the main floor but

lands on a catwalk underneath which is suspended over the slime pit. In the center of the

narrow catwalk was the shield belt surrounded by 4 health vials that looked like blue fluid

inside a test tube. Now covered in a golden light which was the shield, he jumps down with

Kanta in hot pursuit.

"Dammit, he has that shield belt" Kanta tells himself.

Regardless, he chased Morien into the teleport next to the rocket launcher spawn and sees

him grab the redeemer then quickly jumps down before he gets a shot off with his flak cannon.

Morien then runs back to the main floor. Leeland sees that Morien has the shield belt so he

equips his translocator and fires it under Morien's feet. He teleports and kills Morien instantly,

arming himself with the redeemer which he turns towards Washu. When he looks for her she

is no longer on the sniper spawn. Morien runs to the two lifts at the bottom floor searching

for the armor. When he finds the spot, he sees that Washu was just a few seconds quicker.

"In all fairness you are doing better than I am" he says

"He has the redeemer. We need a plan"


"And it sounds like he just used it" Morien said.

The score was now 32-30 with blue team in the lead.

"I have the relic of vengeance. From what I've seen, if you die a giant skull appears then

explodes, taking any opponents nearby with it" Morien tells Washu.

"A suicide bomb might not be a bad idea. Let's see where everyone is at"

Morien and Washu take the lift to the main floor where Kanta and Junko are waiting as well

as another player from blue team.

"Washu! Jump back down!"

As Washu jumps back down to the bottom floor, Morien is shot to death and right on cue,

a giant skull appears.

"What's with the skul…" Junko tries to ask but is blown to bits along with Kanta and the

other blue team member bringing the score to 33-32 Green team.

Leeland makes another kill with the shock rifle, evening the score. On the top floor, Megan

equips the bio-rifle and holds back the secondary, filling up the tank with a large amount of

radioactive sludge. She finds 3 blue teammates engaged in a firefight against 2 green

teammates. Running around behind she unloads the weapon, firing a large bright green ball

of slime towards the unfortunate blue team members, killing all of them at once. One of them,

however, had the relic of vengeance which killed her along with the other two green teammates

bringing the score to 36-36.

"We have 4 points left! Stay alive HappyCrab and Knight! Same goes for the rest of you!" Megan


"No guarantees!" Morien yelled on the trail of two blue team members.

"Desert Punk, Vixen! Try to get to the top floor. We can defend it and pick them off for a quick win"

"On my way" Junko says.

Kanta doesn't respond but tries to make his way upward but is stopped by a green team member

who is firing ripper blades at him near the second flak cannon spawn over a small slime pit. Jumping

onto the flak cannon he turns around and shoots the secondary shot right behind the green team

player and he is shot right into the slime pit. In a few seconds he is dead which brings their score

down to 35.

Morien picks off the two blue team members he was following with the enforcer bring their score

up to 37. Blue was still at 36 and Leeland was defending the top floor with Junko and most of

the other blue team members. Standing at the sniper spawn he waited for anyone on green

to show up.

"Morien, they are all on the top floor really close to each other and I'm next to the redeemer!"

"You know what to do Washu! Green team! Do not advance into the main part of Deck 16. Let

HappyCrab finish the job!"

Washu grabs the redeemer and uses the secondary shot, controlling the missile manually. As it

enters the main part of Deck 16, everyone tries to shoot it down. It finds a place right on top of

4 players. Leeland is helpless as he watches the missile detonate killing 3 more of his teammates

before green team is declared the winner. The game fades out and everyone is returned to the

black void of the holodeck again.

"That was a close game! You kids sure know how to use your guns" Morien said to the other team.

Looking at the score on the green team it read:

HappyCrab – 11

Knight of the Long Knives – 10

Megan – 8

Thor – 6

Meatloaf – 3

Viceroy – 2

On blue:

Leeland – 14

Desert Punk – 12

Vixen – 12

The Rash – 2

Goofy - -1

Some Dude - -3

"How did you two end up with a negative score?" Leeland asked two of his teammates.

"Let's just say I'm not very good with a redeemer. It seems to love to hit the wall right

next to me"

"Oh. Well anyways, that was awesome guys!" Leeland says to everyone.

"What about our challenge, Kanta?" Morien said

"I'm not really feeling it right now"

Washu raised an eyebrow, anticipating banter from Morien as a reply.

"Truth be told, neither am I"

She raises both eyes, impressed.

"Are we all done for today then?" Leeland asks everyone.

Everyone else nods in response then they say their goodbyes to Leeland.

"I would love to play again at some point. I'm kind of hungry right now. What about you,


"Not really dear, but I will gladly go with you"

"Kanta, Junko? What about you?"

"Sure" they both reply.

"Can I tag along too?" Leeland asks

"You bet, kiddo" Morien says with a warm smile.

Morien and Kanta look around one more time at the void holodeck. They both found it to

be an amazing piece of engineering and technology.

"I would love to have one of these in my house" Morien said with Kanta nodding in

agreement as they walked towards the exit with Washu, Junko, and Leeland following

close behind.

Now stepping into a well lit hallway they follow a map that would take them to a cafeteria.

"So Leeland, tell me about yourself" Morien asks.

"Umm. Well for starters, I'm 14. I'm an only child. I was born on planet Sino which is

constantly being raided by space pirates. That's why my parents left with me. By sheer

luck they happened to meet Tom when he was still building the Gray Wolf. He gladly

allowed us to live onboard. Not long afterwards, slots for rooms on the Gray Wolf were

taken completely which is why Tom is creating a second ship that is to be 12 times

bigger than this one he says"

"Wait what!" Morien, Kanta, and Junko ask loudly getting heads to turn from inside the hallway.

Leeland covers his mouth realizing he uttered something secret.

"Oh crap! I wasn't supposed to spill that. Tom's gonna kill me!"

"We'll just pretend we didn't hear that. But 12 times? Isn't this massive hunk of metal

big enough? Why not just make two the same size?" Morien continued.

"You have no idea how many people want to live in space. It's overwhelming. I won't

say anything else though" Leeland responds.

"So you met Tom by accident?" Washu now asked.

"Sort of. My parents told him the story involving our planet. At the time we may have been

considered refugees. Nevertheless we now have permanent residence here. I love it here"

"You sure don't talk like someone who's 14. You seem rather mature for your age" Kanta says.

"You think so? Thanks!" Leeland said feeling good about the compliment.

"Aww, you gave a compliment" Junko says giving Kanta a side-hug causing Morien

and Washu to snicker.

"What about you guys then? How did you get here?"

Everyone else looked at each other as they continued to walk.

"Do you want the long version or the short version?" Kanta asked.

"I guess long would be fine" Leeland responds

"Junko and I are from a desert that is actually about 3000 years ahead of this time.

Thanks to an arbitrary portal I found my way into this world and began to live on Earth.

That's when I met Morien at his home in Germany. After being hired by his father we took

on a special assignment to take down a terrorist group known as INSF. It took a while but

eventually we took most of them out and then the world did the rest. Within that time, Morien

got superpowers, for lack of a better term. We met Washu and the rest of her family in Japan.

Then just several days ago we went to a party at their house and we met Russ, Zorpheus,

the Jurian Royal Family, and most of Tom's crew. Now we're here"

"There's a few parts in the story you're leaving out" Morien says.

"It's okay. That's 95 percent of it right there" Kanta replied.


"You met the Jurian Royal family? I remember when they attacked our ship. What are they like?"

"It was just the Emperor who set out to do battle against the rest of us" Washu started "But

since then he has learned the error of his ways and is, for the most part, friendly but he still

doesn't talk much. At least he doesn't seem as judgmental. He was even kind to Morien when

everyone found out we were married"

"I see. Do you all have jobs then?"

"I'm a professor in Germany"

"I'm just a scientist"

"We're mercenaries" Junko responds while wrapping her arm around Kanta's neck.

"A teacher, a scientist, and two mercenaries. What an odd bunch you are. No offense"

"If you think that's odd the rest of our group includes 2 princesses, a demon/space pirate,

two police officers, an architect, two Saiyans, and then there is Tenchi who is probably the

only 'normal' one from the group" Washu explains.

Leeland raised both of his eyebrows taking in what Washu just told him. After walking for

several minutes the smell of food started to fill the area. Even Washu, who wasn't hungry

in the beginning, started to change her mind about getting a bite to eat. Before entering the

cafeteria, the view of hundreds of different colored tables could be seen lined in a perfect

formation as they went in rows. The cafeteria itself was a round room so that people could

see what was available much easier. The people eating comprised mostly of friends and

families enjoying each other's company. There were several couples there as well.

"If you guys want, I'll find us a place to sit while you go grab something" Morien suggested.

"It's okay. I'll do it and you can go get food" Washu replied.

"Washu, please. I can go several more minutes without eating. You work harder than most

people around here so go get food"

"We took vows to take care of each other. You go first"

"Guys! I'll do it! Sheesh!"

"Kanta? Really?" Morien was surprised.

"If it means you'll stop being…that…whatever that was…then yes"


Morien and Washu both head to the many food stands to figure out what to eat. Meanwhile

Junko and Leeland stayed with Kanta.

"You couldn't say it, could you?" Junko said.

"Say what?" Kanta asked.

"Cute" she replied.

"W-what? That's not what I wanted to say, Junko…really"

"You're softening up, Kanta."

"No I'm not!"

"I didn't say this was bad. Personally I like that. Tough men that can show a soft side"

She kissed him lightly on the check making him turn a bit red.

"Junko…not in public" he said quietly.

"Yuck!" Leeland said

"Kid, you're a bit young to understand these type of situations" Kanta told him

"I can understand enough"

"How old did you say you were again?" Kanta asked


"Sasami looks like she is his age, doesn't she?" Kanta quietly asks Junko.

"Yeah why?"

"Leeland, in our group we have someone else who looks like she is your age. And from what

I hear she loves games. I'll get you two to meet up. I bet she would be great at Unreal Tournament"

"Oh really? I suppose I could use another player for our guild. Cool and thanks"

Each food vendor had a line that wasn't terribly long. Morien and Washu stood in place for a

moment, turning their heads and looking at the various types of food. Since aliens lived on the

ship, there was food from many different planets. Washu had seen much of it before so she

was familiar with it but still had a hard time choosing. Morien's case was different. The experience

was similar to learning how to ride a bike for the first time.

"Washu, what's good? I don't recognize most of this food"

"Most of it is good actually. And it's healthy. You know me when it comes to health. What are

you in the mood for?"

"I guess a salad with some type of protein"

"Come with me"

She takes him to a vendor. The menu displayed many food items. When it was their turn to

order, the man behind the counter smiled and waited to hear their request.

"That grassy looking item looks like a salad. I guess I'll try that with…does that say soft-shelled

nautilus?" he asked looking at the menu.

The man turns around for a moment then confirms.

"Yes it does. A lot of people like it"

"Okay. I'll take that. Your turn, dear"

"Surprise me with some sort of salad and two drinking cups please"

"Got it. Would you two like anything else?"

"I don't believe so. So how much?" Morien asks

"Oh there is no money on this ship. No payment required"

Morien stops and stares blankly at the man behind the counter.

"Ha! I like your humor. But seriously, how much do I owe ya?"

Washu snickered to herself knowing that the man was telling the truth.

"Sir, I was being serious when I said there is no money on this ship. We have no need for it.

Everyone works when they want to and in return they get an amazing place to stay"

Morien couldn't believe it.

"I'm going to have to talk to Tom about this"

"You should. There are many surprises on the Gray Wolf. Anyways, your food will be up in a

moment. Thank a lot!" he said with a smile

A young woman from the back brings out the order on a white tray and Morien takes a hold.

"Thanks" he said

She blushes when she takes a look at his muscular stature but it fades when she sees Washu

walk with him. Morien sees Kanta, Junko, and Leeland at a table and sets the tray down

next to them.

"Alright guys. Go grab some grub!"

"That food looks interesting" Junko says eyeing it with an odd expression on her face.

"There are many races from different planets on this ship so their cuisine came with them. I

never thought I would try food from another planet"

"That blue stand over there has cuisine native to my planet. You guys should go try it. You

won't be disappointed" Leeland tells Kanta and Junko.

"Ok then" Kanta says then both Junko and Kanta head over to where Leeland pointed out.

"And here we go" Morien said looking at his plate.

He takes a bite of the grassy looking dish and chews for a few seconds then swallows.

"Wow. It tastes like seaweed salad back on Earth. This is great! Let me take a small bite of

the soft-shelled nautilus"

Using chopsticks, he grabs a small part of the crustacean and eats it.


He then looks over at Washu's salad. Other than the usual lettuce, spinach and tomatoes, it

was decorated with cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and topped with a

raspberry vinegar dressing.

"Just a salad, Washu?"

"Yeah. I really should start eating more vegetables on a daily basis"

"Why? You're in tip top shape" he replied as he eyed his wife from top to bottom.

"If we are going to have a child I want to make sure the baby gets as many nutrients

as possible"


He was somewhat startled by Washu's reply but he did want to have a child.

"You guys actually want to have a child?" Leeland asked.

"Well, yeah. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know" Leeland looks down at the table looking sad. "Sometimes I think I'm an only

child because my parents didn't want any more children. I know my parents love me but

sometimes I still feel unwanted. I really wanted another brother or sister"

"Hey now kiddo. It's natural to feel that way but I'm sure you're parents wanted to have you.

I mean look at the person you are. You seem stable, you're smart, and you have a lot of

friends. Those are tell-tale signs of good and loving parenting"

"You think so, Morien?"

"I do, Leeland"

"Thanks. I'll try to not have those thoughts. So why then do you two want to have a child?"

"Bringing life into the universe is the ultimate blessing. Plus you get to raise them to be

like you" Morien said with a light laugh.

Washu smiled and rubbed his thigh underneath the table.

"Not only that but I thought I had lost my son many years ago. Since then I have seen him

recently but I never got a chance to experience motherhood for what it was supposed to

be. I want another chance"

With her chopsticks, she begins to eat her salad.

"At least you've come full circle, Washu" Leeland said

Washu was about to pick up more of her salad when she stopped and looked at Leeland.

"What do you mean, Leeland?"

"Well, you lost your son you said. You never got to raise him but you did get to see him

again and I'm sure you keep in contact. It was not the way you planned it and I'm sure

you had different ideas but in the end, everything still worked out. You have your husband

there and your son. I'm sure it's brought about a level of happiness you haven't felt in

a long time"

Washu and Morien were both awestruck by Leeland's explanation.

"Leeland…you hit the nail right on the head. I never really thought of it that way" Washu said.

"Where did you learn to think that profoundly?" Morien asked



Leeland laughs a bit.

"No. Actually my dad has a pretty big book collection. I would sneak into his bookshelf

often, curious as to what kind of books he had. One day he caught me but was very

happy I was engaging myself in reading books. I love war stories, learning about other

planets, and science fiction"

"That is really neat. I actually don't like reading which is ironic considering my career.

Say, what do you want to be when you get older?"

"Easy. I want to be an ace pilot for this ship. I love those Star Wars fighters that Tom

has provided for this ship. If I'm not gaming or reading, I'm at the hangar bay looking

at each spacecraft hoping that one day I will be in the cockpit"

"I'm very sure you'll make it" Morien tells him then turns towards Washu. "You know,

since the party, this is the longest I've gone without seeing anyone else in our group"

She gulps down more of her salad than speaks.

"I've tried contacting them but no answer"

A dark-haired man in a while lab coat walks into the cafeteria taking a look around. He

sets his sights on Leeland taking note of Morien and Washu who sat across from him.

"I guess this ship is so big that everyone is doing their own thing and no one has bumped

into each other" Morien says

"That's probably it. Well I'm just about ready to head back to our room" Washu said

finishing her salad.

Leeland looks behind him wondering what was taking Kanta and Junko so long. As he

looked, he spots the dark-haired man in the white lab coat that now made eye contact

with him then smiled.


"Hey Leeland. I was wondering where you went. I see you made some new…friends"

"Hello, I'm Morien and this is my wife, Washu"

They both stand up and shake his hand.

"I'm Sirach, Leeland's father. You must be some of Leeland's gaming friends"

"We just met today, dad. They're really good too. After we got done everyone else left

and I got hungry so I just tagged along with them. I hope that was okay"

"Of course son"

"You have one very intelligent son, sir" Washu says

"Thanks. He sneaks into my book collection a lot. It was one of the few things I don't

mind him sneaking into" he says with a chuckle "Well son, you ready to go?"

"Yeah dad"

Leeland turns towards Morien and Washu.

"It was really nice meeting you guys! Tell Kanta and Junko I said goodbye and I hope to

game with them soon"

"Will do, kiddo!"

They both wave at each other then bid Sirach farewell. The father and son leave the

cafeteria leaving Morien and Washu behind.

"I hope our child turns out like him" Washu tells Morien

"Same. I'm tired, honey. What do you say we hit the bed"

"Oh I'm right there with you" she says with a more seductive tone in her voice.

At that moment Kanta and Junko come back.

"You guys are leaving?" Junko asked.

"Yeah. You guys took a while. And Leeland says bye and hopes to game again soon"

"Cool" Kanta says.

"We'll leave ya cool cats here. Take it easy"

Biding each other goodbye, Morien and Washu leave Kanta and Junko behind in the


"Let's see if I can remember how to get back"

"I know how to get back, dear" Washu says

Taking his hand in hers, they both walk for several minutes, passing through several parts

of the ship, passing by many people and alien species. When they reach the hallway where

their room was, they see Sasami walking towards them.

"Sasami? It looks like you just woke up" Morien said

"I did. We all went to bed several hours ago"

"You did? Why?" he asked

"When we left, it was late afternoon so we all went to bed a few hours after we got our

rooms. We wanted to all go out and do something but then we realized how tired we were.

I'm sure the others will wake up soon. I take it you guys went on a tour of the ship"

"We did. Played some games, had alien food, and now we want to go to sleep" he said

"Ok. I'm going to have some breakfast. I'll see you guys later" she said then went on her way.

"This is totally going to throw off my sleep schedule" Morien said to Washu.

"You'll adjust" she replied

After entering the key code, Morien opens the door to their room. He looks at the bed which

looked very inviting. Pacing quickly towards it, he falls face first on to it, bouncing a bit before

coming to a stop. He turns over on top of the blue covers and looks at Washu who is looking

right back at him. A smile was on her lips.

"Are you really that tired?" she asks him.

"Kind of, yeah" he responds

"Well then, let me help you on your way"

She slowly walks over to him. Her eyes lock with his. Neither one looked away from each other.

Climbing on the bed she places both of her legs over his thighs. His facial expression was neutral

but she could feel the excitement. She unbuttons her top taking it off, leaving only a green bra

which looked amazing on her large bosoms. She pulls him up by his white shirt then takes it off.

They begin to kiss passionately for several moments before Morien works his hands onto her

back, undoing her bra-strap then throws the bra to the side still kissing her. Afterwards, he brings

her down onto the bed, laying Washu on her back then he switches spots pinning her down onto

the bed. She lets out a moan. Rather than doing anything else he looks at her, taking in Washu's

beauty in her almost natural state.

"How did I get this lucky?" he asks himself.

Washu puts her hand directly on his crotch getting him to sharpen his breath and open his

eyes wide.

"Tell you what, sexy. Let's do this first and then I know you will ask that question again" she tells him.

Her eyes read, 'have your way with me' all over them. He happily fulfilled her request and

his as they spent the next several hours love-making.

Sir, I think you need to see this.

Tom walked over to one of his officers who was pointing to a screen.

"There is a ship hovering above the Earth. I've never seen one like it before"

"Do you think it's Jurian?" Tom asks

"I'm not sure. What should we do, sir?"

Tom thought for a moment. He was not expecting any other vessels to be this close to Earth.

Even the Gray Wolf was closer to Mars than it was Earth. A ship like this could have been a

threat and Tom was not one to let something like this go.

"Assemble a flight crew and inspect the ship. Make sure they do not pose a threat to anyone"

"I'll go as well" Nagi requested

"You don't have to"

"I could use some excitement" she said getting a grin from Tom.

"Very well. Just be careful"

Nagi led a small group of fighters to the unknown ship above the Earth not knowing what to expect.

End of Chapter 7

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