MRS. BERGMANN: To get better grades, you must study!

VARIABLE: But, mama!

MRS. BERGMANN: Let's go buy some worksheets… [Begins to get money from the pocket of her apron.] Then I'll ask your teacher, Mr. Evil Teacher Sir to give you more assignments and practice exercises.


[The rest of the school girls appear and emphasize with VARIABLE as they clutch their quiz papers.]

Teacher, You Bore Me (Reprise)

Teacher, I'm sore, please
Stop with the stress and
Useless projects
Which make me brain-dead

Teacher, ignore me
Teacher, don't call me
Too many questions
You made me so mad

Teacher, the slopes, oh
Teacher, conversion
Can't sleep in my home, or even at school

I pray that tonight,
There will be no homework
I'll burn my new textbook
And hope that it's ash
I just can't lie here
Thinking about monomials
'Cause when it's dawn, my score will be zero

Teacher, you bore me
Teacher, you gave me (Useless projects, teacher)
Too much to answer
You made me so sad

Teacher, the number line
Teacher, the negatives
No sleep in my home or even at school