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Written by Sailor Chronos
Based on a screenplay by D.C. Fontana and Richard Fontana.


Later that day they were all gathered in Captain Boyd's office to discuss the outcome of the case.

" when we realized they were going for the stealth plane, I managed to get to the hangar just before they taxied out... and I got aboard through an open hatch in the cargo hold," Walter explained.

"Where was this government man, then?" asked Boyd.

"He got a plane up and followed," Roxanne put in.

"Right," continued Walter. "He got their attention and I was able to sneak up behind and overcome them. They didn't expect me there, you see. And then Jack started to come around, and the rest you know."

Captain Boyd eyed him with suspicion. "There are an awful lot of gaps in this story," he mused in an accusatory tone.

Lt. Curtis took up the tale. "Well, Captain, we know that Carnes and Durrell were P.R. men. But when Northstar Aviation offered a small fortune for industrial espionage, they couldn't resist."

Then Walter added, "Northstar's arch rival, Drummond Aircraft, built the black box. Carnes and Durrell were hired to get it to Northstar so they could underbid."

"But so much of this information is classified, we might never know the whole truth," said Roxanne with a shrug.

Boyd shook his head with understandable frustration as he tried to process all that they were telling him. "I'm getting too old for this. My lieutenant flying around in an experimental plane... a computer lands it..."

As he often did, Walter passed the credit to Jack. It would be better for everyone. "Real police work pulled the whole thing together, sir... and Jack did that."

Boyd accepted that. "Yeah. But now that the country is saved, Nebish, you can start making the city safe again. I've got a string of bank robberies you can put those machines of yours to work on." He turned to Jack and pointed at him. "You too, Curtis. You've had enough time off, even if you spent it pulling heroics in the air."

Jack sighed tiredly and jerked his head toward the office door. "Come on, kid. Back to the mean streets."

As they filed out of Boyd's office, Walter was surprised at Jack's reference. "Mean streets? You read Raymond Chandler?" The novelist had had a huge influence on detective stories, but Walter had no idea that Jack had an interest in them.

Jack smirked at him. "Kid, I live Chandler."


Sailor Chronos
January 2011

I would like to thank the following people:

My husband, as always, for his support.

"Kyou Fangirl", my beta-reader, for helping with the editing and clarifying some details.

D.C. Fontana and Richard Fontana, for creating such a fun screenplay to interpret.