This diary is personal property of Miss Annabelle Fritton, if I find out you have opened and read what is written I shall report you to the Headmistress and have you put in detention!

Dear Diary,

Daddy was so thoughtful when he bought me you for Christmas; I thought that it would have been disrespectful to him if I didn't use you. I would have written in you sooner but nothing really exciting has happened; the only thing that really ever happens is the dreadful hockey team bullying me. I might be able to use you to keep a log on what they do, if I write down enough I might be able to get them expelled or suspended. That would teach them a lesson!

Today was absolutely awful! Verity Thwaites and the hockey team started to make fun of me and my new braces. It all started at dinner when I came back from the orthodontist, I walked in the dining hall and queued up for my food. It was alright until I sat down at an empty table, waiting for my dorm mates to come and join me. Unluckily for me the hockey captain, Verity Thwaites, and her hockey team decided to invite themselves over. I thought it would be best if I ignored them and leave when my friends got here but my thoughts were wrong.

They had started talking amongst themselves while I had started quietly eating in the hope that they'd forget about me. Then Verity turned to me with her evil, demonic grin and turned the conversation onto me, being the polite young lady that I am, I answered back in a lady like manner. When they saw my braces they immediately started mocking them and asked when the next train was coming. I didn't understand there logic at first but I asked my friend after dinner and she told me they were calling my braces train tracks. The team laughed at me when I told them that I didn't know and that I had very rarely used the train as a form of transport.

Then it happened. The hockey bullies noticed it as well; they even had enough time to think up of a name to call me. I had gotten bits of food stuck in my braces, how unladylike! Verity started calling me Annabelle the Cannibal and then did some very unladylike hissing with her hockey minions. I went bright red and practically ran out of the hall to hide my embarrassment. You could hear them laughing loudly like a pack of wild hyenas, I felt so embarrassed. The thing that annoys me the most is that they get away with it! Just because they win a lot of hockey matches doesn't make them superior, but it does make them Miss Bagstocks favourite students, except when they lose to our rivals St Trinians.

Sometimes this school can be so unfair! Between you and me, diary, Daddy says I might be moved schools. If I do switch schools I hope it's to a friendly one, I know for a fact he won't send to some mouldy public school. I would be smarter than those horrible state students, they're stupider then the average American.

I'm afraid it's time to say goodnight, I have maths first thing tomorrow so I shall need my energy to solve those complex equations. Until I have time to write,

Annabelle Fritton

Some aspects of this fic (and other fics ) were bugging me so I thought I'd fix the mistakes and try to add bits in since I think I've got better at this writing lark since I published this

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