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Two Years Later…


I paused as I passed King's Cross Station and not for the first time, wondered how everyone was.
There had been no more attacks at Hogwarts. Kestrel and Tsiyone were so upset about leaving that they wouldn't even speak to Komui for a month. After that, they wouldn't let Johnny measure them for a uniform for a week.

Tsiyone was missing her family more than ever. She especially missed Albus. I missed him too. Al was a good guy with a great family.

I turned away and walked down the street.

"Allen? Allen Walker?" My head jerked to the left and I saw a set of very familiar green eyes.

"Albus Potter…"

We stared at each other for the better part of five minutes before Albus punched me square in the jaw.

"I deserved that."

"Yes, you bloody did." He shifted uncomfortably. "James and Lily have been trying to find you. They want to join."

"One does not simply walk into the Order. You have to be chosen. Tell them that."

I turned away again. "How's Tsiyone?"

I paused. "Well. She misses you."

"And Kestrel?"

"Missing your brother. But she is fine." He nodded tiredly. "Okay. Give my love to them."

"…I will."

"Oh, and Allen? If you guys can make it, you're all invited to my cousin's wedding."

I raised an eyebrow. "Rose and Scor?"

"Yeah. Don't let Hugo see you."

"I'll let everyone know."

"That's all I have to say. Tell Tsiyone I … well, just tell her I'll see her around."

I nodded and Albus Severus Potter walked out of my life for another three years.

James and Lily did find us. Lily had gotten rid of her crush on Lavi and worked tirelessly with the science division, combining their work with her magic. James joined as a Finder and went on all of Kestrel's missions, refusing to be left behind.

We won the war: all Akuma were vanquished; the House of Noah extinguished.

Kanda and Linali settled down in China a year later.

Lavi has employed Lily to help him write a history of magic that Salazar Slytherin, the only Bookman who was born a wizard, began more than two hundred years ago.

Rose and Scor are expecting a baby girl. Linali is expecting to be the godmother.

Albus and Tsiyone are getting married in a month: Scor and I are sharing the position of best man.

James and Kestrel will be next and Kanda was roped into being his best man.

And we all lived happily ever after.

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