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All I wanted was to go to sleep for ages and maybe never wake up. Ever. But I would have to wake up in only a few hours' time in order to catch the train and leave for our family vacation. I was oh so excited that I'd put off packing for days, just in case some miracle happened and our trip was cancelled. As it is, miracles do not happen to me and therefore I was still awake at four in the morning, packing. And all I had left to pack was the Mortal Instruments trilogy. Books I'd read like a thousand times each.

"Jaelyn!" my mother yelled. "Some of us are trying to sleep! Stop making such a racket!"

I made a face in the general direction of my parents' room. Me? Make a racket? What freaking ever. By the way, I'm Jaelyn Catori Flynn, the sixteen year old disappointing third child of my parents, Ronald and Susan Flynn. I suppose they gave me an exotic name 'cause they expected me to be impressive or something. My brothers are Trevor and Tyler. They actually are impressive.

"Jae, are you done packing?" Tyler asked, popping into my room.

"Yup," I said, zipping shut my duffel bag and tossing it to him. "Thanks for putting it in the car for me."

He over exaggerated the weight of the bag. "If I fall and this thing crushes me to death there will be blood."

"If you die the only blood there will be is yours," I pointed out.

"Shush." With that he staggered away with my things.

I fell back onto my bed, allowing myself a few brief moments of rest.

"Jaelyn! Get up! Time to go!" my mother's voice shrieked, impolitely loud for 5:00am.

I shoved my feet in my shoes and staggered off down the stairs to the waiting rental van/taxi thing that would take us to our train that would take us to Chicago where we would then board a plane and head off to Florida. In the summer. My parents are insane.

I slept on the way to the train and I would like to say I slept on the train but that was impossible seeing as my mother kept scolding me on my appearance. I saw nothing wrong with wearing Vans, skinny jeans, and a t-shirt for traveling. Trevor and Tyler where in sweats but I wasn't dressed nicely enough. It was about eight when it happened.

I guess I passed out randomly from exhaustion or something, but all of a sudden I was no longer sitting on a sweltering train crammed between my family's luggage. I was in the middle of a solidly white room with my duffel bag sitting next to me.

"Hello," said a young man, possibly mid twenties, walking up to me.

"Erm hi."

"My name is Peliel. You are Jaelyn Catori, correct?" His voice was pleasant, tenor.

"Yes… Peliel? As in…?"

"The angel," he finished for me. "You are familiar with the story of the Mortal Instruments, are you not?"

I wasn't sure if he was ending everything in a question to be nice or if that was just how he talked.

"You mean the books by Cassandra Clare? Yes. But they're just fiction."

"In your world. Now Jaelyn, I have a preposition for you. Would you be willing to trade your life for a role in that story?" His expression was patient, his grey eyes soft.

"Are you serious?"

Peliel raised an eyebrow.

"Of course!"

His face broke into a smile. "Good. Occasionally we chose some human to switch the world of. It is a sort of game to us angels. You are the first I have chosen and I hope you shall not let me down. I don't think I could bear the embarrassment if you decided to cop out early."

"I don't think I fully understand all of this," I admitted, having a seat on my bag.

"That is because you don't. Now drink this," he handed me a glass I hadn't noticed before, "you'll need it."

I took a sip before I looked at the liquid. It was sweet and salty and strangely metallic. Upon further observance it proved to be thick and gold. "What is this?" I asked, slightly horrified.

"My blood. You must consume it to be one of the Nephilim."

"But it doesn't affect people my age!" I argued.

"In this place, whatever I want to happen, will happen. You already have angel blood in your veins just by being here. I am giving you an extra advantage for what is to come."

"Is that fair?" I asked.

"There are no rules to this little game. You have read the Hunger Games. Imagine that I am your mentor and this is your preparation."

"Training in a cup," I mumbled as I choked down another gulp. I hated the idea that I was drinking angel blood but it made me feel amazing. "Is this like the Hunger Games in any other way?"

"Yes. But instead of being in an arena killing other children you shall be in a world killing demons."

"Somehow I don't think my mother would approve…"

"Promise me you won't back out of this, whatever is to come." Peliel's voice had gained a harsh, controlling edge.

"I promise. I wouldn't know how to back out anyway."

"Death is the only exit."

I stared up at him.

"You have made your choice, you cannot linger here any longer. Your bag will go with you." He turned and walked away from me.

"Wait! Who am I?" I cried.

He turned briefly and smiled, already fading. "You are Jaelyn Catori Fray. Your mother and sister call you Jaci."

Fray? Fray as in Clary Fray?

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