I've been working on the first chapter of Endure/reading CoFA. It's quite good, actually. Darker than the rest of the series but good. Anyway... it was requested that I would post here when I started Endure well, I'm probably not going to be starting it tonight (I might be, I have yet to decide) but I decided to post some of the best quotes from chapter one. Enjoy!

"Children, children. Don't fight."

"You do realize we're all older than you, right?"

"Why, exactly, did you want me to tag along, Izzy?"

"Because, it's more fun when you're there. Helps balance out the estrogen to testosterone ratios."

"It wasn't that bad."

"Alec's right, Jaci. It could have gone worse. Not very likely, but it could have."

"Mom, this is Jaci. A friend of ours."

"Jaci what? Morgenstern? Valentine's unprecedented daughter?"

"Maybe she still thinks I'm Valentine's daughter?"

"I don't know why she would. You've already proven it to be impossible. No, my guess is it's because she doesn't know whose daughter you are."

"I'm probably just the not important illegitimate child of some random, not important Shadowhunter couple. Well, at least I hope I am."

"Somehow, I doubt it."

"Shower in my bathroom and I'll draw your iratze for you. I'm quite good at them."

"That's your excuse? Are you sure you don't just want me stripping in your bathroom?"

"While that may be an ulterior motive, I'm sticking with the first one."


"Could you knock next time?"

"Sorry. Do you want me to Mark you now?"

"I would like to finish getting dressed first."

"I don't think that would make much difference."

"What are you doing?"

"Taking a shower."

"Oh Angel. Is there a particular reason why you have to do this in front of me?"

"No, you just happen to be here and I didn't have the heart to kick you out."