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Chapter 1: You Cant See

Sakura Haruno walked through Konoha Prep. She was carrying her books and was headed to the library. As she walked down the hall she didnt notice that there were ten sets of eyes on her. She walked to the library and the Akatsuki stared after her.

"She is beautiful, yeah." Deidara said.

The others nodded in agreement. There was a shrill scream from the library and they all ran into it. Only to find that Kabuto, one of the more sinister people in the shcool, was pinning Sakura to a table. He turned his head as they walked in and in that moment Sakura used his distraction to knee him and throw him off her. She walked over to him and stomped on his ribs. There were seven cracks immediately. Kabuto hissed in pain then fainted from it. Sakura lifted a glowing green hand to a slash on her leg leaking poison.

"I have an antidiote." Sasori said.

Sakura turned to him.

"I dont need it." she said.

Then they watched as the purple of the poison vanished. Then she touched Kabuto's arm and he vanished. She turned back to the Akatsuki.

"Thanks." she said.

Then she picked up her books and literally vanished into the wooden table. Her chakra reappeared in the restricted section that only seniors had access to. The Akatsuki followed and found her sitting at the window seat reading.

"You cant be in here." Sasori stated.

Sakura chuckled.

"Yes I can. I am a senior. I skipped two grades. Freshman and Junior." she stated.

They all stared at her.

"That would make you either fifteen or sixteen." Kisame stated.

Sakura chuckled.

"Sixteen." she stated.

Suddenly she looked out the window and saw Sasuke and his gang. She sighed and turned back to her book. Thats when it clicked with Itachi.

"You are that little girl that used to be best friends with Naruto and Sasuke." he stated.

Everyone stared at her. Sakura looked from her book and nodded.

"Yes. Then they met Ino and Hinata. I was the only one that could get him to laugh." she said.

She looked back out the window to see Hinata making out with Naruto and Ino doing the same with Sasuke.

"I remember when we were little we used to play ninja and sneak after you guys. I was the only one to ever not get caught in the traps you guys set. Then remember when Sasuke would say he was going to marry me when we got older because I was his best friend. I remember what happened the first time he said that with you guys and your mom and dad in the room." she stated.


A eight year old Sakura sat beside Sasuke and Naruto. Itachi, Tobi, and the rest of the Akatsuki sat on the other side with Mikito on one end and Fugaku on the other. Suddenly Sasuke jumped up in his chair.


The Akatsuki all dropped their chopsticks, Naruto started choking on his ramen, Mikito dropped the tea cup she was holding, Fugaku's eyes widened, and Sakura blushed from her cheeks down.

"WHAT!" Naruto shrieked.

He tackled Sasuke and Sakura squeaked as Kisame pulled her out of her seat as the two boys crashed on it. She blinked at the teen as he stared at her. She cutely cocked her head to the side.

"Thank you Kisame-nii!" she said.

She hugged the shocked teen around the neck before jumping from him. She stomped over to the two boys and yanked them apart. She hit each of them over the head before sitting down like a lady.

Flashback end

Sakura chuckled and smiled at the memory.

"Then there was the time that you walked in on me wrestling with Shishui." she stated.


"GIVE IT!" they heard a twelve year old Sakura yell.

There was a chuckle then a crash. They all ran and busted the spare bedroom door open to see Shishui holding one of Sakura's bra's. For a twelve year old she already had a B size and Sasuke, Naruto, and Sai were beating the boys away. Sakura was wearing one of the middle school uniforms. It was a short red skirt, a black long sleeved tight collared shirt with a red tie, knee high black socks and she had on red flats. She was glaring at Shishui who was on the ceiling.

"Get down here right now Uchiha." she stated.

He just scoffed at her. She glared and jumped up. She grabbed him by the hair and yanked him down. They both fell and she landed on top of the seventeen year old. She was straddling his abdomen, her pink hair was a mess, and held the bra above his head. She reached up and grabbed towards it making her boobs go in his face. He chuckled. She leaned back and smacked him across the face then kneed him in the balls. He groaned and rolled over. He pinned her to the floor and stuck his leg in between hers making her eyes widen. She had started her period last year and the boys had had a sex talk with her. She glared up at him.

"Get off me!" she yelled.

Shishui growled and his Sharingan activated. She trembled in fear. Itachi saw it and yanked Shishui off her. Madara picked her up and she clung to him crying.


Sakura chuckled.

"Then when you guys up and left everything changed. Shishui died, Mikito died, and Sasuke was never the same towards me. It didn't take me long to figure out what happened. I remembered one of the older stories Mikito used to tell me. I wasn't stupid. That's another reason Sasuke stopped talking to me. He knows he can kill me easily. Naruto not so much. Or that's what he thinks anyways. Don't worry Tachi your secret is safe with me. Besides most people don't even bother with me anymore." she said.

She traced the name of the book she was reading.

"That's because they cant see the real you." Kisame stated.

Sakura chuckled.

"Thanks Kisame." she said before she sank into the floor.

The Akatsuki looked at each other. There was one thought running through their heads.

"What happened to her when we left?"

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