Change My Name

The team is called to Forks Washington to solve a case involving a serial killer who only targets brunette females. Meanwhile, Reid is acting very strange around a young female professor named Bella Swan.


One: Called In

Spencer Reid awoke to the sound of his alarm clock. He sighed and sat up in his bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Once again, his mind had decided to bring back the memories of his childhood before it flashed forward to the time he had been taking drugs. He grunted, running his hands through his mess of curls before removing himself from bed. He made his way into his kitchen and proceeded to make coffee, but found he was fresh out. He sighed again before heading back into his bedroom and getting ready for today.

As he finished placing on his vest, he walked towards his dresser and pulled out a picture. The picture was of a little boy, no older than three years old, grinning up at the camera, his eyes, one blue and the other green, were filled with nothing but glee. A small smile crossed Reid's lips before he slipped the picture into his back pocket and walked out the door. He walked to the coffee shop and ordered his usual order of black with two lumps of sugar and just a pinch of cream, paid and left. He took the elevator to the office and bypassed Prentiss and Morgan on the way, his mind on other matters.

"Hey Reid!" He stopped when he heard Morgan's voice and turned. The older agent walked up to the twenty-six year old genius and smiled warmly, "Good morning Pretty Boy."

"Morning Morgan, Prentiss."

They all walked into the briefing room and sat down. JJ walked into the room and cleared her throat, waiting for Hotch and Rossi to show up. It took them a total of five minutes for them to come in. JJ began then. She clicked the clicker and a picture of a woman of at least twenty-four popped up, her throat slit and blood everywhere. "This is Izzie Welsh. She was found murdered in an alleyway in a small town in Washington State. This is the third victim this month."

"Who were the others?"

JJ clicked and two more pictures appeared on the screen. "Zoey Tyler and Isabelle Fields. Same victimology: brunette, five foot four, slender, green or hazel eyes and they all had a three year son waiting for them when they got home."

"So the unsub targets single mothers and slits their throats?" Morgan asked.

"More than that, he stabs them in their chest and genital area before carving onto their arm the words 'You'll pay'."

"So what we're dealing with is a sexual sadist?" Rossi asked.

"Possibly," Hotchner stated. "JJ, what's the name of this town?"

"A small town called Forks. About two hours away from Seattle." JJ clarified. No one seemed to notice that Spencer hadn't spoke once since JJ started speaking, nor that he paled at the mention of the name.

"Well gang, pack your bags. We're going to Forks." Hotch confirmed and stood up.

Reid was the last to stand and his hand went for the picture in his pocket. He gazed down at the picture with a sigh before shoving it back into his pocket. As he walked past the calander on his desk he noticed the date, December 14, was circled in red.

Two days.