Seven: The Final Call

"Jamie? Sweetie, I'm sorry. Mommy promises she'll do better once this all done. She'll spoil you rotten." He didn't want to be spoiled rotten and he certainly didn't want her as a mother. He held his breath as she came around the corner.


Where was he?

After giving the profile, they got a call from an unknown person stating that a young boy was seen running into Forks High School with Jessica Newton right behind him. Charlie got a call a second later stating that Connor was the boy and Bella was on her way to her son.

"Alright, we're got a location and a suspect. Jessica Newton."

"Mike Newton's wife?" Emily asked.

"Soon to be ex, actually." Charlie clarified. "Almost everyone in Forks knows he and Angela Weber were planning on getting married after he divorced her."

"Well let's go." Hotch told them all. Something in Reid's gut told him this was something bad.

Connor quietly closed the door behind him and rushed down the hallway. She was going to kill him. He was going to die. He hadn't even graduated from middle school yet. He was only four, despite looking no older than seven. So wrapped up in thought, he failed to notice the hand reach out and grab him. He was flushed against a small chest, the smell of strawberries hitting him. He began to squirm, afraid of who it was.

"Connor, it's me." He opened his eyes and met his mother's green ones.

"Mama," he whispered and hugged her tight. "I was so scared."

"I know," she whispered. "Listen to me, Connor. I want you to get out of here and..." she stopped when her cell phone blasted. She silently cursed. Jessica, who was passing that hallway, heard the noise and turned towards it. Bella was grateful they were on the first floor. "Go out the window, Connor. Hurry!" she ordered. Her son obeyed, rushing out the window and was gone. The door opened behind her and Bella came face to face with Jessica.

"You," she gritted out. She tightened her hold on the knife before pointing it towards her. "Where's Jamie? What did you do to him!"

"His name isn't Jamie. It's Connor! And he should be getting to the police soon." Bella stated. Jessica screamed and rushed towards her. Bella dodged quickly but got a minor cut on her side. She didn't scream as she dodged another attack. The smell of blood was already getting to her. She knew she wouldn't last long. Her hand wrapped around a pipe, she remembered that the school had been closed down for flooding in the basement (which she didn't know they had).

Jessica laughed as she tightened her grip on the knife. "Every evil creature in this world deserves to die. And you're the evilest one. You took my husband from me." Bella tightened her own grip and whirled, the pipe slamming against Jessica's face with a sickening crack.

"I didn't take your husband, you're just crazy." Bella whispered before dropping the pipe. "Bitch."

Outside, she could hear the sirens of the police cars. She sank to the ground and waited.

"Bella!" she heard Agent Hotchner call out.

"In here!" she cried back. She doesn't notice Jessica stir and get up until there is a searing pain in her back. She's lucky Jessica missed any vital organs. She sinks to her knees and reaches for the pipe. But the smell of her split blood makes her nausea hit her hard. She can fill the bile climb up her throat and she bits back a scream when the blade plunges into her chest. It misses her heart. Above her, Jessica is laughing like manic.

"Die! Die you vile witch! You took my husband and my son!"

Bella doesn't scream back at her. There's no sarcastic remark, no tongue-biting backlash. The copper smell is making her head spin. Jessica climbs on top of her, the bloody blade raised towards her womb. Bella's eyes widen then, "Jessica, don't do this."

Jessica scoffs, then smiles manically, "I can do whatever I want. Enjoy hell."

Bella shuts her eyes, waiting for the attack. But there isn't any. She hears a loud noise, a gun shot she's sure. She opens her eyes just in time to see Jessica fall over her, eyes shut and the knife falling out her hand and onto the floor.


Charlie. She rolls the dead body off of her and finally gives into her nausea, up-chucking onto the floor. Vomit and blood mix and it only makes her want to throw up again. Charlie pulls out a water bottle than, letting her rinse the taste out her mouth. Her eyes fall on the body of the person she once considered a friend before she leans against the teacher's desk. Turning to her father, she mutters a thanks. They sit in silence and wait together. It doesn't take too long.

Hotch, Morgan and Reid came in, along with some other agents. Reid was over by her in a second. His gray-blue eyes showed deep concern. Before she could defend herself, he kissed her. Pulling away she gave a small laugh, "Hopeless romantic at heart."

"Not really, I was just..."

"Shut up Spencer," she told him before looking over at Connor, who was looking at both his parents. "Well aren't you gonna come over here, birthday boy?"

"Mama!" he cried and rushed over to her, hugging his parents and planting a kiss on his mother's cheek. He looks over at Jessica's body. "Is she dead?"

"Yeah," Bella whispers, the blood loss finally getting to her blurring vision, she can see her son walk over to the body. He bends down to touch her pulse and her hand shoots up to grab him. The last thing she hears is her son's scream and she can't help but feel useless. Reid draws his gun and shoots, his only concern is his son. He rushes over and hugs him.

"Daddy," Connor whispers, clutching his father's bullet proof vest. Spencer kisses his hair.

"You're safe, Connor. You're safe, I promise."

And its kept.

Diana Spencer is shocked to find her ex-husband in the car sent to pick her up from the airport. It's noted to be the same way for William. The car ride is silent until they arrive at Forks General Hospital. Both of them know why they were there. Spencer had scheduled flights for the both of them a few hours before. Now, as they walked in, it would seem his team was shocked to them see them.

"What the hell?" It's Agent Morgan who recovers first. "Why are you both here?"

"Spencer called us." Diana replies.

"It's impossible." Hotchner comments, "Reid's been with..."

"Been with who?" William asked. "Where is Spencer?"

"He's with Mama." All the adults turn to see Connor standing there with a caramel haired woman. His small hand is laced in hers and he's looking a bit sheepish, much like Reid would. He takes a deep breath and walks up to his father's parents. He extends his hand, "I'm pleased to meet you both. I'm Connor Reid, your grandson."

William is the first to react, "Is this some joke? Spencer...he isn't married."

"Actually Mr. Reid, he is." Hotch states, "He's been married for six years now actually. He just kept it well hidden. He is a genius after all."

Someone clears their throat and the team turns to see Dr. Cullen, "She's woken up. She's demanding to see Connor, know that she knows her son's alive and unharmed."

Connor nodded but stays where he is. "Only if they come with me. I want Mama to meet them," his voice is strong, and he looks at both his parental grandparents with a look that says he won't take no for an answer. Both nod and Connor smiles. It's just like Bella's. He takes both their hands. "Come on!"

Both doctors look towards the door when it opens. Bella is confused by the blonde woman and a gray haired man with her son. She does take in the look of shock and anger on her husband's face before she sits up. Connor rushes over to his parents, jumping onto the hospital bed, careful of his mother's freshly stitched wounds, and plants a kiss on her cheek. "Mama!" he cries with joy.

She hugs him like a lifeline. Her face falls into his dark locks, inhaling the shampoo she had washed his hair with the night before this whole mess started. Connor muttered another reply of 'Mama' and nuzzled close to her. She looked over at Spencer, who was smiling at the affectionate display with a slight envy in his eyes. Shaking her head she nods to him and leans in, kissing his son's hair and his wife's forehead. Bella blushes lightly before looking over at the two strangers.

"Can I help you?"

"Spencer called us in." The blonde woman says. Reid looks confused then.

"I haven't called anyone. The only person to have my phone was Connor and he said he wanted to..." Reid quickly whips out his phone and sees who his son called. He groans. Connor called Garcia. He excuses himself and sets outside with both his parents. Placing the phone of speaker, he dials. Garcia picks up after the second call.

"Speak my lovely."

"Garcia, this is Reid. Did my son call you?"

"You mean that adorable little genius? Yes he did. You've got a swooner on your hands Reid. He made my heart melt. I take it your suprise got there in time?"

Reid looked at both his parents. "Oh yeah, they did."

"OK. Toodles."

"Garcia wait-"

The line went dead. Reid turned to his parents. He had some explaining to do.

Bella was released from the hospital a few days later. The following day, the team had to leave, along with Diana and William. Bidding his parents goodbye, Spencer and the others headed towards the jet. The team watched, pretending not to, as Spencer and Bella hugged goodbye.

"Promise you'll visit more often?" Bella asked.

"I promise," he nodded and she raised an eyebrow. "Someone told me a promise isn't fully unless you say it out loud."

Bella smiled, "Tell whoever said that thank you."

Reid smiled warmly and kissed her. "Goodbye Bella," he turned to leave and she grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze and he turned to look at her in curiosity. "What is it?"

"Remember the fight we had about a month ago, when you popped in unexpectedly?" He nodded and she grinned towards him and wrapped her arms around him, whispering into his ear. "I'm pregnant."

He almost fainted. Recovering, he picked her up and spun her around, causing her to scream and laugh. Morgan spit out his coffee as a result while Prentiss had her jaw on the floor. Rossi and JJ raised an eyebrow and Hotch was smiling.

"You're sure?"

"I'm a freaking doctor, Spence. Not to mention my boss is one too. So yes, I'm sure." Bella giggled and kissed him. "Now go before Morgan chokes on his coffee."

Smiling at his wife, Spencer nodded.

Agent Seaver was confused to say the less. Why were they flying out to a small town in Washington? It wasn't a case that was for sure. She took a look around the plane. Elle, a former agent of the BAU and a former member of their team, had stopped by to visit and in the process, got dragged along by a happy Reid. JJ was in for a visit as well. Rossi and Hotch were talking quietly amongst themselves while Hotch's son Jack watched Reid to magic tricks. Morgan and Prentiss were playing cards. She had asked several times why they were going and no one told her anything. Once the plane landed, they were greeted by a man with brown hair and a mustache to match. His brown eyes were filled with amusement.

"Didn't I see you lot two years ago?" he asked, his voice filled with laughter.

"Chief Swan." Hotch commented with a smile. "It's good see you again."

"I'm Chief Swan when I'm working. Today's my day off. I'll drive you to the school."

"School?" Seaver asked.

"Yes, school. We have a graduation to attend." Hotch said and clapped Reid on the back. The agent was smiling proudly. Once they got to the school, they were greeted by a blonde man and a brunette woman with glasses and a stroller carrying a set of twins. The twins were clearly identical with blonde hair and warm brown eyes and clearly male.

"Agent Morgan, Agent Prentiss!" the blonde male stated with a smile. He waved towards Reid, "Hey there Spencer."

"Mike, Angela." Morgan said with a smile and bent down. "And who are these two?"

"Nathan and Liam," Mike said, patting each of their heads. "They have women swooning already."

"Obviously," Prentiss smiled and waved. They had gotten to her quickly.

"Come on, its about to start."

Seaver was still confused. Once inside the team was met with a brunette woman and a sleeping honey-brown haired one year old girl. She was shocked, along with Elle she noticed, when Spencer placed a tender kiss on her lips. She laughed quietly and handed the baby to him. The woman was introduced as Dr. Isabella (Bella, she corrected during the introduction) Reid, Spencer's wife. The graduation was for their son and she paused at the thought. Weren't they a bit young to have a son graduating from high school? The class's valedictorian was a six year old boy and she noticed the striking similarities between Reid and the boy.

The boy's speech was short once the diplomas were given and tassels tossed, the boy rushed over to them. Reid gave their daughter to Bella just before he bent down and felt his son embrace him. "Dad!" he cried with a smile. The closest people to them looked on with smiles and went back to their own business. Reid picked his son up. "You came."

"Of course I did. I promised didn't I?"

"Yes and a promise is never full-filled until you say it out loud."

Bella laughed never to them. "Tell your dad where you're going Connor."

Connor grinned at his mother before turning to his father. "I got accepted into all the Ivy League Schools. But I chose Columbia because that's where mom got her license. Is that okay?" he asked, his eyes wide with concern. Reid smiled and nodded.

"Of course it is."

Connor laughed and hugged his father once more. That night, as Bella put their daughter Kiara to bed, Spencer couldn't help but smile. He was twenty-eight and had two wonderful children and a wife he loved just as much as he loved his kids. He didn't notice the shift in the couch until Bella rested her head on his shoulders.

"What is a name? A rose by any other name smells just as sweet," she quoted and kissed the hallow of his neck. "Be it Swan or Reid, I'm always yours."

He smiled and laced their fingers together, "And I'm always yours."

Someone once said, home is where the heart is. Spencer smiled, his heart was with his family. He rested his head against his wife's. He was home.