Private Chat Room

KBeck; Bones, Mother T has signed in

KBeck: Afternoon ladies, you wouldn't believe what just happened today

Mother T: What did he do this time?

KBeck: Idiot went off to confront the victim's wife if she was having an affair with the victims brother and what does he get?

Mother T: Punched, slapped, kicked, which one?

Bones: Sorry, my boss just came in. We're currently working on a skeleton from limbo.

Mother T: Sounds exciting

Bones: It is rather intriguing. The woman was from the late byzantine era and…oh! That was sarcasm wasn't it?

Mother T: Yes…

Bones: Sorry, my partner is helping me with colloquial language and sayings.

KBeck: You're improving :)

Bones: I would like to think so.

Mother T: As you were saying about 'Idiot'

KBeck: Yes, he went off to go and make a claim that was not supported by evidence and then got arrested.

Bones: Serves him right for not having the evidence to back up his theory.

Mother T: Let me guess, he went off, without your permission (or your knowledge) and decided to try and solve the case all by himself. Been there, done that.

Bones: Well considering my partner is the one who does the arresting, I cannot compare nor sympathize.

KBeck: Absolutely MT. Guess who has all the paperwork?

Mother T: Not the idiot

KBeck: You got that right

Bones: I'm sorry, I do not follow. Who is this 'idiot'?

KBeck: My fool of a shadow

Bones: Your Shadow?

Mother T: Someone who shadows her (follows her) around to aid in the investigations.

Bones: I prefer working with professionals who have the qualifications for the job.

Mother T: Amen

KBeck: Here Here!

KBeck: Anything interesting on your end MT?

Mother T: Been rather quiet here in the office. Or California in general. Even the local gangs have apparently taken a holiday.

Bones: Where do gang members go for holidays during their break from law breaking?

Mother T: Um…probably somewhere that their 'law breaking' is legal.

KBeck: Or the local bar.

Mother T: Yes well, I am enjoying every moment of it. No consultant to bother me, no foolishness, no broken noses, no arrests, no nothing :)

KBeck: *Is seriously envious of MT because she has free time*

Bones: I would not call it free time

Mother T: In my world, it's free time.

Bones: I spend every spare moment going through remains in limbo.

KBeck: I bet you do

Mother T: No point leaving Cali, the moment I decided I should leave, bam, someone gets themselves killed.

Bones: Why do you immediately associate 'Bam' with dead.

Mother T: Mainly because most of my cases are result from a gunshot, occasionally a stab wound and then very rarely, odd ways of dying.

Bones: I must agree with you on that. Although poisoning is very common as well as blunt force trauma with a heavy object.

KBeck: I agree, I have seen a lot of weird ones in my time.

Mother T: Definitely. There are some real whack jobs out there 'on this planet they call Earth'.

KBeck: "But what do you say to taking chances?"

Mother T: "What do you say to jumping off the edge?"

Bones: What are you guys quoting?

KBeck: Celine Dion

Mother T: Were you. I was quoting Glee.

Bones: Glee?

Mother T: Oh dear

KBeck: Even I know what that is. I barely have a life outside my apartment.

Mother T: Avenue Q!

KBeck: We better stop quoting things.

Mother T: Even if they are completely unintentional. I suppose all those long car trips with a certain consultant have taught me to ramp up the volume. I swear, I cannot handle another explanation of dolphin sexuality.

Bones: It's true though. Male dolphins have been known to pair up in all male pods and stay as partners for the rest of their life.

Mother T: G2g, my boss is knocking on my door. Probably a case. I think I've jinxed myself. Have a good day everyone. Off to kick some murderous ass.

KBeck: Have fun

Bones: Why do you immediately assume its murder?

Mother T: Never mind B.

Mother T has signed off

KBeck: Have to go as well Bones. My shadow has been released from his confinements of his cell. Frankly, I would have left him there…sorry, really have to go now. I think he's coming to look over my shoulder.

Bones: Bye, I should get back to my limbo remains.

KBeck and Bones have signed off.

This is just the intro. It will not be solely based on IM chats so don't fear my friends, actual paragraphs will be coming soon. I have not forgotten about my other fic, so bear with me.


P.S. This is a Bones/Mentalist/Castle fic.