Chapter 9

The snap of a shutting phone brought Lisbon out of her dazed stare.

It was one month after she'd been released from the hospital. After only one week of hospitalization, Dr Greene got tired of having screaming matches with the feisty agent, and released her. Ever since her return to the office, Jane had been a worry-wart, arguing that she didn't take enough time off – he was just being overly cautious. She regained several of the pounds she lost during the case and hospitalization and she got several good night sleeps. That was good enough for her.

Now that she was back the office, she had to combat the mountain of paper work that had slowly grown during the weeks she had been absent. Cho, her godsend, was temporarily promoted to team leader while she was out, but he looked almost relieved when he saw Lisbon limping into the office the day of her return. She was greeted by all the staff members and even received a hug from Van Pelt who had feared the worst.

"Lisbon?" He greeted her tentatively.

"Yes Jane?"

"Good to see you up and about again. I'm just giving you a warning. A lot of the agents – no, scratch that - a lot of the male agents are well aware of your latest run in with sharp objects and that you have a not-so-secret scar. I recommend you wear your blazer at all times." Jane said, almost defensively.

"Thank you Jane..." Lisbon said quizzically. "I'm sure I'm going to be staying inside this office for most of the time anyway. Have you seen my leaning tower of Pisa?" She gestured to her towering IN-pile.

"Yes, quite impressive, my dear. I think you should buy some new pens before you get working." Jane said and walked out of her office swiftly.

"New pens?" She called out behind him. Timidly, she picked one of her markers up, took off the lid and inspected it. She didn't find a tip of a pen, more of a blunt and quite pathetic excuse for its former, pointed glory. She groaned and reached into her draw full of stationery and unwrapped a whole new box of pens then reached for a file on the top of the stack. Instead of a case report, it was a cover page that hinted very little of what was underneath.

The Epic Tale of Teresa Lisbon

Written by Richard Castle

Drawn by Angela Montenegro

Edited by Patrick Jane

Lisbon looked guiltily towards the high pile of case files and paperwork. She should really be working on it. But then, with a defeated sigh, she opened the cover page and read the words neatly typed on the first page.

Foreword from the author

You all know I have written many books and most of them revolve around the world of crime and law. I have always focused on the story within but I have never really told the story of the brave men and women who do the hard work to keep the world safe. I would like to thank the people who worked together to find one of the most wanted in America and I hope that one day we will find who did this.

To T. Lisbon,

When I first met you, I would've never suspected the amazing hero you really are. Now that I've seen you and your true character more clearly, the woman who faced a creature of destruction and lived, you are my very own Harry Potter. I hope you are safely back in California by the time you receive this and know that we will be praying for a swift recovery.

R. Castle

Lisbon stared blankly at the page in front of her. Half in disbelief and half in joy. She knew immediately that Jane had put them up to this and she almost wanted to bury herself in embarrassment, but as she turns the page to gently read through the unbound pages of her 'story,' she couldn't help the warmth that spread through her chest as she read what the others thought of her.

She laughed at the quaint illustrations of a cartoon Lisbon berating a cartoon Jane – finger pointed and angry squiggles flying from her face - with a cartoon Ryan, Esposito, Rigsby, Van Pelt and Sweets giggling in the background. She sighed when she saw the captioned drawing of herself in the hospital bed with Jane leaning over her. She almost growled when she saw the implied romantic relationship between herself and Jane that Castle had not so subtly written in. The story ended with Jane writing in a long message that explained why the ink of her favourite pen had run out.

Hey Lisbon,

I've stolen your pen so don't be grumpy. It was for a good cause. Before you hunt me down with that lethal stapler of yours, please hear me out:

I have been scared – really, truly scared – only three times in my life. The first was when I found the letter pinned on the bedroom door and I realized what Red John had done to my family. The second was when Kristina went missing and I realized that Red John was more than capable of reaching in and taking the people in my life away from me. And the third time was when I saw you.

Teresa, my Guardian Angel, my saviour… my Saint Teresa. I could never repay you for what you have done for me. Even though you probably don't know it, you saved me before I even knew I was saved. You dissolved my desire for revenge; you showed me that I still had something to live for. Paige MacAlister may be gone, but when she returns – and she will - I want it to be you that finds her. I want it to be you that will have the satisfaction of arresting her after she brought you down. I realize now that forever in jail is worse than forever in the ground.

I see you now and I realize that what has happened to you is my fault. I won't change my mind about it and don't try to. The guilt will be with me forever, just like it is for my Annie and Charlotte. I hope that one day I can forgive myself for putting you in such danger, but I don't think that'll ever happen. But I know as long as you are with me, I'll be just fine.

I know you're wondering by now why this message requires so much ink. It took a lot of paper (and a lot of black marker-ink) to write it out flawlessly.

I hope you'll forgive me someday. Just know that every day I see you walking past me, it's a day I had almost taken from you and I'll have to live with that forever.


Patrick Jane.

Lisbon had forced herself not to shed a tear and she had to sit up straighter to try and shake the letter from her mind. Had anyone else seen it? She hoped not. She put the folder safely in her locked cabinet and returned to her paper work.

The next file that she placed on her desk was not a file either – in fact, it was an envelope. One that nearly gave her a heart attack when she saw who it was from.

From: Carrell Likest

Dear Agent Lisbon

My brother was ever so kind to allow me to use his name to get this letter to you. I am quite pleased that you have survived - Jane has chosen quite the warrior to fight beside him. You may not hear from me in a very long time as it is my time to move on, quite like his. For several years I have learnt everything I could about my Janey but now I have found he is beginning to understand me – well, as close as anyone could come.

I was raised in a home without a mother. It was just me, my brother and my father. That's something we have in common, you and I. Both of us have experienced abuse from a man who was supposed to love us. Maybe that has some connection to why I let you live. Make no mistake, Teresa, if I wanted you dead you wouldn't be reading this.

My brother has always been easily manipulated, throughout our childhood. That also translated into our adulthood, I guess; when I needed someone to do my bidding, Carrell was just the obvious choice.

I admire you and your friends. You were the first ones who had ever come to close to capturing me. It's very impressive. But despite all the fun we've had through the years, I think I'm going to take a little pause. It's a demanding lifestyle and a girl needs a little time to herself, know what I mean?

Give Patrick my regards and tell him not to worry about me anymore. Life is just too short and who would like to spend it evading police all the time?

Sister of Scarlet Killer

(Sister of Carrell Likest)

PS: I know you love puzzles. How could my brother, Jonathon MacAlister completely slip you by?

Lisbon stared at the note for several moments, before noting the anagram that she had missed completely. She put the letter through the shredder and vowed that she would take the trash out herself. She leaned back in her chair to try and absorb the information that had be practically thrown at her and instead of paperwork, turned on her laptop. She almost groaned at the amount of emails that had exploded across her screen, but the scowl was replaced with a small smile when she saw it was invites to a certain chat room that had been orchestrated by none other than Angela Montenegro herself.

Welcome to the We Hate Paperwork Chatroom (WHP)

Hello Teresa Lisbon, you have been invited to the WHP chatroom.

Friends you might know:

Patrick Jane

Katherine Beckett

Temperance Brennan

Javier Esposito

Kimball Cho

Lance Sweets

Grace Van Pelt

Seeley Booth

Kevin Ryan

Cam Saroyan

Wayne Rigsby

Richard Castle

Jack Hodgins

Your Friends:

Angela Montenegro


Angela Montenegro

Hi sweetie, hope you're getting better! I admit, I was really bored and I decided to set this thing up. I know this was yours, Beckett and Bren's secret, but Hodgins was pretty much on his knees and begging and how could I resist? Add everyone, I think we're all having this massive chat-session sometime this week.

Lisbon went through her profile and quickly uploaded a presentable photo and added everyone on the suggestion list. Before she knew was happening, she was sucked into this massive chatroom (with her IN-pile not getting any shorter).

Angela M:Like our little surprise?

T. Lisbon: It's quite nice. Better set up than the previous thing.

G. Van Pelt:I absolutely love it. I heard you're working on some firmware that deletes chat history and blocks hacks!

Angela M:Yeah, working on it right now.

P. Jane:Hello ladies, how are we all?

T. Lisbon:We're talking later.

P. Jane:I am well aware. I will get the tea and you get the biscuits.

T. Lisbon: *sigh*

S. Booth:Lol

J. Esposito: Lolol

K. Beckett: I log in and it appears that everybody is on.

Angela M.: Didn't you read my welcome PM?

T. Lisbon: I did

S. Booth:I did

P. Jane: I did

J. Esposito: I did.

K. Beckett:Esposito, aren't you supposed to be working?

J. Esposito:Shouldn't you?

J. Hodgins:Hey guys!

L. Sweets:Just got the email!

C. Saroyan:Me too!

Angela M.: Who are we waiting on?

W. Rigsby, K. Cho, B. Ryan, T. Brennan, R. Castle have signed in.

T. Lisbon:I have a great name Castle… As awesome as 'The Epic Tale of Teresa Lisbon is, I think it needs more star quality, if you know what I mean

R. Castle:Bring it on.

T. Lisbon:How about, Three Times the Jurisdiction?

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