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Chapter one

Harry Potter was sitting in his room when he heard his uncle's voice shout "Boy! Get down here now." Harry walked down the stairs and as he got closer, his uncle looked at him.

"Yes uncle Vernon?" Harry replied, trying to look his uncle in the face.

"We're going out." Vernon said as he looked at the boy.

Harry looked startled at his uncle, "um, we?"

"Your Aunt, Dudley and I are going out, when we get back we want to watch some home movies so make sure you have everything down by the time we get back. Do you understand boy?"

"Yes sir." Harry said trying not to sound to cheerful at this news.

"You better. We'll be back around eight tonight."

Harry looked at the clock and saw that it was a little bit after seven in the morning. Vernon left without another word. Harry waited a bit before he shouted, "YES!" Getting everything he needed down from the roof would only take a few minutes at most. After that was done he could spend the rest of the day doing just about whatever he wanted as long as he didn't make a mess.

As soon as Harry got to the roof, he got the box that was label home-movies, Harry picked up the box and took it to the living room, setting it down on the couch then he went back to the roof to look around. After a couple of minutes of looking, he found a black book. At the top of the first page was writing which read, Dear diary, Harry looked to the bottom to find out who it was from. It was from a person called Rose, the date on it was 30th May 1968.

Reading the letter, Harry learned how exciting Rose's first day in New York was, and how she missed her daughter Petunia, who was six and staying with her ex-husband Alex. As much as she would like Petunia to stay with her, she would wait until she got settled into her new job.

Turning the page, the date on it was two weeks later, this time it talked about a guy she met when she had accidentally spilt coffee on him, how he had brought her another cup. Rose said she thanked him and offered to pay for his dry-cleaning and he told her not to worry about it, that it was just a shirt and that he had more anyway.

They talked for a little bit, he told her his name was Tyler Caine, when he asked if she was married, she told him that she was divorced, Rose asked if there was a women in his life, when he said no she felt like jumping up and down screaming yes at the top of her lungs. Rose and Tyler agreed to meet and she couldn't wait for Friday which was when he was taking her out for dinner.