Chapter seven discoveries

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Harry read and reread the letters that his Grandfather wrote his Mother, like he's promise to stay involve in her life even the magic part. From what Harry read, Tyler Caine didn't have a problem with his Daughter being a witch, in fact he was proud of her. She had been blessed with gifts from above, Harry wondered that if his Grandfather was okay with his Daughter being a witch would his Uncle Horatio and Uncle Raymond be okay with him being a wizard or would they be like the Dursley and think he was a freak also.

A part of Harry didn't want to chance it, the last thing he needed was another relative calling him a freak all the time, he had enough of that with the Durleys. Another part of him, the same part that use to dream and dreamed about some unknown relative coming and taking him far away from the Durleys where he would never see them again, Harry wanted to at least meet them.

Harry looked over the pages he got at the library, from what he read Horatio had lost his brother in a sting operation gone bad, Raymond Caine was 30 when he died, he had left behind a wife Yelina Salas his son Raymond Caine Jr. and his brother Horatio Caine. The date was mark 2000 and it was now 2002, that meant that Raymond had been dead for two years. Harry wondered if Horatio was still in Miami or if he had moved. Harry continue to look at everything until he heard the front door slam. "Boy! Get down here now!" Harry heard his Uncle yell. Harry put everything in the loose floorboard and went downstairs. "Yes uncle Vernon."

"Come here boy." Vernon demanded but Harry didn't move "Now!" Vernon shouted again, raising his voice even further. At that moment Petunia walked into the hallway.

"I need the boy to help me with supper." Petunia said to her husband before turning around and going back into the kitchen.

"You heard your aunt boy, get to it." Vernon growled not happy that he did not get to punish the boy.

"Yes sir." Harry said and walked past his uncle Vernon to help his aunt in the kitchen. For some odd reason Vernon never hit Harry in front of his aunt Petunia. He didn't know why since he was pretty sure that even if his Aunt knew she wouldn't do anything about it but he wasn't going to kick a gift horse in the mouth.