Name: Apolla Curtis

Age: 19

Boyfriend: Dean Winchester

God/Goddess parent: Apollo

Abilities: can create and control light and heat breath (If you blow on the tip of an arrow and shoot it at a target the target will burst into flames)

Hobbies: Archery, singing, and playing guitar

Your prized possession(s): locket your dad gave you, bracelet your mother gave you before she died (The bracelet originally belonged to her since your dad gave it to her on her last birthday before she died), bracelet your dad gave you and bow and arrows you got from your dad

(Bracelet your dad gave you when you were living with him in Olympia it proves that you are a true Olympian)

(Your mothers bracelet that your dad handed down to you)

(Bow and arrows your dad gave you)

Symbol on your arm:

Sam's POV: Dean, Bobby and I walked into the Road House. We were hunting down something that was turning people into pure stone which kind of reminded me of the Greek monster Medusa. "So who exactly is this girl?" Dean asked. "You'll see" Bobby replied. "There she is". We walked over to a very pretty girl sitting at the bar with a quiver of arrows and a bow on her back. "Hey Apolla" Bobby said. *Well that's a name you don't hear every day* I thought. "Hey Bobby" she said hugging him. "How's your old man?" Bobby asked. "Busy but he's good" she replied. "Apolla these are the Winchester boys I was telling you about" Bobby said. "Sam and Dean am I right?" she asked. "That's right sugar" Dean said winking. Suddenly there was a really bright glare from the sun that hit Dean directly in the eyes. "Jesus Christ" he said covering his eyes. "It's ok dad" Apolla said looking up at the sky. "Um if you don't mind me asking you who are you talking to?" I asked. "My dad he's the one that did that he's pretty protective" she replied. "I'm still kinda confused if you were talking to your dad then where is he and why were you looking at the sky when you said his name?" I asked. "Let's sit down first" she said. We all found an empty booth and sat down. "Now before I say anything you both have to keep your mouths shut until I'm finished talking do you understand?" she asked. Dean and I nodded.

My POV: "I'm what you would call a demi-god my father is Apollo God of the sun, Archery, music, and poems" I said. Dean and Sam looked at each other for a moment then back and me and began to laugh. "It's true I'm not lying" I said. "There's no such thing as demi-gods Apolla they're just myths like Apollo" Dean said. "Whoa big mistake there Dean real big mistake" Bobby said. "What did you just say to me?" I asked getting up out of my chair. "Dean Apolla isn't lying she's serious and she's sensitive about these things Apolla he didn't mean it he's just thick headed" Bobby said. An extremely bright light shined in through the window and hit Dean square in the eyes it was so bright there was a possibility that it could blind him. "Congratulations Dean you've succeeded in pissing off a god" I said. "Dean apologize before you go blind" Sam said. "Alright, alright I'm sorry just tell him to stop" Dean begged. "Ok dad you can stop thanks" I said and the light subsided. "Told ya so" I said smirking. "You got any proof that you're a demi-god?" Sam asked. I lifted my sleeve and showed them Apollo's symbol that was on my arm. "It's been there since I was four" I said as I rolled my sleeve back down. "Wow" Sam said. "Well now that that's been taken care of lets get down to the hunt I thought you could help us out with this whole thing with people turning into stone" Bobby said. "Hey maybe it's Medusa" Dean said smirking I knew that he was joking and could see more light begin to shine in through the windows traveling up towards Deans eyes. "No dad it's ok I'll handle it thanks though" I said and the light subsided. "You're right Dean it is Medusa and if she's turned this many people into stone then she's not messing around she's like no one you've ever seen or met before she never kids around one glance at hers or the snakes eyes you turn into stone completely" I said. "You got anymore information on her I don't have a lot of Greek Mythology books and I know you know loads about this stuff" Bobby said. "Yeah sure I do" I said. "Well then tell us" Dean said. "Medusa wasn't born like this she had two sisters all three of them were absolutely gorgeous no man could walk by them without looking at them they were loved by all suitors. However Athena cursed her giving her the snakelike hair and the ability to turn you into stone by just looking at you" I said. "I would be more than happy to help you kill that woman she was the one who killed my mother". "Ouch I'm sorry" Sam said. "Don't worry about it you're not the one who took her away from me forever" I said. "Those are some beautiful bracelets " Sam said. "Thanks my dad gave me them this one use to belong to my mother before she died" I said pointing to my mothers old bracelet that my dad gave her. "And the other bracelet I got from my dad while I was up in Olympus" I said. "You lived up in Olympus?" Sam asked clearly amazed. "Yeah I did" I said. "She's one true Olympian the mark and bracelet proves it all" Bobby said. "Well I suggest we get a move on before this whole thing gets any worse" Sam said. We all got up and left the Road House. We had stopped at a motel on our way down to the gardens where the first attack was. "So do you have any special abilities or something?" Dean asked as he helped me unpack. "I can create and control light and heat breath" I replied. "Heat breath?" Dean asked. I picked up one of my arrows and motioned for Dean to follow me outside. I took an arrow out of my quiver and blew the end of it then pulled it back in the bow and aimed it at a tree then let it go. Once it hit the tree it the tree was engulfed in flames but soon died down leaving it in ash. "Cool" Dean said. "Thanks my dad can do the same" I said. "Can I ask you something?" I asked. "Yeah sure" Dean said. "I know this is gonna sound stupid but have you ever heard of the mythical creature the Pegasus?" I asked. "Yeah but…whoa, whoa wait a minute are you telling me that Pegasus horses are real?" Dean asked. "Basically yeah I am" I said. "You got proof?" he asked. "Follow me" I said. We walked out toward the woods where there was a clearing. I moved some of the bushes so we could see the clearing. "Look" I said as I pointed to a few Pegasus horses. "Whoa" Dean said. "Come on" I said as I motioned for Dean to follow me. "Wait we're not actually going out into that clearing are we?" he asked. "Of course we are these guys know me my father uses them to pull his chariot" I said. "Your not afraid are you?" I asked. "Of a horse no way" Dean said. "Then come on" I said. We slowly walked into the clearing and the horses walked toward us. One nudged Deans hand and he pet them. Suddenly the sound of flapping wings came from above us and the white winged horses backed off a little bit. "What's wrong?" Dean asked. I looked up and saw Moon my black Pegasus. "Dean look up" I said. "Whoa they come in black too?" he asked as Moon landed. "White, black and gold the black Pegasus is rare like Moon she's my Pegasus along with the gold and white Pegasus Star which is the one you were recently petting" I said "However the gold Pegasus is extremely rare". "Uh is it ok if I pet her or is she gonna kill me?" Dean asked. "She's no different from the others just approach her slowly the Pegasus is a shy animal" I said. Dean slowly walked forward with a hand stretched out. "Stop there and let her come to you" I said. It was a few seconds before Moon took a few steps forward and let Dean pet her. "The black Pegasus is misunderstood by some people because" "The color of their coat is dark making people think that they're mean" Dean said. "Yeah you could put it that way" I said. "Does she let you ride her?" he asked. "Of course she does she's been one of my best friends ever since she was given to me" I said.



"So if these guys exist then does that mean unicorns exist too?" Dean asked. "From what my father told me unicorns used to exist a long time ago but somehow died out kinda like the dinosaurs and they are the ancestor of the Pegasus however if the unicorn did manage to survive then they are very hard to find especially the unicorn Pegasus my mom actually used to have one but he was let free when she died" I said. "Are you gonna tell Sam and Bobby about this?" Dean asked. "Well Bobby already knows and yes I'm going to tell Sam" I said. "Why don't I just go get him now?" Dean said. "Make it quick these guys won't hang around here forever" I said. Dean rushed off to get Sam while I stayed with the Pegasus horses. Soon I heard two sets of feet. "Whoa" I turned around to see an awe struck Sam. "Dude there's a black one too?" Sam said. "You can pet her Sam she won't hurt you" I said. Sam slowly walked towards Moon with his hand out. I motioned for him to stop and Moon waked forward and nudged Sam's hand allowing him to pet her. "Have you ever ridden her?" he asked. "Yeah" I replied. "What's it like?" Dean asked. "It's kind of like speeding down the road except you're up in the air on a horse" I said. Star walked up beside Moon still keeping a few feet in between them. The two of them spread their wings and flapped them a few times. I saw two necklaces fall from each of their wings. One from moons and another form Stars. They bent their heads down and picked them up. The two of them walked over to me and put a necklace in one of my hands. Star put her necklace in my right hand while moon put hers in my left. "Wow they're amazing" I said as I looked at the two beautiful necklaces. The two horses whinnied flapping their wings. "I think they want you to put the necklaces on" Dean said. "You guys mind helping me?" I asked handing each of them a necklace. I held my hair up and Dean put Stars necklace around my neck then Sam put Moons necklace round my neck.

(Necklace Star had in her wing)

(Necklace Moon had in her wing)

"Thanks" I said. "Anytime" they replied. Star nudged my shoulder and I turned around and saw her holding a necklace with a gold Pegasus. She dropped it in my hand and I gave her a kiss and Sam helped me put it on *Use these necklaces wisely if you need either Moon or Star clutch onto their pendent and close your eyes they will come* I heard my dad's voice say. I gave Moon and Star a kiss and they flew off with the other Pegasus horses. "What are the necklaces for?" Dean asked. "If I need either Moon or Star I just clutch onto their pendent and they'll find me but I'm not sure about the gold one" I said.

(Gold necklace Star gave you)