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Percy POV

"Percy Jackson, I swear, if you don't get outta bed right now, I will personally make sure that you regret it, hero of Olympus or not!" Annabeth shouted from the doorway of my cabin. Since angering that particular daughter of Athena would be catastrophic, I rolled out of bed, wearing a pair of sweatpants (thankfully) and a grey tee, but Annabeth was no where to be found.

Whatever, I thought, headed to the bathroom to get ready for breakfast, knowing I had to make an appearance if I wanted a certain daughter of Athena off my back. Looking back, I really, really, REALLY wish I had stayed in bed, gone back to sleep, not been at the dining pavilion that morning.

"HEROES!" Chiron pounded a hoof on the marble flooring. "I have been contacted by an old, old pupil of mine, Albus Percival Wilfred Brian Dumbledore, son of Athena. He is headmaster of a school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, aided by his half sister, Minerva McGonagall. You see, wizards do exist."

"Yeah, and I'm a Kindly One!" someone from the Ares cabin yelled.

"It's true!" a girl in Hermes, who I recognized as a daughter of Hecate, goddess of magic. Sara Bores, or something. Of course she knew.

"Care to elaborate, Susan?" yup. I was that far off.

She nodded. "Apparently, their version of Kronos, Tom Molvado Riddle-"

"or Lord Voldemort." all of our jaws dropped. "What?" Nico asked. "he's evaded death so much, my dad's been having rants about him- on and on about wizards and horcruxes and the Potters."

"Care to elaborate on the Potters?" Chiron asked, his eyes begging- making it obvious that he knew very little about the Potters.

"Uh….Sure? About 13 years ago, Voldy was on a rampage. People would go missing, just like that," he snapped his fingers. "Two demigod wizards, James Potter, son of Zeus, and Lily Evans Potter, daughter of Hecate, had a son about a year old. Voldy tracked them down and killed James and Lily."

"Yet, since his mother died for him, their son, Harry James, by the ancient laws of magic, survived death by the hand of Voldemort- but it probably helped that his immortal grandparents where looking out for him." Susan glared at Nico. "To this day, he has a lightning shaped scar from Zeus' protection, and help with magic from Hecate. But, Chiron, what does this have to do with us?"

"Everything," the centaur replied, "you see, this year, a tournament is taking place, called the Triwizard. One representative per each of the 3 schools- and, this year, 1 camp. Albus has a very foreboding feeling about this year, and wants help keeping an eye on Harry Potter. He contacted Lord Zeus, who supports the idea, but wants a camper to participate in the tournament as a cover, so all of the cabin leaders will be going, including Mr. di Angelo and Miss Bones. Any questions?"

He scanned the hall and, surprise surprise, Annabeth had a question. "When do we leave?"

"Early this afternoon. I suggest you pack and meet at Thalia's tree about ten minutes before 12:30, because that's when your transportation promptly leaves. Don't be late. Conner, Travis, that means you, too."

"Oh yeah!' they high-5ed, then sprinted off to their cabin, hopefully to pack, not to pull one last prank before we leave. The next to go was Thalia, probably to IM Artemis, then Silena. After that, we all just kind of left at the same time.

Susan POV (yes the same Susan Bones from the Harry Potter seris)

"Chiron, after we leave here, where are we going? Straight to Hogwarts, or to buy supplies?" I approached our ancient teacher as I left.

"Neither," was his response. "I take it that you've been attending Hogwarts for a time now, and know that you'll want your usual supplies." I nodded, dumbstruck that he could tell. "We'll be taking a portkey to a place called Hogsmade, where we will receive our supplies from Albus. Then, when the time has come, a chariot ride up to the school for our grand entrance."

"I'm thinking I'll go as a regular student, then just meet you all at the school."

"Perfect. When we tell the students of the gods' existence, we will need a familiar face to tell them. I take it you want to leave camp tonight with Miss Abbott?" I nodded, thankful for my elder's wisdom. "Alright. But still come up this afternoon."

"Okay. See you then!" I can't believe it! If Chiron is correct about the name of the tournament, then I can enter as a demigod, even if I'm 14, something that the Ministry and Professor Dumbledore would never allow. I ran back to my cabin for a Drachma, then to the beach. Knowing my best friend and fellow Hogwarts student, Hannah Abbott, was following me, I didn't try to find her after we where told about the tournament. Collapsing onto the warm sand of the beach, I summoned a rainbow (without using regular magic, of course- even a child of Hecate must obey the Ministry), I spoke, "Oh goddess, accept my offering: Amelia Bones, London, England." Sitting back on my heels, I waited a moment before her face came up, and Hannah plopped down beside me without a word.

"Hello Susan, Hannah, what's up?" my favorite aunt and guardian looked up from the paperwork she was doing at the kitchen table of the apartment we lived in, Ever since my dad was killed by a lone Death Eater just after the end of the last war, I had lived with Aunt Amelia every Christmas break, and even part of the summer- this year, I was supposed to fly back to London late tonight, then we would head to the train station the morning after I got in.

"Chiron told us about the Triwizard Tournament, and wants to send me and the cabin leaders to Hogwarts, so one of us can participate, the rest to watch," I blurted.

She looked a tad concerned. "How does Chiron know about the tournament?"

"Dumbledore," all three of us stated in unison.

"But, the question is, why?"

"Apparently Dumbledore has a foreboding feeling about the tournament."

She nodded. "Be careful. I'll bet most- if not all- of the cabin heads are under 17," we both nodded to that, "then, chances are, they'll lower the age limit they put in place for you guys- thus making you eligible."

"I will. And we're still planning on flying back tonight." they gave me a puzzled look. "I'm going to meet them there."

Aunt Amelia nodded. "Makes sense. See you two tomorrow!"

"Bye!" we chimed as she sliced through the image.

"We should go pack, shouldn't we ?" Hannah sighed, looking out over the sea.

"We should," I agreed. But neither of us moved.

Who should I make Hannah a daughter of? Note: it must be a male god, since her mother was murdered by a Death Eater in The Half Blood Prince, which I would like to keep, if possible.