Ethan gets word of the break in at the goldenrod radio tower and goes to fight team rocket. There he meets up with an old friend and faces his idol and his enemy.

Ethan quietly moved through the halls. His Cyndaquil was at his feet. Right now, they were on the second floor of the Goldenrod Radio Tower. A rocket grunt ran past their hiding spot. Ethan stood up, picked up Cyndaquil, and ran for the stairs. He was half way up the stairs when he ran face first into a group of grunts.

"Hey! It's that boy!" Exclaimed a woman. She had long, red hair.

"Go, Arbok!" Shouted another woman.

"Let's go Wheezing!" Yelled a man. His hair was blue and in a sort of bowl cut.

"The rest of you go look for the dragon tamer." Demanded the man.

The four other grunts ran past Ethan.

"Dragon Tamer? Does he mean Lance?" Thought Ethan.

"Wheezing, use smokescreen!" Commanded the man.

"Arbok, use poison sting!" Yelled the woman.

"Cyndaquil, look out! Use fire spin to block them!" Yelled Ethan.

Cyndaquil's flames engulfed him as he spun. Soon a coil of fire as high as the ceiling surrounded the fire Pokemon The smoke was tossed about and the stings fell to the ground. Cyndaquil stopped as the fire began to fall in tiny balls around him.

"Now, use flame wheel!" Said Ethan. Cyndaquil rushed forward and was engulfed in flames. He rolled until he made contact with Arbok. The snake exploded backwards in an eruption of flames.

"Wheezing, use smog." Yelled the man.

The poison gas surrounded Cyndaquil.

Ethan grabbed a poke-ball from his belt and enlarged it before tossing it up. The ball opened and in a flash of red light and Pidgeotto appeared.

"Quickly, use gust!" Pidgeotto flapped his wings too fast to see. Lamps, plant's, tables, and anything else in the room that wasn't nailed to the floor or walls flew through the room. Wheezing was battered and Cyndaquil was safely away from the smog. He was holding on to a cabinet that was nailed to the floor.

"What the!" Shouted the man. The woman was thrown into him. They and their Pokemon were piled in the corner of the room.

"Awesome job guys." Ethan praised his Pokemon They cooed with delight and the three of them made their way up the stairs and into the next room.

"With all that noise, anyone could hear you." Came an all too familiar voice.

"Silver, what are you doing here?" Demanded Ethan angrily.

"I'm here to stop Team Rocket, isn't it obvious." Silver Smirked and his Croconaw glared at Cyndaquil. Silver saw him and laughed.

"Your Cyndaquil hasn't evolved yet!"

"Shut up, I should-"

"You'll what?" Asked Silver. Ethan shut his mouth. He had a job to do and he was going to do it.

"Nobody heard my battle earlier." Said Ethan, lamely trying to end their fight.

"Are you kidding? I'm sure that Radio Tower in Lavender Town heard it." Scolded Silver.

"Did not!" Shouted Ethan.

"Hey, what was all that noise I heard a few minutes ago?" Asked a voice. Lance stood in the doorway, his Dragonite looking in from behind him.

Silver fell to the ground laughing and Ethan turned beet red. He recovered enough to realize that Lance, the Dragon Tamer, was in the room. He grinned and introduced himself.

"It's nice to meet you Ethan, but now's not the time for pleasantries. We have to beat Proton, the operation's overseer. He's attempting to get Team Rocket back together for good." Explained Lance.

"Silver right?" Lance asked Silver, who nodded.

"Can you make sure the lower levels are secure?" Asked Lance.

"Why me! Everyone below has been beaten!" Said Silver angrily.

"I saw a bunch of grunts down there." Said Lance.

"And three or four of them ran past me on my way up here." Said Ethan. Silver glared at them before heading to the lower two levels.

"When we get to the top floor, we'll split up. The first to Proton calls the other." Said Lance. He handed Ethan a communicator. He ran off to the right.

"I guess I'm going left." Ethan said to himself.

Ethan ran into a room. There was a grunt in the corner. This grunt was shorter than him and there was a Marill beside him or her. The Marill got excited when it saw them. Cyndaquil and Pidgeotto greeted it.

The grunt turned with a hard glare that vanished to a look of despair when she saw his face. Lyra.

"Lyra?" Ethan asked in a hushed voice.

Lyra fell over and Marill came to her side. The only reason Ethan hadn't approached his best friend was the Team Rocket uniform she work. A top with sleeves that went to the elbow and a skirt that went just above the knees. A red R adorned the stomach of the shirt. A type of black beret on her head: A standard female rocket get-up.

"I'm sorry." She whispered. She threw a poke-ball and a Pokemon came out. Ethan gasped. The room was filled with the cry of the Azelf.

"When did you get that?" Demanded Ethan.

"Proton gave him to me to use to beat you." Said Lyra sadly.

"Why are you-" Started Ethan. He was interrupted by Lyra's command for Azelf to use psychic attack. Cyndaquil and Pidgeotto were lifted into the air, enveloped in a pink light. They were thrown against the wall and confused. Ethan grabbed a poke-ball and threw it up. From the red light, came an Umbreon.

"Umbreon, hit it with dark pulse!" Yelled Ethan angrily. Psychic types did nothing to dark types and if that wasn't enough, psychic was ultra weak to dark moves.

Azelf was hit by the pulse of darkness and thrown into Lyra.

"Now use bite!" Yelled Ethan.

"Grovyle, stop that bite with endure!" Shouted a voice.

A Grovyle intercepted the bite attack and rammed Umbreon to the ground. A boy about Ethan's age stood outside of a broken window. He had short black hair and his favorite color seemed to be green seeing as his clothes were centered around the color.

"Brandon, thank Arceus!" Exclaimed Lyra happily. Then she seemed to remember Ethan was there and her face fell. Grovyle stood at Brandon's side and Umbreon glared at it.

"So who is this?" Asked Ethan. Seeing this strange boy have his arm around the girl he kinda- oh who was he kidding!- really liked really peeved him off.

"This is Brandon. We met up a month ago and we started to travel together. Then when Team Rocket-" She stopped. Her eyes met Brandon's. Before he had to time speak a voice came from behind Ethan.

"Go ahead Lyra, tell your friend what happened last week." Said Proton. Ethan looked Lyra in the eyes as she went on.

"He kid-napped our parents and some of our Pokemon they deemed too weak to battle. We joined because they threatened to kill them." Explained Lyra slowly.

"I can help you." Said Ethan.

"You do not know where they are." Commented Proton thoughtfully.

"I'll find out." Said Ethan.

"If you make it out alive." Said Proton. He pulled out a poke-ball

"Umbreon, get ready." Ethan gritted his teeth and Umbreon took a battle stance.

Proton's ball was thrown up and a very large Pokemon appeared. A Tyranitar.


"Cynda quuuiiilllll!"

Ethan looked over to see Pidgeotto and Cyndaquil both standing at the ready, staring a Grovyle and Marill.

"Tyranitar, use hyper beam." Said Proton coolly. Lyra and Brandon ran from the room. Ethan grabbed Cyndaquil and him and his three Pokemon ran from the room as the beam hit at Ethan's feet. He was blown down a set of stairs. His Pokemon were hurt, he was hurt, Lyra was in trouble, Lance was nowhere to be seen, and he could see Proton, Brandon and Lyra approaching him slowly.

Ethan stood up and saw Umbreon was still in fighting condition. He returned Pidgeotto and Cyndaquil back to their balls.

He reached for a poke-ball, but found they were gone. He looked around to see them in the corner, where the man woman and their Pokemon once layed.

He stood, ready as he and Umbreon glared at the three trainer and their Pokemon The only one who looked sorry was Lyra. All three called out an attack and they were all launched at the same time. Ethan grabbed Umbreon and hugged him, covering him from the danger.

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