"Come on!" Shouted Lyra. Mary and her Assistant, Frida, were lagging behind pretty bad.

"We need to get out of here, this building is coming down!" Lyra shouted.

Lyra stepped over a fallen wall as a pipe fell in front of her. She fell backwards and cursed.

"You okay?" Asked Frida. She helped Lyra up and they waited as Mary reached them. She caught her breath and they started running again. They reached the stairs that lead down to find they were gone.

"Now what?" Asked Mary.

"Hold on." Said Frida. She reached into her pocket. She tossed up a pokeball and what came out surprised even Mary. Venusaur reached her vines up and helped the three girls down.

"When did you get this!" Asked Mary.

"I do have a life outside of the radio show." Said Frida shyly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Asked Mary.

"Okay you guys, we can do this another time. Right now, we have a few more floors until we're out." Said Lyra. Frida nodded and called back Venusaur.


Ethan and the others were now on the ground floor. He was about to leave when May ran up beside him.

"I'm coming with you to help out Brandon." She said with a smile.

Ethan nodded and asked Lyra's dad to get the group out of the building.

The two tore up the stairs. Rubble was everywhere and Ethan was surprised the building was still standing. It was like those cartoons he would watch and no matter how much damage was caused, everything was just fine.

As they rounded and corner they saw a huge gap in the building. Like a laser had blown right into the center of the structure.

"I'll bet anything, this was that large shake we felt."

"What did it?" Asked May. Ethan shrugged.

"I don't know... do you here that?" Asked Ethan.

Sounds of fighting were heard above them. May grabbed him and pulled him back just as an Aggron crashed into where Ethan had been standing.

"Whoa... thanks." Ethan said, breathing hard.

"Anytime... hey. This is Brandon's Aggron!"

A boy fell on the Aggron seconds later.

"And there's Brandon!"Said May. She rushed over to them and knelt by Brandon's side. He waved her away, insisting he was fine and asking her to leave the building.

Ethan was wary. Brandon noticed and spoke up.

"Don't worry about it. I'm with you. Lance is up there getting his rear handed to him on a silver platter. He's outnumbered and tired. Both he and his Pokemon." Ethan nodded and turned to look for some stairs.

"Ethan!" Came a voice. He looked down a hall to see Lyra and Marill with Mary and her assistant. A few other ran along as well.

"Oh thank Arceus you are all right." Said Ethan, relieved.

"Ah, I missed you too." Said Lyra sweetly, holding two fingers up in a peace sign.

"Can you get these guys out of the building Mary?" Asked Lyra. The woman nodded and headed down the stairs.

"Why don't we go give the dragon master some help." Said Ethan with a grin. Brandon nodded and followed him up a flight of stairs.

"Hey!" Shouted May, "We are coming too."

Please, you need to be out there to tell the cops what is going on. They heard sirens in the distance, signaling the cop's arrival.

May sighed and nodded.

"We would be in their way. Besides, they will be one against three, right?"

"I guess." Lyra was doubtful, but in the end followed May outside to tell what they knew.

As they neared the top of the building, Ethan was knocked over by a Croconaw. Silver knelt down and helped the two up.

"You okay Croconaw?" Asked Silver.

The Pokemon nodded and stood back up, ready to fight on.

"Nice of you to drop in. Come on, Lance is in trouble. His only good Pokemon is his Dragonite." Said Silver.

Ethan nodded and the three trainers made their way, following Silver, into a wide room. Lance and his Dragonite were locked in a fight against a Magnezone and two Nidoking.

"I choose you, Cyndaquil!" Yelled Ethan. The once tired Pokemon popped out with a ready-to-fight battle cry.

"Let's go, Aggron!" Shouted Brandon.

"Use Lava plume!" Yelled Ethan. Cyndaquil ran under the Magnezone and blasted heated rock and magma into its underbelly. Magnezone shot up and into the ceiling. Aggron made quick work of both Nidoking. Ethan figured the battle ended quick due to the Pokemon fighting non-stop.

Proton called all three back and sighed.

"I hope you are happy. You foiled us yet again." He said.

"Not to worry. I concede defeat. I am not foolish. I am out of Pokemon I warn you, though. This is not the last you will see of me!" Proton threw smoke balls down and disappeared into the smoke.

When it cleared, he was gone.

"We did it. For now." Said Ethan. He knelt down and hugged Cyndaquil. He called everyone out and gave each a thanks and congratulations with a promise of a few days off from training and special treats all the while.

Brandon did the same and returned all but his Swellow.

"I will be seeing you around, Ethan. Namely outside, where I will be with my family and May. He said with a laugh. His Swellow slowly helped him to the ground. It was strong, Ethan gave it that.

"Good-bye Ethan. I hope to see you again some day." Said Lance before flying off on his Dragonite.

"If you are expecting some kind of heart warming good-bye, you can forget about it." Said Silver. But then he grinned and said, "I gained a new respect for you today Ethan."

"Me too. A new respect for you, I mean." Ethan laughed and the two began their descent to the ground and outside...


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