Aaaaaaaaah! I know I know I know I should be working on Rahi Warrior! But this has been bugging me so here it is. It's just a drabble. And it's supposed to be funny. Don't get mad at me please.
So no idea where this came from, as usual. And as usual, I own nothing. Except the idea for the 'story.'
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"Hey, Turaga Nuju, I have a question!"

Nuju raised a mask ridge. "What?"

"Where do Matoran come from?"

Of all the questions Nuju had expected to come out of Matoro's mouth, that was not one of them. He stared at his translator in a very un-Nuju-like manner. "Wh-what?"

"Where do Matoran come from?" he repeated innocently. "I've always kind of wondered."

"I...I...I..." Nuju didn't know what to say. Finally his brain started to work again, sort of. He raised his staff and smacked Matoro over the head with it.

"Ow! Turaga, what was that for?"

"Don't ask stupid questions!" he snapped, turning and walking off. "Now come on; we're going to be late."

Matoro followed, still confused and smarting from the blow. Nuju shook his head and shuddered a little. I may be his employer, mentor, and pseudo-father, he thought, but I'll go to Kharzani before I explain the Gukko and the Nui-Rama to Matoro!