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(If you're reading "A Good Ol' Boy..." don't jump to any conclusions. I used myself as Bo's chic in this story, because it's the only way I'll ever get to be Bo Duke's wife. No matter how bad I want it!


Bo Duke, Jr. was the spitting image of his father. Nobody would ever mistake him for anything other than a Duke.

He was 18 years old, and he'd left home that year to go to college.

His parents, Beth and Bo, had called him to tell him that his Daddy's family was getting together to have a reunion the next week. Bo loved his Daddy's family. All of Bo, Sr.'s cousins were referred to as aunts and uncles by Bo's kids. Bo, Jr. had three sisters and one brother. Bo was closest to his daddy and his uncle Luke.

But the young man had no idea what his return to Hazzard County would hold in store for him.

It had been several years since Luke Duke had been home. He kept in touch with all his family by phone and now days computers. After getting off probation, Luke decided to try his luck out of Hazzard. Since Bo had married Beth things were not the same for him in Hazzard. He had always looked up to the local Fire Chief who suggested with his experience as a paratrooper in the Marines that he consider becoming a 'Smokejumper'. He would not only get paid for jumping out of perfectly good planes (Without people shooting at him.) but he could help save people, their homes and nature. It only took the well known Fire Chief a few phone calls to make arrangements for Luke to get the added training he needed.

Now in his mid thirties Luke had made a stable career and was the Senior Smoke Jumper for the Foresty Service. He was based in Atlanta but traveled quiet a bit during the fire seasons.

He approached the County line that had for so long been his and Bo's end of the line. (They could not leave Hazzard County with out Boss Hoggs permission while on probation.) Before crossing into Hazzard County he pulled his King Cab F-250, 4 wheel drive off the road and just gazed into Hazzard. He had talked to Bo the night before. Luke also knew Bo, Jr would be coming in from college to join the family. "God has it been THAT long? I still remember the day Bo told me Beth was pregnant." Luke thought. It had truely been that long. Luke thought a bit envious of his younger cousin though, at the time he had thought Bo had made a terrible mistake. Luke had stayed Hazzards most allusive bachlor though he had many girlfriends, and had made and received several proposals. Luke also hated change. He steeled himself to see all the changes in Hazzard. Of course, he also steeled himself for all the things in Hazzard that had stayed the same. Luke shuttered just a bit as his next thought traveled his mind. "It's been almost twenty years since I've been in jail." he though as the memory of the sound of the clanging cell door followed that thought. "Damn! Just the thought still bothers me. Well, here goes nothing!" he thought as he pulled back onto the road. Taking a deep breath and holding it just a bit as he crossed the County line fully expecting Rosco P. Coltrane to pull out behind him and 'cuff and stuff' him just for the principal of doing it.

Bo Duke, Sr. and his wife, Beth, were sitting on the front porch of the house that had once been Uncle Jesse's. When Uncle Jesse had passed on, and all the other cousins had left Hazzard, Bo's cousins had been kind enought to let the farm become Bo's. He and Beth had raised their five kids under the same roof Bo had been raised under, and things had been pretty darn good. He and Beth had done alright for a couple of teenagers who'd started off with nothing but love and their son, Bo, Jr.

Bo looked at Beth with that Duke smile that noone could imitate. "Honey," he said, "Everybody's finally comin' home." He hadn't been that happy in a long time.

Their youngest daughter, Michaela, who was ten years old, walked out onto the porch, so quietly that neither Beth nor Bo heard her footsteps. "Hey, Daddy," she said softly, startling her parents. "Isn't that Uncle Luke's truck?"

Bo couldn't hold back his old rebel yell when he saw the truck pulling into his driveway, "Yeeehaaa!"

Beth stood there, looking at her husband, and seeing in his place, the wild teenager she had once known. The Duke family reunion was going to be a fun time indeed.

It wasn't too long before Daisy showed up, followed shortly by Coy and Vance. But both Bo and Beth were awaiting seeing their son, who had been gone for almost two months.

When he pulled into the driveway in his own rebuilt '69 Charger, the whole family rushed to see the oldest Duke child. He climbed out of the window of his car in true Duke fashion, and immediately wrapped his arms around his little sister, Michaela, swinging her into the air. She barely let him go long enough for the other family members to greet him. In fact, he had to hug his mother and his other sisters with Michaela between them.

"How's my Mikey doin'?" he asked the little girl.

"I'm OK! I missed you, Bo!" she said. He'd missed her, too. He'd missed Hazzard, and his brother and sisters and everyone else.

Bo, Sr. made his way over to his son. "How are ya, son?" he asked, extending his hand.

Bo, Jr. smiled, and shook his father's hand, only to be pulled into a hug. "I'm fine Daddy. I've missed y'all."

Luke turned to look at his cousin's oldest son. He'd been so close to the boy when he was younger, and the expectant look in the young man's blue eyes hurt him. But all he could bring himself to say was, "When'd you get the car, son?"

Bo, Jr.'s face fell. "Right after I graduated. Me and Daddy restored it before I left for college."

He had been so close to Luke, and it hurt that after not seeing him for so long, his father's cousin could only ask him about his car. He wondered just what could be wrong with Luke.

But Luke quickly recovered himself, and added, "I sure have missed ya, son."

The smile that Bo, Jr. had taken from his father once again spread across his face.

Seeing the smile spread across Bo, Jr's face, Luke added, "So just when does your Dad and I get to try out the car?"

Before Bo, Jr. could reply, Beth spoke up, "Now, Luke!" she exclaimed. Pictures of her husband and his cousin speeding around Hazzard again filled her head.

He stepped towards her giving her a quick hug. "I was kidding Junior over there."

Now it was Bo, Jr's turn, "Never if you keep calling me Junior, Uncle Lucas!"

He put his arm around Bo, Jr's shoulder and said, "Ok, truce?"

They all had a good laugh. Luke was glad to see Bo's family again though he did feel a bit the outsider.

Daisy and Beth went to fix supper for the extended family with the girls help of course.

Luke asked, "So Bo, when do you expect Jeb?" he was answered by the sound of a motorcycle turning into the drive way that would be Jeb. "Well, speak of the devil. Did you get in touch with Cooter or anyone else?"

Bo replied, "Yeah. Cooter said he was comin'. Might be bringin' his sister, too."

"That's good. I sure have missed Cooter," Luke said.

"Yeah, me too. Hard to believe it's been that long since we were drivin' around here in the General...gettin' chased by Rosco..."

"Goin' to jail?" Luke added, with a tense laugh.

"Yeah, that too," Bo said with a grin.

The two cousins walked over to see Jeb, but there was a gnawing bad feeling in the back of Luke's head. Somethin' was gonna go wrong. It had to...especially in Hazzard County.

Bo knew something was wrong with his cousin, and it bothered him.

But he pushed the bad feeling to the back of his mind, as Beth came out, wrapping her arms around her husband's waist.

"How 'bout some of Uncle Jesse's finest? There ain't many jars left, but today's a day that calls for some," she said, planting a firm kiss on Bo's lips.

Bo smiled weakly. "Sounds good."

Bo's oldest daughter, Ruth Anne, who was 16, came out with the jar a few minutes later with glasses for each of the men.

It didn't take long for the shine to make the men loosen up. This was going to be a fun night...

For all, except, perhaps, Luke.

"Dixie Davenport! Dixie Davenport in Hazzard was bringing her knowing I would be here? Where had Bo's casual comment about Cooter maybe bringing his sister come from? Hell, maybe he has forgotten or at least pushed all that muddy past behind him. Though Bo was there during the time that Luke had seen Cooter's sister, that was also during the time he and Beth were NOT planning Bo, Jr. I got to corner Bo about this and soon." thought Luke. "It was good to be home. Jesse's shine was as fine as her remembered."

"So, Bo it's been a long while since I've been home. What's there to do these days for a single guy like the four of us?" asked Jeb.

Bo was still wondering what Luke was suddenly being so quiet about. "Well, there's always the Boar's Nest. It has changed some. Well, it's been remodeled several times since you all have been there. Though I think Luke paid to have it remodeled at least a couple of times. Right Luke?" asked Bo. "Luke?"

"Huh? What did you say? I'm sorry just traveling down memory lane." replied Luke. But he thought, "Memory? Maybe Nightmare! would be more correct."

Beth suggested, "Bo why don't you guys go have a guys night out?"

Bo replied, "Why don't we leave the little ones to Ruth Ann so that you and Daisy come with us, too?"

"Bo, Honey, I have a million things to do tonight. Besides you guys need some time alone. I promise to go one night before everyone leaves.

"I'm kind of tired too guys. I'll stay and help Beth. You all go ahead." Daisy looked up, "Do you think Hazzard can stand you all on the loose again?"

Before Bo could protest, Beth said, "We might even be along later. Right Daisy?"

"Hey, that's not a bad idea." replied Daisy.

Luke listened to the banter between them as he thought, "Yep, the five of us, Hazzard County, the Boar's Nest, alcohol, Dixie maybe coming in, this could be BAD! It could also be fun..."

Bo, Luke, Coy, Vance, and Jeb all loaded up into two vehicles, the General, who was still in his place on the Duke farm, and Luke's truck. Bo, Jr. asked his dad if he could go.

Bo, Sr.'s blue eyes looked over at Beth. "Is it alright with you, honey?"

Bo, Jr. was mad. He was sick of having to know if everything was OK with his parents. But he figured it was better than not going to the Boar's Nest...

He was even more upset when his mother agreed that he could go as a designated driver, since not even a Duke boy was good behind the wheel after too much beer at the Boar's Nest... She was just thankful that they were saving the rest of the jar of Jesse's finest until they got home.

As the six men headed over to the Boar's Nest, Beth and Daisy couldn't help but worry. All their menfolk quite drunk was not a good picture in her mind. But she and Daisy had to get supper ready, along with the help of Ruth Anne, Caroline (12), and Michaela.

Things were only made harder on the two women by 14-yr-old Jesse's protests that he wanted to go with the men.

At the Boar's Nest, everyone seemed to be having a good time... even Bo, Jr. when he realized that drinking wasn't the only thing to do at the Boar's Nest. There were still lots of pretty waitresses in short shorts, and no 18-year-old boy can say he doesn't like that.

Bo, Sr. proposed a toast to his family, and beer mugs clicked together. Something was still bothering Luke, which in turn, bothered Bo. He and his cousin had been best friends all their lives, and he knew something was wrong. Especially when Luke ordered more than his usual number of beers, on top of the shine they'd had back at Bo's house.

"Luke, you OK?" Bo asked.

"Why wouldn't I be OK? Huh?" Luke was in a bad mood. That was for sure.

They heard the sound of another vehicle pulling into the dirt driveway of the Boar's Nest, and in to the room walked Cooter Davenport, a good friend of the Duke boys, who they hadn't seen in ages. He walked over to the table where all the Duke's were sitting, and sat down.

"Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!" Bo yelled, only to be echoed by Cooter. "Well, now! This seems just about right. All of us at the Boar's Nest drinkin' too much for our own good."

Cooter nodded his agreement. He met Bo's son, and was shocked at how old he was. He hadn't seen him since the young man was a small child.

"So, Cooter, where's Dixie?" asked Bo.

Luke could have hog tied him on the spot. He didn't want to know where she was.

"I left her at your place helpin' the women folks," Cooter said with a smile. "She was always close to Beth and Daisy. 'Specially Beth."

Luke sighed. Why did Dixie have to be best friends with his cousin's wife? But at least for now, Dixie was a problem he wouldn't have to deal with.

Back at the farm Dixie had stayed at the farm only at Cooter's insistance. Beth and Daisy knew her way too well. They knew why she had came back to Hazzard as soon as they saw the familar class ring hanging on a chain around her neck. She reminded Daisy of the young teenager that Daisy had helped transpose from a 'Tomboy" into the young lady that had stolen Luke's heart before he realized what had happened. She had been at the farm a mere half hour when she said, "It took me this long to get my nerve up to come back. I've got to go see if Luke will even speak to me NOW or I'll chicken totally out and go back home. I haven't had 'butterflies' since I left. I think they multiplied!"

Reaching into the high cabinet Beth handed Daisy a Mason jar with only about a quarter gone. Dasiy reached for a small glass pouring her a sip of Jesse's shine. "Here, Sugar, this is for the butterflies. Shall we Beth?"

"Come on I wouldn't miss this. Give me two minutes to tell the kids where we will be. I'll meet you at the car." She said tossing the keys to her 1969 Ford Mustang to Daisy.

No, Luke wouldn't have to deal with Dixie until he got to the farm that was. When she had left years ago she swore she'd never return. Until tonight she had been true to her word. Luke blamed himself for her leaving. "Why come back now?" Luke wondered and worried to himself. Luke ordered another beer. "Glad Beth insisted Bo, Jr. drive tonight. He's like driving that old truck since I first got it." Smiled Luke.

Bo had seen Luke drink like this before. Once when he had broken up with his first serious girl friend (Before Dixie), again after that race driver Amy Creavy left and then every year that she did not return for the annual race. Bo thought, "I expect he would have drank like this to after Dixie left if he'd been able to!...OH, #^(%^#(, THAT IS IT!" Bo's mind had been so busy he had forgotten the memory he just remembered. That was why Luke was acting like this!

A waitress that had known Luke for years asked him to dance. Though he didn't want to dance with her he accepted. They were dancing to a slow song. Tonight the music was not a live band it was rather nice system connected into a computer so that about any song you wanted to hear could be downloaded in minutes. One of Beth and Bo's friends were running the music. The front door opened, unnoticed by the guys, in walked Daisy, Beth and Dixie. They were dressed for a good time. When Dixie saw Luke after all this time, he still took her breath away. Beth eased off to the DJ's. Dixie got up her nerve to approach Luke, she tapped his shoulder and said, "Can I cut in?"

The waitress didn't know what happened. She was standing in the middle of the dance floor looking at Luke who now had Dixie wrapped in his arms. They were kissing most passionately. They had gotten the whole places attention. The DJ began playing Alabama's "Old Flame". To Luke and Dixie no one else in the world exsisted. With the kisses, the old memories flooded forward, and the tears began to fall. Several minutes had past when Luke through tear filled eyes managed to say, "We have to talk." Dixie nodded her agreement as Luke took her by the hand. They made their way through the crowd walking outside.

At the table, Bo, Jr. was the first to speak as Beth and Daisy arrived. "What just happened? And who was THAT?"

Bo being the only one with more than a clue said, "That is Cooter's sister Dixie. As for what happened, if you didn't live it you'll have to get it out of Luke or Dixie. Son, I don't know if there's that much moonshine left in Hazzard County to get that story told."

Cooter said through wide eyes, "Bo, you have got to be right! That's what has had Luke's attention all evening. I plumb forgot! You are right, ..." he saw the younger crews look, "you'll all hear that from them not me!" he exclaimed.

Bo saw the glimmer in his wife's eye. "What?" he asked her.

"Oh, nothing. I just love that song."

Bo smiled, knowing full well when to take a hint. He stood up and put his arms around Beth, and the two of them took to the dance floor.

Cooter asked Daisy for a dance, and she agreed. Coy, Vance, and Jeb each found a pretty waitress to dance with, and Bo, Jr. sat at the table, kicking the table leg in dissapointment. Everybody was in their own happy little world, dancing with new friend, old friends, and old least in Luke's case... Even his parents were dancing, and he was sitting at a table all alone. Was something so wrong with him? He looked just like his dad, and from his understanding, during his high school years, Bo had always had a girl on either arm. What was the problem with him?

Bo, Sr. was absorbed in his wife's blue eyes, when she said, "Bo...Dixie still loves him..."


"I said Dixie still loves Luke. She loves him, and she came back to see him."

"Oh, Lord..." Bo said. "This road just keeps windin'."

Beth laughed at her husband. She looked over at Luke and Dixie, who were just outside the door, still lost in each other's arms, and just smiled. "Let's just hope it's gettin' itself straightened out tonight."

Bo looked at her. "You really think it'll be this easy? I mean, good Lord... You saw what happened to them two last time. You think they can make it work now?"

"I don't know, Bo. But look at those two... What do you see?"

Bo grinned, "I see Luke gettin' even more drunk a few hours from now. Keep that jar of Jesse's shine hidden."

Beth laughed. "I see a couple of teenagers who just grew up too soon."

"Kinda like us, huh?" Bo said. They both knew what he was talking about. Bo, Jr's birth wasn't planned, and it had happened when they were both teenagers. But all had turned out all right in the end.

"No...not exactly...although we were... I mean they're like teenagers who forgot how important it is to be in love."

Bo pulled her close. "Honey, have I told you today how much I love you?"

"Yep. But tell me again...I think I mighta forgot."

Bo smiled and said, "I love you more than anything," then kissed her gently.

"I love you, too. Always."

"Well, I think we better get back home. Don't want Ruth Anne up too late keepin' an eye and ear out for the young'uns," Bo said. "But we're gonna hafta do this again before the family leaves out."

"Absolutely," she said, pecking him on the cheek. "I wasn't ready to leave, though."

"Me neither."

"I told Ruth Anne it was gonna be a long night, and she said she was gonna watch some movie that was coming on anyway."

"Well then, we'll just have to continue this little party," Bo said, smiling as his wife rested her head on his chest.

Meanwhile, outside...

Dixie shivered though it was a summer night. "What's wrong? You can't be cold."

She smiled, "No, I'm not cold." She smiled, "Even Jesse's finest couldn't calm me down."

Luke smiled back, "I thought I tasted it." he paused, "What do you say we just go inside, have a good time, and get reaquainted? There's not many people in the County who will even remember you, let alone our past."

"That sounds good." she gave him a long kiss before they went back inside.

At the table Luke saw Bo, Jr. looking a bit down in the dumps. "Bo, Jr. this is Cooter's sister. Dixie this is Bo's son Bo, Jr."

Bo smiled politely, "Nice to meet you." He saw some of his buddies finally arrive. "Excuse me. Uncle Luke, Dixie, I see some friends." he walked over to his friends. Amoung them was a dark headed young man slightly older than Bo, Jr. The adults weren't paying too much attention to Bo. Jr's friend in the dark smokey bar.

The adults enjoyed getting reaquainted with each other. Luke had loosened up quiet a bit and was actually enjoying himself now that Dixie was there.

Cooter asked a question that had been in the back of several of the male Dukes mind. "So, Bo, who is the local law these days?"

Bo replied, "...