Ok, hello everyone! This is my first deviant fanfic from "mortal instruments x vampire academy". I have an ongoing love affair with the vampire diaries TV shows (do I need a reason?). (SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU ARE NOT UP TO DATE WITH THE VAMPIRE DIARIES TV SHOW THEN DO NOT KEEP READING) Anyway, last night I was sort of half conscious half dreaming when I came up with this. Readers please know that this takes off, maybe, a few weeks from the last episode, so not much has happened in Mystic Falls since, Tyler's transformation, and let's just pretend that Rose hasn't (and may not have) her little run in with Jules. So Elena's still with Stephan, Damon's still pretending not to pine over her. Rose is around. Katherine's hanging with four brick walls and the Klaus situation is still "critical" (as we don't yet know if he knows about doppolishisss or not)


The car screeched to a stop and Elena, in her hast to get out, tripped and bruised her knees on the ground. She didn't notice and kept running without locking her car. She flew with near vampire speed to the big oak door of the mansion, hands shaking and breaking fingernails scrabbling for the doorknob, but it was locked.

Why would the door be locked? She thought briefly, before the terror set in again.

"Help me, please! Open up! I need to get inside; he's coming!"
She screamed banging and kicking on the door as if it would emphasize her point. She glanced hastily over her shoulder into the night, expecting more than the dark manicured lawn of the Salvatore's front yard. She turned back to her door pounding. "Let me in! Please! He's coming! He's trying to-"

She cut herself off as the door swung inward, her dark knight come to save her. Relief settled over her like a thick blanket and she ran to his strong arms.
"Elena, what-"
"Damon, thank god!"

There you go! Will be updating very shortly to continue. Wasn't sure if I was going to stop here or somewhere shortly down the track and I still don't know if I have done the right thing. Anyway, PLEASE REVIEW let me know what you think and give me idea's as to what you think is going to happen. To my VAMPIRE ACADEMY X MORTAL INSTRUMENTS fans, I'm sorry I've been taking so long to update. I've hit a road block but I am trying to get though it. Can anyone give me ideas for a reason the mortal instruments crew need the vamps to stay in town and close by?

Anyway thank you for reading, hoped you enjoyed!