^_^ Yay! It's reopened! Ahem.. Soo.. Zero... How ya been? Miss Author, you changed your name again?

1. Hug?

2. I say Kaname *Cough Hinge-for-a-name cough* you say..?

3. I give you a knife. What do you do?

4. You see Ryuk from Death Note. What do you do?

5. You see Sebastian in Demon Form from Kuroshitsuji. What do you do?

6. What is your worst nightmare? (Excludes Kuran and a hyper chairman)

7. ... Do you like Apples or Potato Chips?

See ya~!

Dear ApplesAndPotatoChips,

Okay, I guess? (MP.: Why, yes, Yes I did. Ah! Question. Why did you refer to me as a "Miss"? I might as well be a "Mr." )

1. I guess?

2. Death.

3. Kill myself. (MP: You would not.) Hitler killed himself, why wouldn't I?

4. Nothing.

5. Nothing.

6. Having no common-sense.

7. Either is perfectly fine. (MP: I'll take a potato chip- AND EAT IT! *crunch*)



OK, to the questions:

1. I don't get it. Why are you with Aido

2. You're not gay...right?

And this is for my friends

3. If you brother wasn't sick when he was young but you were instead what do you think he would've done?

4. if you didn't have your bloody rose what other weapon would you use?

5. Would you have let Yuuki stay a human for life? And never become a vampire?

6. How did you take it when Hanabusa was about to drink Yuuki's blood?

And she also demands a kiss, and a smile.

And I have a message from my 'Hanabusa Fangirl' friend: BACK OFF ZERO! HANABUSA IS MINE!

Hope I didn't bothered you much.

Dear CuteLittlePikachu,


1. Who said that?

2. I'm pansexual.

3. I'm not entirely sure. But, I guess he'd look after me?

4. I don't know. Something like Artemis?

5. It wasn't my choice! I couldn't stop her, she was already a pureblood.

6. I was irritated.

Not in the mood for such foolish requests. Maybe next time.


OMG, yay! It's back! Just a question, will you be posting the questions we left in reviews before you discontinued that wern't posted because of this reason, as well as new ones...? (if that makes sence!)

Dear LawlietOtaku, (MP: I missed typing Lawliet's name.)

No, I will not. I will only answer the new ones. The reason? Some people can be lazy as hell.


Okay, hello Zero...


Um. Lets see, what to ask, AH! okay. So have you ever felt the urge to run around naked?

hehe, just wondering XD

Dear MikaUchiha666,

No. Why would I? Have you? What's wrong with you?


Zero-san, It's glad to see you back. Anyways, since Kaname is gone and Shiki and Rima are um... having a "therapeutic misadventure" *Winks* I should talk to you!

1- How does it feel to be back doing "Ask Zero Kiryu?"

2- How's you and Yuuki's relationship?

3- Have you missed having me around, the person who gave you Yuuki for good?

By the way, I've been practicing Telekinesis, so it's very, very strong. But don't worry, Your a friend of mine. Anyways, the telekinesis for my king of douche-bags cousin, Kaname.

Dear Maryritai,

1. I'm not sure. This is just to keep me distracted.

2. ...Hm.

3. Sure. Whatever you say.?

Chandinee Richards

Excuse me for a second while I go fangirl...Ok, I'm back.


1. Who do you hate most other then that dude Yuki likes?

2. Want a cookie?

3. Did you know that the cake is a lie?

Dear Chandinee Richards,

1. You can say his name. I could care less. I hate Shizuka Hio.

2. Sure.

3. I dis- (L: LIES!)

Well, There ya' go! Leave a Review with anything you wish to ask me!

- Zero Kiryuu.