Ask Zero Kiryuu: Session 2





Nice story :)

1. Can i have a kiss, please?

2. Do you actually hate Yuuki?

3. If you had to pick one person from the night class to be you friend, who would you pick?

4. What is the secret to your adorableness?

5. Can I hold your gun, please?

Dear VampiraEmpress,

(xLiABBx: Thanks. ^^ )

1. ...A... Kiss? Not to be rude, but... Why the hell would I do tha- (xLiABBx: *nudges his and brings a contract out* Zero, the contact specificaly states that you shall do ANYTHING these fangirls ask you to do. :| ) ...I am a man of my word... *glare* Fine. *leans in and kisses you*

2. Yuuki? Absolutely not! I always try my best to protect my dea- Yuuki. *sighs* But she loves that damn Kaname Kuran.

3. None! ...But I guess I could go with either Shiki or Ichijou, they don't seem TOO annoying. But, then again, they are stupid vampires! *sneer*

4. I do not have such thing! ...I'm... "adorable"? o.o

5. *looks down at "Bloody Rose" and sighs* Sure. *lets you hold it* ._e




1) Will you bite me? :o

2) I can haz hug?

3) If you got drunk, what would you do?

4) Nice hair.

5) If you were a pimp what would your name be?

Mine would be CD Buttslap. :D

Dear ICanHazCheeseBurgerRawr,

...Please don't rape me. e_e

1. No! *grunts* ...

2. ... *Growls but hugs you anyways*

3. Why would I plan stuff for when I get drunk? To me, that does not make any sense.

4. ...Thank you, I guess.

5. I'm not sure... probably... "Ze-RO". :3 (xLiABBx: ...That's retarted...) *Glare*

...That's... VERY... interesting.


Thank you for the questions, even though only two of you actually left me questions. ._.

I hope there's more in the near future.

-Zero Kiryuu