Story: Tout le Monde
Chapter: 0
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Warnings: Spoilers, Slash, language, ect.

After the war Draco's Veela side awakens, causing him to flee from the Wizarding World. Stumbling across a bunch of hot werewolves hadn't been his plan and he sure as hell hadn't planned on becoming their Tout le Monde, whatever that was. PackXDraco SLASH


Chapter 0: Changes to the Plot

Harry Potter

This will take place after the Deathly Hallows with some changes.

For the sake of the plot both Lucius and Narcissa were sentenced to death by the Ministry. On the other hand both Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are still alive, along with both of the twins, and Severus Snape.

Draco's parents were both Veelas. Lucius was half-Veela and obviously the dominate of the pair, while Narcissa was the sub. Veelas are extremely attractive to anyone (male or female) and are pacifists until they become unhappy. Then all hell is loose, for they are extremely tough fighters. Draco is a rare case for it was seemingly impossible before his birth for there to be full-blooded male Veelas. Because of this, Draco was to never tell anyone and his family kept it a secret from everyone but Severus Snape and eventually Harry. All Veelas are meant to have male mate(s), whether they are male or female themselves.

Harry was changed into a werewolf two days after the final battle. He was corned and bitten by Fenir Greyback who was killed on spot by two guards who had been unable to prevent Harry from being bit. He was bit while Fenir was in the middle of his change, making it slightly different from Bill and Lupin. Lupin was bitten while Greyback was in full form, making him pure werewolf, who transforms on full moons, and without Wolfsbane becomes uncontrollable. Bill on the other hand was bitten while he was in human form, making him only like raw meat and makes him restless on full moon. Harry on the other hand can transform on command and instead of becoming a werewolf he turns into a wolf. His transformation is extremely painful ANYTIME he transforms. He becomes restless on full moons like Bill, and takes to whining and growling when in pain or when he's unhappy.

Remus Lupin and Sirius black are mates.

Both Harry and Draco were taught by Severus Snape after the war. They learned both Occlumancy and Legilimency and wandless magic. Although it is almost impossible for wizards to use wandless magic, being magical creatures as well gave them the boast they needed to be able to.


Bella probably will not exist in this story as far as I can tell. She messes up too much of my plot to leave her in it, so she just isn't going to be, at least not yet.

In the beginning the only pairings I have are Sirius and Remus, and Sam and Emily, although that will be quick to change.

For reference in this story everyone in the Cullen coven are single. That means Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Edward, Jasper, Emmett, and Alice ARE SINGLE AND NOT DATING EACH OTHER!

The main pairings in this story are as followed- PACKxDRACO: JacobxDraco, SamxDraco, PaulxDraco, EmbryxDraco... ect. Basically everyone in the pack and Draco... its explained later so don't freak out.

This takes place in the beginning of Twilight as in the first book.

Everyone has already joined the pack. Pack members are: Alpha- Sam Uley, Beta- Jacob Black, Jared, Leah, Seth, Embry, Brady, and Collin. Brady and Collin will be my new OCs, since it didn't really describe what they looked or acted like in the books.


Throughout this story there will be spoilers for both Twilight and Harry Potter, so I highly suggest you finish reading/watching Twilight and/or Harry Potter, but if you wish you can read this and have things spoiled for you, it is honestly your choice on the matter.

Also this story will have Yaoi/sh┼Źnen ai/slash. This means boy on boy (on boy...) couples. This story is rated T, for now. My pairings are above... so if any of this does not float your boat, do not flame for this factor and do not read.

This could also include a threesome pairing or two... don't get too freaked out if you see it.

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