Story: Tout le Monde
Chapter: 7
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After the war Draco's Veela side awakens, causing him to flee from the Wizarding World. Stumbling across a bunch of hot werewolves hadn't been his plan and he sure as hell hadn't planned on becoming their Tout le Monde, whatever that was. PackXDraco SLASH

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Chapter 7

"So Draco's our slave?" Emmett asked suggestively, expecting Draco to blush at what he was implying.

Draco smirked the legendary Malfoy smirk. "Incorrect Emmett. Your mine"

Emmett's eyes widened as he realized what Draco was saying. He almost voice his confusion when Carlisle raised his hand, motioning for him to wait. "Before you ask any questions maybe we should let you know the full gist of what a Veela is and what they are to Vampires and other magical creatures." He looked at Draco for conformation.

Draco's smirk was long gone and he nodded in agreement. Carlisle continued, decided to let them know what he already knew about Veela's

"Veelas are powerful magical creatures. The most common Veelas are female and it was said to be impossible for a Veela to be full blooded. Well as far as I can tell Draco is a full blooded one." Draco nodded as Carlisle continued. "The look like normal humans except for a few key features. Their hair is most likely a stunning blond color." His hand reached up and petted Draco's stunning looks, causing Draco to close his eyes in contentment. He hadn't been around anything magical and the vampire next to him was making him giddy with pleasure.

They are also stunningly good looking, as you can tell." Carlisle said with a smile and Draco preened. "They attract everyone and every creature to them, unless they control their magical allure. Draco's is half covered as we speak, but it is still strong to us because of us being magical creatures. Veela's are destined to be mated to males, whether they are female or not. Which is why there has never been a full blooded male Veela, seeing as it is rare for a Veela to chose a Veela for a partner."

Draco spoke up to clear up the confusion. "My mother had always knew since birth she was going to become a Veela when she came of age. On the other hand, my father's Veela genes were dormant in his blood, only reacting with my mothers gene when I was conceived. Therefore, technically my father would have been a full blooded Veela, but it was never a dominate trait in the Malfoy bloodline." Draco finished and Carlisle nodded thoughtfully. It didn't skip by anyone that Draco referred to his parents in past tense, understanding that they probably were no longer alive. To their surprise his face (and emotions for Jasper) were not full of sadness at the mention of his late parents to their surprise, making them doubt their suspicions.

"They are extremely powerful, as I said before. They have the ability to take down armies in a few blows, as their magic is stronger than any other creature." Carlisle continued the lesson, the vampires stopped thinking about Draco's parents to soak up as much info on the delectable veela in front of them.

"You can tell by his scent that he has not claimed or been claimed by anyone or anything, so that must have been why you were so nervous to come here." Jasper said, remembering the apprehension from Draco when he had first been invited to visit the Cullen household.

Draco nodded and stood before walking over to one of the great windows in the room. All eyes followed him as he lightly pressed his forehead to the glass. "To tell the truth I'm not exactly loved where I came from." Draco said, showing no emotions to anyone but Jasper, who could tell he was nervous but also feeling anticipation. "I need to know whether I'll be safe here and if so I need to know if there is a reason for me to stick around after a little while."

Draco looked over his shoulder and locked eyes with Carlisle as the meaning sunk in. He need to know whether any of them were his mates, or if all of them were, which it was not uncommon for Veelas to be mated to entire covens.

Carlisle stepped forward, knowing he need to be have the first move as the coven leader. The whole room was filled with sexual tension as Carlisle moved to stand behind Draco. Draco turned his head back to the window and for a moment they were still. Then Draco seemingly innocently tipped his head to the side exposing his neck, although it was anything but innocent. For a Veela, exposing their neck (especially to vampires) was a sign of submission.

Carlisle growled quietly and one of his arms snaked around Draco waist while the other went around Draco's neck to hold the turtle neck away from his neck. Carlisle stepped forward molding his form to the Veela's. He nuzzled his face at the base of his neck, blond locks tickling his nose pleasantly as he soaked up the wonderful scent the blond was emitting. Smooth lips parted and his tongue came out to carefully lick his neck, causing Draco to shudder pleasantly.

He licked up the pale neck of the Malfoy before placing chaste kiss after chaste kiss up all the way until he reached his ear, he nibbled and spun the blond around, pressing him against the glass with his hands, one knee in between Draco's legs, pressing against his semi-erection.

The vampires in the room shifted awkwardly, all upset at how turned on they all were. They wanted Carlisle to hurry and find out if he was a mate with the blonde or not, so then it'd be their turns.

Draco for one, didn't care whether he was mates with them or not. If he wasn't he would still be close to the Cullens, after all Veela are creatures who crave magical creatures and sexual pleasure. He was sure to be 'visiting' them frequently whether they were mates or not, or at least until he found his mates.

Carlisle traced Draco's jaw with small nips and kisses before he pulled back .Searching Draco's eyes for a moment he carefully leaned forward and locked his smooth lips with Draco's full ones. Carlisle slipped is tongue in his mouth and full ravished it, much to both their happiness. Carlisle left his mouth and his hands carefully lifted up Draco's shirt.

Carlisle frustrated at the lack of access to Draco's neck decided to just remove the whole shirt. He slipped it over his head and kissed his lips lightly once more before spinning him so his back was to him again. Still standing close he carefully moved Draco's neck to the side, teeth brushing teasingly over the skin.

Suddenly Carlisle's fangs shot out and into Draco's pearly skin, causing Draco to flinch before leaning back into the older blond's embrace. He carefully drew out some of Draco's blood before inserting his own venom into the bite. Pulling back he closed his eyes... and felt nothing.

He lightly kissed the bite mark and pulled away from the aroused blond aristocrat. "I got nothing." He said and Draco nodded. If they had been mates, they would have had that sense of 'this is it'. Neither had felt that, to both blond's disappointment.

Carlisle gave Draco one last peck on the lips before speeding back to the couch. In the blink of an eye Draco was no longer alone, with yet another blond vampire a foot away from him.

Jasper smiled and stepped closer to the Brit. Jasper spoke in a country accent that made Draco shiver in delight."How about my turn?"

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Jacob's eyes widened and the grips from the werewolves on the vampire tightened. Jacob stepped closer, wanting to hear more, and hopefully find some info on the mysterious charming boy. "Who hired you?" He asked, wanting to get to the point first.

"Some people you don't know." Jacob ground his teeth in frustration while the hold on the black vampire was tightened once more. He gave him a look and the vampire sighed. The vampire with dreads looked at his other teammate before closing his eyes and speaking.

"We were hired by Bellatrix Lestrange"

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