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It was a quiet night when Rogue somehow got roped into a chick flick movie night with Kitty and Jubilee. She wasn't quite sure how it happened especially since she normally fought girlie movies with fists of fury. She suspected she caved because she was promised cookies.

"Oh my god! This is a good part!" Jubilee squealed.

"You said that five minutes ago," Rogue sighed.

"It's worth repeating!" Jubilee insisted. Kitty giggled. The handsome man and the beautiful woman kissed ,and Rogue shifted uncomfortably. Kitty and Jubilee 'aww-ed' and Rogue just looked away. This was why she hated chick flicks, they were all about finding love, kissing, and sex, all the things she probably would never have. Rogue glanced up at the screen just as the actress's clothes began to come off. The school's doorbell happened to ring at the same time. Rogue nearly jumped off the couch.

"I'll get it!" she said quickly and walked out of the rec room. Jubilee and Kitty exchanged a look as she went. Rogue made it to the hallway and shook her head to clear the thoughts. There was no use in dwelling on what she couldn't have. Composing herself, she pulled open the door.

The man in the doorway slipped forward, barely managing to catch himself on the frame. His face was covered in bruised and blood, some of which was dripping down from a gash in his head. One eye was swollen shut, but the other was the most beautiful Rogue had seen, black sclera with a burning red iris. His clothes were ripped and he was carrying his arm at an odd angle. He looked at Rogue like he'd been hit by a freight train.

"Stormy," he croaked out. "I'm here…for Stormy. " The man fell into Rogue, who staggered from the sudden weight and effort of trying to keep the man's skin from touching hers.

"Kitty, Jubilee!" Rogue screamed. She lowered the man to the ground, careful of his broken arm. Jubilee and Kitty ran in, eyes wide.

"Oh my god!" Jubilee cried.

"Jubes," Rogue said loudly, trying to keep them calm. "Go get Dr. McCoy. Kitty, get Storm, go!"

Rogue propped the man's head up as her friends took off running. McCoy was up in less than a minute and starting checking over the man. Storm as in a few minutes later.

"Remy!" she was next to them instantly and helped carry the semiconscious Gambit, who had developed a death grip on Rogue.

"I'm sorry, but I need to ask you both to step outside," McCoy said to Rogue and Storm. Reluctantly, Storm left the room and Rogue followed suit after disentangling herself from the man. McCoy started to work on the man's wounds, leaving Rogue and a worried Storm to wait outside. Logan came down a few minutes later to see what the chaos was about.

Since Jean, Scott and the Professor died, Storm had taken over the school. Surprisingly, Logan was at her side every step of the way. Rumors spread like wildfire that they were a couple, but they were just rumors. Probably. Rogue had stayed to help teach with her boyfriend Bobby, and friends Kitty, Pete, and Jubilee. Hank McCoy also came to help.

"His name is Remy LeBeau," Storm told Rogue and Logan. "He's an old friend of mine and he helped me through a particularly hard time in my life. He's from New Orleans, and…is a thief." She hesitated to tell them the last, but decided he wouldn't mind too terribly. "He prefers to go by Gambit though, until he says otherwise."

"What happened to him?" Logan asked.

"I don't know," Storm said. She turned to Rogue. "Did he say anything to you?"

"Not really," she answered. "He said he needed 'Stormy'. I assumed that meant you."

"Stormy?" Logan asked with a raised eyebrow. "Just how close of a friend was this guy?"

"Just friends," Storm answered tolerantly. Hank walked out of the infirmary then, closing the door behind him.

"I cleaned him and patched his as best as I could. He has a broken left arm, various cuts and bruises, same fractures in various other parts, and a pretty serious bump and gash on his head," Hank reported.

"He heals quickly," Storm told him. "Most of that shouldn't take long to heal."

"That's good," Hank nodded. "He's passed out now, shouldn't be out for too much longer."

"Let me know when he's up?" Storm requested.

"Of course," Hank answered. Storm, Logan and Rogue trooped back upstairs.

"I don't feel like somebody could beat him that badly in a fight," Storm confided in them. "Remy is very strong, capable, and an excellent fighter. If there is someone that can do that to him, I don't want to meet them."

Storm checked in with Hank regularly over the next two days, but he reported no change. Rogue took dinner down to Hank the night of the third day, when something in the infirmary clanged to the ground. Rogue ran in to see the man, Gambit, had thrashed out of his bed and was wielding the IV stand like a staff. Hank was standing on the other side of the room, hands up, trying to calm the other man.

Gambit looked over when Rogue entered the room and a spark of recognition flashed through his eyes. He faltered and switched to addressing her, apparently unhappy with Hank's soothing words

"Who are yo'?" he asked her.

"I'm Rogue, the one you bled all over the other night," she answered.

"Where am I?" he asked slowly, lowering his makeshift weapon slightly.

"Xavier's school," Rogue told him. "We've been saving you, if you don't remember."

"No, I don't remember," he said softly. "Stormy's school yo' say?"


"Why didn't yo' say so!" Gambit dropped the IV stand and walked over the shake Hank's hand. "Thank yo' for patching me up doc, and sorry for dat, little thing I have against hospitals."

"I understand perfectly," he assured him. "Did you say you aren't remembering anything?"

Gambit frowned and looked at Rogue. "I remember falling into de lovely arms of dis belle fille, but nothing beyond dat, no."

"So you don't remember who did this to you?" Rogue asked.

"I wish I did, chère," he said. "Now! Show me t' Stormy."

"I really think you should rest here for longer," Hank tried to insist, but Gambit waved him away.

"No offense, but I don't do hospital settings like dis. Where's Stormy?"

"I'll take him," Rogue offered and lead Gambit out, leaving a frustrated Hank behind.

"So Rogue, how'd Stormy rope you in t' working at a school?" Gambit asked. He threw his arm around Rogue's shoulders and she jumped away like he'd burned her. He put his hands up in surrender. "Whoa, ma chère, dis Cajun meant no harm."

"It's not you," Rogue said quickly. Gambit took her in as she readjusted her long sleeves and gloves, even though they hadn't shifted. "My mutation, it will suck the life out of you if you touch me."

"If I touch you period?"

"Well, skin to skin."

"I was nowhere near your skin," Gambit said. Rogue assessed him shrewdly, glaring at him as if daring him to say 'just kidding'. He didn't. "Yo' seem surprised."

"Most people keep their distance when they learn that." Gambit nearly flinched at the bitterness in her voice. He moved closer and solidly put his arm around her in a half hug and continued walking that way.

"I'm not," Gambit said. "So no touch ever?"


"Never ever?"

"Never, unless I want to borrow their powers, memories and maybe take their lives," she said, humor turning into bitterness and sadness. Gambit was saved from answering by their arrival at Storm's door.

"Remy!" Storm exclaimed as she opened her door and hugged her friend. "What're you doing, why aren't you in the med lab?"

"Yo' know me and hospitals. Before yo' ask, oui, I'm, very tired and non, I don't know who did dis t' me. Can I get a spare room and talk to yo' about it tomorrow?"

Storm sighed. "Rogue, could you bring him to one of the empty staff rooms?"

"Sure," Rogue answered and turned to leave.

"And Remy, don't you start your womanizing!" Storm ordered.

"Womanizing? Yo' wound dis heart! I don't womanize, I romance! I am a ladies' man."

"Whatever you want to call if, don't you dare try it," she warned. Gambit saluted and followed Rogue out.

"Ladies' man?" Rogue inquired as they walked through the halls. Gambit's arm already made its way around her. She knew she probably should tell him to move his arm, Bobby wouldn't be thrilled, but she couldn't bring herself to. Her boyfriend hardly touched her, and she found herself desperate for the sensation. "I never would have guessed."

Gambit shrugged. "I enjoy de romance."

"Must be nice," Rogue said. "I'd listen to Storm though, she might sic the Wolverine on you."

"Wolverine?" Gambit perked up. "Logan, short cranky, head of metal?"

"You know Logan?" Rogue asked, surprised.

"In a manner of speaking, not sure if he will remember me. Do me a favor and don't tell him, I'd like t' speak t' him myself."

"Sure," she agreed. "Here's your room, feel free to come down for breakfast tomorrow."

"Thank you cherie," he said, trailing his arm down to her hip. She smacked his hand away.

"Watch it Cajun, or I'll put that other arm in a sling, too."

"Now dat's just mean," he said and pretended to pout.

"I mean it," she said. "And if I don't Logan will."

"No need t' get nasty," he joked. "Goodnight chere, I will see yo' tomorrow, yes?"

"Yeah you will, goodnight."

She left the Cajun greatly appreciating the view as she walked the other way down the hall to her room.

Gambit made it down to the kitchen about the same time as Storm for breakfast the next morning. He waved jovially and started to heap piles of food onto his plate. He sat down next to Storm and Logan with a big smile on his face.

"You're Gambit, eh?" Logan asked, assessing the man. "How's the face?"

"Logan!" Gambit greeted enthusiastically. "How's de brain injury, remember who I am yet?" Logan's fork missed his mouth.

"What? Do you know me?"

"I do," Gambit affirmed. "Yo' had me take yo t' Styker's island. Yo' promised t' kill everyone dere. Almost worked, you leveled a big ass building, but when I found yo' again, yo' didn't remember me at all."

"That's it?" Logan asked.

"Yo' found me in N'Awlins," Gambit offered. "But nothing father than that."

Logan sat, fork still in hand, for a good minute while absorbing this. Gambit however, turned his attention to the door where Rogue walked in with a blonde boy. Though they were hand in hand, the boy kept at least two solid feet of distance between them.

Rogue waved and once they'd filled their plates she dragged the boy with her to their table. "Morning, Logan," she greeted.

"Hey darlin'," he answered, still thinking over Gambit's words.

"Good morning, ma chère," Gambit greeted her. Storm's eyes slid over to him.

"You, too, Cajun," she answered. "Gambit, this is my boyfriend, Bobby." Bobby nodded stiffly at the man and Gambit saluted him with his fork. He observed that, once again, Bobby was leaving a lot of room between them. Gambit wondered if the boy was stupid, Rogue was obviously clothed and covered. He swore he say flinches of annoyance on Rogue's face.

"It looks a lot better," Rogue commented, referring to his face. "Still no epiphany?"

Gambit shook his head. "No, still de same. All I remember is falling into yo', den nothing since my cousin's birthday party which if the calendar is correct, was two weeks ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Storm said.

"On de bright side, it looks like I can be amnesia buddies with Logan." That earned him a glare.

"Well Remy, you are welcome to stay here until we've figured out what happened," Storm offered. Bobby shifted as Gambit looked straight at Rogue while he answered.

"Thanks, Stormy, I think I will see what yo' all get up t' and stick around for a bit."

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