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Zoey Redbird, queen of vampires, sunk into her brilliant ruby embroidered throne.

"Stark, fetch me some blood," she demanded, greediness upon her arrogant face.

"Of course, my queen," gulped Stark. He rolled up his sleeve, and brought his fist to Zoey's cherry-red mouth. She smiled.

"Why, Stark, you've been bitten by a vampyre, who is not me?" she laughed coldly, "was it you that caused me that pain before? Stark, why do you break our imprint?"

Stark closed his mind quickly. He was not going to let Zoey see her. He knew Zoey too well to not trust her with this kind of stuff. He could once, a long time ago. Back in House Of Night, Zoey was just a confused young fledgling. After she changed in to a full vampyre, it all fell apart. Nyx granted her with one more gift: the gift to torture. Everything has been hell since then.

Zoey lingered her bloodcurdling fingers onto Stark's bite mark. She closed her eyes.

"Brunette," she said. After a pause, Zoey frowned. "Not human, but not vampyre either. All I can see is school. Is she a fledgling Stark?" Zoey opened her eyes, staring upon Stark's fearful face.

Stark said nothing.

"Tell me!" cried Zoey, pointing her long finger at Stark. He cried out in pain.

"Hermione! Her name is Hermione!"

Zoey smiled again, this time showing her dead-white teeth. She lowered her finger. Stark gasped as the pain was released.

"Hermione! What an unusual name. Now, why is she fooling around with my boy?" Zoey raised her finger again. Stark gasped. Zoey smiled. She had no mercy. "Where is she from, and what is she?" Zoey bellowed ferociously.

Stark paused, silently whimpering. He couldn't hold it anymore. He spilled.

"Her name is Her-rmione, she-she's British! She's a…"

"WHAT?" screamed Zoey, rising from her throne.

"She's a WITCH!" cried Stark. Zoey's hand dropped in surprise. Stark gasped for air.

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