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Stark slumped into his comfortable leather chair, and thought hard. He was bound to Zoey, for life, but he did not love her anymore. He liked Hermione.

"Oh, I'm so confused!" cried Stark to himself. He put his head in his hands. Being strong, he dragged his head upwards again, wiping the small tears away.

Suddenly he saw a magnificent being.

"Nyx!" said Stark, surprised, but in ways, also relieved.

"My dear Stark. You are not the only guardian to have disobeyed their oath. To be truthful, I do not blame you. My little fledgling she was once, has turned into a monster. Therefore, I free you from your oath. You may leave Skye, but I would be awfully careful, for I predict Zoey will not take this news welcoming. I have given you the element of air, so you may move around quickly, and also you needn't worry about going in the sun anymore, for I have also taken care of that," Nyx smiled at him. "Stark, remember, my child. I will always be in your heart. I will help you and guide you. I will always love you." Nyx disappeared.

Stark smiled to himself.

Stark silently packed his things while Zoey rested, and called the element of air to him for the first time. He felt a small breeze touch his face.

"Oh, air. Please take me to Hermione."

Stark closed his eyes, and felt his feet come off the ground. He wasn't too sure how air would get him out of the house, but he did not stress about it, because after about one minute, he was in a dormitory.

Very nice looking, with red damask wallpaper and a double bed with decorative pillows. Stark looked round the corner, and saw another door. Must be an en-suite. He thought.

Stark could not see Hermione anywhere, so he decided to wait for her. After about fifteen minutes, the door opened, and a very good-looking Hermione gasped.

"Woah, this has been happening to me too often," said Hermione, quietly to herself. "Stark, wow, it's great to see you," she leaned into hug him.

"Hermione, I've so much to tell you!" said Stark, and sat back down on the bed. He took in a deep breath. "It all started when I changed schools…"

Ginny easily found Harry in the spare classroom, practising spells. Harry turned around when he heard the familiar click of Ginny's shoes. He walked up to Ginny, and kissed her, hard.

"Hey babe," he said, and kissed her again, hands on her hips. He moved the upwards towards her chest, and started gently squeezing her breasts. Ginny pulled away. Harry was surprised.

"I thought you said you wanted to do it," he mumbled, a little embarrassed.

"Oh, right, that's why you kissed me like that," thought Ginny. In true, she did want to seal the deal, but not here. In fact, she had actually come to break up with Harry.

"Ah well, if that's the case," replied Ginny, smiling cheekily. "I don't think we should do it here. Where…oh where can we go?" Ginny thought for bit. "Ah yes! The room of requirement!" MagiCollege had copied the idea from Hogwarts, a long time ago.

Harry grinned and they both ran there like eager little puppies.

"Oh wow, Stark, I can't believe what you've been through!" Hermione hugged him tightly. But suddenly she found her self drawn to his lips. She kissed him, quickly. She kissed him again, but this time, harder. He fell down on to her pillow, and this time Stark kissed her back. His tongue travelled all around her mouth. His hands found themselves gently pulling Hermione's skirt down. Hermione, to Stark's horror, got up.

Ah, damn it. What have I done now? He thought.

"James Stark, I really do like you. But we just can't do that here. Anyone could just walk in!" Hermione thought about what happened with Ginny when she said that. "We must go somewhere a little more…private." Hermione paused. "Oh, I just know the perfect place! The room of requirement!"

Stark had no idea what she was on about, but he just followed as she ran out the door.

"Think of…something romantic. King sized bed, fairy lights on the ceiling, or maybe a…hot tub?" Ginny said, grinning.

"That is absolutely fine," replied Harry, not particularly caring about the location or furniture.

Suddenly a heart shaped king size bed appeared.

"Did you think this?" asked Harry. He thought it was too much.

"Yeah, don't you like it?"

"Well…truthfully, I think it is too much,"

Ginny breathed out a long breath.

"Nothing is ever good enough for you," Ginny said, turning away.

"This is not about what is good enough for me! Why can't we just do it normally, is all I'm asking,"

"What, in my dorm, where everyone can hear us? Please. They'll think of me as some sort of slag." Ginny folded her arms and turned away.

But you are a slag! Everyone knows! Harry thought. The number of times he had caught her flirting with other men. Always on and off, they were. Perhaps now it was the time to end it, Harry thought.

"Ginny, listen. I know we've been together for about two years now, but I've had enough; it's your cheeky attitude, always going off with other men, you always make big deals out of little issues and well frankly, I don't think you are the Ginny I fell in love with at Hogwarts." Harry told this truthfully, and fairly. Ginny was left looking flabbergasted.

She was going to fight back; going to tell him he was nothing without her, but then Harry just left. Ginny felt more alone than ever. She sat down on the bed and cried. She hadn't cried since First Year, when she had been teased by her brothers one summer holiday. She felt like that little girl she was then. Harry was the only thing that kept her strong.

"It's right over here…" said Hermione, holding Stark's hand as she opened the door to the Room of Requirement. She surprisingly saw Ginny Weasley, weeping on a bed. Thankfully, Ginny did not notice her, which gave Hermione time to slip away back outside.

"Damn it," cursed Hermione.

"What's up?" asked Stark.

"There is a girl I know in there – and she's bawling like baby!"

Stark laughed. Hermione remained serious. She gave him the 'don't laugh! This is serious' look.

"What?" he said, grinning.

"This girl is my friend and I don't know why she is crying! Something could be wrong!"

"If something is wrong, it's probably not your problem," said Stark, firmly but gently.

"Fine then, but you can drink me again in my dorm," Stark smiled.

"Oh wait, that reminds me. When we, you know, drank for the first time, you bit me. How is that possible if you don't have fangs?"

"Oh, but I do. You see, my grandmother, she was a vampyre. Actually, she was the queen of them. But then this stupid teen took her place. She is quite angry about that,"

Stark stopped on the way to the dorm. She didn't mean…?

"By any chance, is your grandfather Scottish?"

"Yeah, he's called Seoras. I think my mother could've been a vampyre, but apparently, you can't become a full fledgling genetically. You need to be Marked. That's why me and mum only got the teeth," she smiled at the end.

"You're…you're grandmother was Sgiach, the queen of Vampyres?"

"Former queen," Hermione corrected, frowning.

"Me and Zoey, we stayed with you're grandmother on the Isle of Skye for about three months. Also with Seoras. Wow, I had no idea you were related."