The Misunderstanding

The mission went perfectly. Jack and Sam had succeeded to set a trap for the enemy of Ra Shavan. Ra Tenih'c would be very fond to have that diamond jewelry in his hands. And

Thanks of SG-1 is everything alright.

''Carter, Great job!'', Jack said. Ra Shavan came towards them and greeted them. He wanted to thank them for the victory. The interpreter of Ra Shavan translated every word in their language. Ra Shavan said something to them and the interpreter repeated what he said and translated it. ''that means: thank you very much'', she said. ''We will always help you'', Teal'c said. ''A true ruler who is very friendly and hospitable. Deserves our help '', Daniel said after Teal'c. ''Sir'' Sam said. ''Could we please, go back to the SGC?'' She looked at him as if she was begging to go. She was tired and thirsty. She didn't drunk for a whole day. And in this world it's necessary to be calm and take something to drink with you. But because they had to help Ra Shavan, there wasn't any time to take a break and take care or something to drink. ''Yea, we should'' Jack managed to say. Coz, he was tired and just wants to go home. He had seen enough of this world, and wants to get back. The last thing he could think about is to dig in the sand and fall asleep in it. He desired for his comfortable bed in his cabin. Suddenly Ra Shavan said something to his interpreter, in meanwhile the team was agreed to go home. And as the interpreter asks them to wait, they took hold. Daniel looked confused to the interpreter, he just didn't trust something about her. She had that really weird look in her eyes. And it always shows up if Ra Shavan asks something of her. It just didn't seem to fit, that she was always that loyal to him.

The interpreter came towards them, and holds her ground. ''Ra Shavan asks if you can't stay here for a while, he wants to give a celebration for the victory'', she said. ''we would love to stay, but we'd like to go back to our head office. Even though, thanks very much for your offer.'' Jack said on a friendly way to the interpreter. The interpreter quickly responds on a really officious voice volume. '' Please, just stay. Normally he isn't this kind, at least show a bit of respect for Ra Shavan. It isn't this often he gets this really kind idea.'' Jack turned around his face to see what the team wants. He certainly hopes they wished to go too. But unfortunately they didn't know what his thoughts were about this whole idea. So he looks with a questioned face towards them. And as he sees Daniels face that he doesn't mind. He turned to Sam's face. Who also has a reaction of ''don't mind'' on her face. He turned back and agreed with the interpreter to stay for a while. ''Where is the food?'' teal'c said on an enthusiasm tone. The inhabitants were very happy, except the interpreter. Daniel just catches a frightened feeling on her face, he could sense that something wasn't right. But he kept it for his-self. He had to be certain of it. The women took Sam with them and the men took the rest of the team with them. The interpreter walked behind Sam. Jack looked up before he went in the tent of one of the inhabitants. To cast a glance at Sam.

But she was already inside, he only saw the locks of her hair going underneath the cloth of the tent. He looks right in front of him and already saw Daniel and Teal´c sitting down. So he went in and took a seat. ´´We are glad that you stayed here. Go sit there on that chair, we make you ready for the celebration.´´ the interpreter said to Sam. ´´ That's very kind of you all, but I'd prefer not to.'' She said on a tired way. ''take it from me, it would be better'' she said instantly. ''well alright, coz you ask it. What is that?'' she said. ''that?'' she said on an ignorant way. ''yes, that in the corner'' she said back. '' That is the Teshmido of king Ra Shidam. He once lived a couple of years ago but he is defeated by Ra Shavan.'' She said in a disturbing way. '' I though Ra Shavan couldn't fight!'' she said to the interpreter on a confusing way. '' No he can't, well now he can't anymore. The death of Ra Shidam was due to the duel between Ra Shavan and Ra Shidam. The fought for the throne, once they were close friends. Until one of them betrayed the other. It was a bloody duel. But that's the past, today is a day to celebrate the victory.'' The interpreter said. '' well I guess your right'' Sam said.

''Almost done, there only misses one thing. And that's this talisman. It's the talisman from the first Ra, called Ra Comoro. This image stands for loyalty. ''Why do I get it?'' Sam asks.

'' You are a woman, all the women at that time had them on. They consider it as purity and life. ''Well okay, it's beautiful'' Sam said. '' that also includes, you're ready!'' the interpreter said. ''How does the talisman calls?'' Sam asked. The interpreter took a deep breath '' 'T' Leboa Ra Cen 'Dune, that means purity and life'' she said. ''I thought so, can you please tell me what you put on me?'' Sam asked her. The interpreter summarized the following things '' The dress of Amman and the jewelry from Icano, they symbolize the beauty. The drawn ensigns and figures over your hand show that you're a savoir and comply with the norms out of the clan from the ….. Areas. And the stone on your forehead is the sign of a star of stars from the sky. The star calls El' Shah. The star of stars with strengths and inspiration.''

After she finished she took a deep breath. '' okay, what you say. I really feel appreciated for you well-mannered handling with people like me'' Sam said as she looked up to face the interpreter.'' We have to, but come on your ready'' she said to her. Sam walked out of the tent when she realized that jack was watching her with his eyes only focused on her. She saw how his face changed from a funny humor to an obsessed and adoring glance. She blushed. '' you look different, Carter'' Jack said. '' So do you, sir'' she answered him as she saw the obsessed look in his eyes. '' well, where is the food?'' teal'c asked. The interpreter heard what Teal'c said and answered the questions while she was looking at Sam. '' It will come after the ceremony'' Jack realized that she didn't said there was a ceremony, so he took a ''not understanding'' position. '' What kind of ceremony is it?'' at that moment Ra Shavan came walking towards them. When he stood still his eyes where focused on Sam. He said something to the interpreter which looked a couple of times at her hands. She was listening what he said to her. Sometimes she looked confused and unknowing. When Ra Shavan was finished she looked very seriously. She retuned back to Sam and looked her in the eyes. '' Ra Shavan offers you a suggestion. But you don't have a choice to choose actually. '' she said. Alright this is weird Sam thought in her mind. She looked up and said '' okay, if it's about the food or the drinks, I'm both not good in them.'' Jack heard what Sam said and he began to laugh, as soon as he saw the interpreter looked at him he stopped. She looked back at Sam and took one step backwards to Ra Shavan.'' Ra Shavan wants to marry you, he wants you to be his wife!''