A Whole New Chance at Life

Character Profiles

Here is a look at the characters that will be in this story:

Bella Black (Swan): 31 year old mother of three. Bradley, Kylie and Jayson. Divorced from Jacob Black. New bartender at Venom the hottest new club in town.

Edward Cullen: 35 year old single father of 7 year old Abigail. Divorce from Tanya Cullen (Denali) Brother to Rosalie Hale.

Alice Brandon: 30 year old bartender at Venom. Girlfriend of Jasper Whitlock. Full of energy. Likes to play match maker with Rosalie Hale.

Jasper Whitlock: 34 years old. Club manager and owner of the building next to Venom. Boyfriend to Alice Brandon.

Rosalie Hale (Cullen): 32 years old owner of Venom. Sister to Edward Cullen. Wife to Emmett Hale. Has 2 kids Robbie and Kristina. Likes to play match make with Alice.

Emmett Hale: 36 years old. Jasper & Edwards best friend. Bouncer at Venom. Husband to Rosalie Hale.

Jacob Black: 35 years old. X-husband to Bella Black (Swan) Father to Bradley, Kylie and Jayson.

Clair Clearwater: 24years Black's girlfriend.

Tanya Cullen (Denali): 35 years Cullen's x-wife. Mother to Abigail.